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crissrn27 has 8 years experience as a RN and specializes in nursery, L and D.

I have three great kids! Oh, and a husband.

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  1. crissrn27

    facility responsibility to the obese

    Even with diabetics the patients have a right to eat whatever they want. All we can do is educate and give appropriate diets. If they order takeout its on them.
  2. crissrn27

    coding isolation

    So why have this item on the MDS at all? If contact, droplet, etc don't meet the criteria then the only people who could code it possibly are the ones in swing beds.
  3. crissrn27

    coding isolation

    Spoke with another person higher in the company yesterday about this. She says, and I quote "we never code contact isolation because it is just standard ppe". I am just not getting this! Why don't they want the extra money
  4. crissrn27

    coding isolation

    This resident is recieving all services in her room including rehab.
  5. crissrn27

    coding isolation

    I am back in the MDS game! I guess I am not obsolete after all, lol. So, of course, I have questions with these changes. I have a resident on isolation because of a c diff infection that was found last week. She is symptomatic with severe diaherra, charting and orders are in place, she is in a private room and she is on contact iso. From everything I've read in the manual and online this would be coded as isolation on the new MDS. The problem is my partner says no, we can't code because she is only on contact isolation? I also talked with our corp. MDS person and she says the same thing. Can't be coded because its only contact. What am I missing here?
  6. crissrn27

    I've been gone for a year-obsolete?

    I went out in June of last year just as we were gearing up for 3.0. I was on bedrest for 26 weeks with my son and after he was born discovered they had replaced me so I have been home with him for the last 9 months. So a total of 16 months out of the loop. I had an interview today for MDS at a similar nursing home (60 beds, similar mix) and the admin who interviewed me made me feel like my experiance was of no use since 3.0 was started. I have been doing my homework to prepare for the interview and while there were many changes it seems that the process is still very similar to what I have been doing for many years. Is the admin correct? Am I now in the same place as any nurse walking in with no training/experiance in MDS? I'm not sure where to go from here. There are no on site trainings avalible in my area and I'm not sure about a online training. Any advice?
  7. crissrn27

    Back to work after a loss of pregnancy...

    Elvish, I am so sorry for your loss. You know I lost a little girl in Oct. at 18 weeks so I know how hard it is. I went back to work WAY too soon thinking it would help take my mind off my loss. I think it did more harm than good. I am glad you are doing ok physically. I am 28 weeks pregnant now (with a little boy) and I still tear up when I see a little girl that would be around my daughters age. Take all the time you need to heal and don't let anyone tell you how to act or feel. You have to act and feel the way you do and not the way people want you to, if that makes sense. Let me know if you ever need to talk.
  8. crissrn27

    what can be done????

    Some residents are tricky tricky! I'm not sure how this one LOL I used to have would turn her sensor off and pull her chair alarm off but she did it repeatedly. And fell repeatedly!
  9. crissrn27


    My 12 y/o son has anaphylatic reactions. Back in June he had an episode. I was so shaky and crazy that I accidental injected his epipen into MY thumb, lol. I was a wreck. I can handle minor things but life threating stuff with my kids is a different story! Let it be a stranger and I will calmly go about resus. Its just different with your kids.
  10. crissrn27

    Animosity between L/D & Postpartum

    I always thought this was a nurse thing but my husband works in production and they have the exact same thing with cursing involved! They have the shift thing, and problems between mixing and material handlers and what not. I think its just a people thing. Not that you shouldn't try for the best possible relationships at work!
  11. crissrn27

    In house on call?

    Not sure about the labor laws but I do know if I had to stay in house I would be getting my regular hourly wage..........not on call pay. I wouldn't mind working while there but I'm not wasting 12 hours of my time in house on call, can't go spend time with fam, do all the laundry, etc. No way.
  12. crissrn27

    EMLA Cream with Circs

    If I ever grew a winky and someone wanted to cut it I'd want GA too. Ok, so maybe not. I've had D and Cs with nothing and it wasn't that bad. At the small hospital I worked at the majority did just sweetease. No one did blocks at all. One doc did use EMLA. We would put it in a bottle nipple and apply 45min before procedure. It was better than nothing. This whole experiance is why the little one growing in my belly will remain intact. My other boys were circed because I was young and didn't really think about it and it was just something you did. I don't bash or blame anyone for doing it (parents) but I do blame the peds at that hospital (peds did it there, not OB) for not using something other than sugar water as pain control.
  13. crissrn27

    big babies...

    I had my DS at 10lbs 4 oz over an intact. Maybe I shouldn't tell people that, lol. No GD for me, either. Just big babies.......smallest was 8lbs 10oz. The largest I've seen personally was 13lbs 1oz, mom did have GD with that one. The sickest baby I've ever seen was a 10lbs 36 weeker. We shipped him to a bigger hospital and I often wonder if he made it. He was a sick kid.
  14. crissrn27

    Vaginal Delivery May Be OK After C-Section

    The only rupture I ever saw was in a repeat c-sec. Tiny window with a little finger poking out. Both were fine. She was a 4 timer though. I think the OB strongly rec. no more pregnancies for her. Im so glad ACOG finally got on the boat. On c-sec rate is the craziest thing I've ever seen in the last few years! Wonder how long it will take for practice to catch up?
  15. crissrn27

    tPA Question

    That is interesting. I get them after all the damage is done (SNF), so didn't know initial a CVA wouldn't show on a CT unless hemm. I guess I assumed that a clot or such would show at that time.
  16. crissrn27

    tPA Question

    I don't understand this. Why wouldn't you see the clot on CT regardless of how long it has been there?

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