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I have been put on administrative leave because a pharmacist sent an email to HR stating I made derogatory comment about Koreans. He asked me to make a gestimate about a patient's height. Using what... Read More

  1. by   nightingale99
    I did go to him that night I worked and said it was never my intent to make a degratory comment, I was just using the basic knowledge I knew to make an educated guess. ( he made a complaint to the supervisor that night. The supervisors response to me was that it was short mans syndrome
  2. by   deeDawntee
    OK Nightingale,
    I totally believe in being politically correct but that you were placed on leave is IMHO 100% BULLCRAP!! Your short insecure pharmacist took the opportunity to take a situation and bite YOU in the rear-end with it. This sounds like there might be an ongoing issue between you two as in your conversation you refer to where you point out that you are 5'9" and he is 5'7"....blah, blah, blah....that you may have had some kind of playful (or not) banter going on about height does not give him the right to "teach you a lesson" and get you in trouble for a obviously non-harmful statement that was made to only one person over the phone. I would be angry about this and I would do whatever to be certain that your side is heard, including asking for a mediator or even a lawyer if your job is threatened. This is totally uncalled for and I wish you all the luck in the world getting it resolved. You already apologized, so what else does he expect? Don't let yourself be bulldozed by this...good luck. You have every right to defend yourself here, as fully as possible.
  3. by   leslymill
    I think administrative leave is inappropriate. I think counseling since the pharmacist was concerned about how HE interpreted what you said is appropriate. What he interpreted and what you meant are two different things. I have seen two high profile people use the" N " word on TV and public opinion has destroyed their careers. It is a sad thing we are soo sensitive about these issues and get sooo offended we refuse any apology no matter how sincere, and comments like those just follow people to the grave.
  4. by   dekatn
    This is ridiculus!!!! What about the supes comment about "short man's syndrome", I bet somebody could be offended by that. It's got to the point you are almost afraid to open your mouth anymore. Maybe some of these people that want to complain all the time should grow a thicker skin and get a life. I'm NOT condoning racial slurs or anything that would clearly be inappropriate, but give me a break, administrative leave for such as this. I was told one time that I was too sensitive and took things too personal, man, I ain't got nothin' on some of these people!! lol
  5. by   NewRN2008
    This is dumb! like that pharm hasnt ever said anything r/t a person's culture for description. i am so sorry this has happened, but can't you appeal the decision. Maybe this pharm has something against you, heck if i can get it. thats BS!!!! want me to come beat 'em up??? good luck!
  6. by   nrsang97
    Admin leave for that. I think this was blown out of proportion. Are these people for real?
  7. by   steelcityrn
    OK, this sounds like the pharmacist is trying to use you as some kind of example. If thats all that was said, you should be back on the job now and paid for your time off. It does make you think about what you say, even if its something that was never meant to offend someone. It just goes to show if someone wants to blow the whistle on someone else, almost anything can be used today. As if nursing doesn't have enough stress. Hope you get your job back a.s.a.p., unless after 30 dedicated years your ready for a change.
  8. by   EmmaG
    Quote from nightingale99
    I have never been counseled before. I have always had execellent evaluations. I have been working at this hospital for thiry years. The other part to the story is the Pharmacist is 5 ft 7 in and thinks this is tall. He kept saying I am tall! I told him I am 5 ft 9in female and that 5 ft 7 in is shorter than me.
    Oh good grief. I'd say do like Leslie suggested, eat some crow and from now on say as little to this person as necessary.
  9. by   leslie :-D
    i have to agree, the suspension is ridiculous.
    i would consider appealing it too...
    still recognizing however, the 'integrity' admin possesses.

  10. by   crissrn27
    This is RIDICULOUS! If this was all that was said, this is crazy, I would NOT "eat crow" about this. I would state that I was making an educated guess (if you had seen the pt), and that it was not my intention to offend anyone, but I wouldn't apologize. Doesn't sound like you have anything to be sorry for. And I might look into getting a lawyer if they are not willing to reimburse your lost pay (at least), and immediately reinstate you to your previous position.

    It would be different, as another poster said, if you had said "well, I haven't seen him, but he is Korean, so he must be short", but this doesn't seem to be the case.
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  11. by   leslie :-D
    i have to agree w/you, criss.
    i'm no longer convinced that an apology is in order.
    somehow, it escaped me the op was placed on admin leave.
    i would emphasize however, that it was never the intent to offend.
    but that doesn't necessitate an apology.
    the pharm and admin, are being real a$$es.
    after giving it more thought, i do believe i would consider a legal consult.
    this is insane.

  12. by   Kanani_Ikike
    Quote from nightingale99
    I have been put on administrative leave because a pharmacist sent an email to HR stating I made derogatory comment about Koreans. He asked me to make a gestimate about a patient's height. Using what knowledge I knew about the patient, I said the man is korean and is short stature. This pharmacist thought this was derogatory. So I have been put on leave without giving my side of the story. I would like to know other's opinion if they think this is derogatory.

    Sorry, nightingale99, but what you said came out the wrong way. Because the pharmacist didn't ask you what was this man's nationality. He wanted to get an estimate of this man's height. What did him being Korean have to do with it? I don't think you meant it the way it sounded, but him being Korean was irrelevant to the question asked. But I also do not think you should have been punished so severely. Good luck with everything.
  13. by   MustangSallie1997
    You just never know do you ??!!?? I had been with my hospital 10 years and was terminated and reported to the BON which seems like huge over kill when you look at the big picture. Everyone, even myself had to wonder what the missing piece was. Never had I been in trouble for anything before, and 2 months before received an excellent on my annual eval. AT WILL EMPLOYER, NO UNION, sorry about my luck. At least you still have a job there. This pharmacist sounds like he has a small man complex.