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  1. job market in southeast idaho

    There are 3 LPN & 3 RN programs in this area.The job market is flooded with nurses and competition is very tough due to those schools. Because of this the pay scale is not as high as other areas. I have a job but have been looking for another one...
  2. Question for nurses, nursing students, and CNA's.

    Ok this is just my opinion so here goes. It has always been my belief that everyone who desires to be in the medical field work as a CNA for a year first. You will gain valuable experience that you just cannot get in school. This experience will help...
  3. Any jobs for New Grads?

    Here in Southeastern Idaho the nursing jobs are few & far between. We have 3 RN & 2 LPN nursing schools and most students stay in the area. I do know that in the Boise area there are a few more nursing jobs but I don't know about the amount o...
  4. Nursing nursing nursing

    When you are in the nursing program you eat, sleep & sh#* the nursing program. But remember there is a light @ the end of the tunnel & it is NOT the train. It is a very stressfull time but it won't last forever. Good luck to you.
  5. LTC/rehab facility: ?'s --LPN Scope of Practice

    I am an LPN & I work in a LTC facility. I assess lung & bowel sounds. I take MD orders over the phone & in person. We do not double check insulin & you ALWAYS count off narcs @ the end of your shift. As far as lung sounds go perhaps t...
  6. Elderly CNAs

    Yep I work with a CNA who is 66. She is one of the best that I personally know. She may be a little slow at times but @ least she isn't text messaging constantly. I appreciate her & fortunatly so do all of my other co-workers from the 18 yr olds ...
  7. Narcotics Documentation

    Always, always protect yourself. It will be your license on the line if (unfortunatly) there was a lawsuit. How irresponsible of that surgeon.
  8. Student Uniform - My Gosh!

    Wow! I'm sorry for you. We were called "smurfs" beause of our white pants & royal blue tops, but at least we wore pants. How impractical if you need to bend over or have to help put someones shoes on
  9. Terrible clinical day, nurses don't seem to care.

    To use a physical restraint you have to have a physicians order & the restraints have to be checked every 15 min where they are loosened, so it doesn't sound like someone was being lazy to me. Also the use of chemical resraints can be contraditor...
  10. NCLEX- pass or fail?!?!?!?

    Congratulations you did it!
  11. Would like your input ...

    Check out the colleges & universities in your area, schedule an appointment with a student advisor, they'll help you get going with your prereqs. I went back to school when I was 43. Good luck you can do it.
  12. When I worked nights I used a box fan in my bedroom for "white noise" & had dark curtains up. I also took Benedryl just one 25mg. This worked pretty good for me.
  13. How critical is chemistry to passing micro?

    I went to school @ a technical college which did not require chemistry, just microbiology and A&P. You should be fine without it unless you want to further your education in which case you might consider taking it now. Just study & good luck.
  14. Hiring freeze in Boise and surrounding areas

    I know here in Idaho Falls EIRMC has put on a hiring freeze. There are no nursing jobs in this area. It's tough right now & we have 3 RN programs & 2 LPN programs in the area & not enough jobs.
  15. Relocating to idaho falls area

    I live & work in Idaho Falls & nursing jobs here are few & far between. Good luck on your search for one.

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