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  1. dekatn

    Pain Scales

    I hope I'm not sounding too stupid, I just wish the people that come up with this crap had to follow their own rules for just one week and see how they would do it in the real world and not in some stupid office behind a desk w/o a million interuptions and trying to take care of multiple pt and tasks at the same time. Sorry for the vent, but this is very frustrating to me. But, we do team nursing, one nurse does po meds, one nurse does iv meds for all the pt, that's books with all the mars and meds listed that a pt gets. space is very limited on the pages and documenting this stuff has just become overwhelming. It is up to the med nurse to document the pain and meds given and then the results. Am I making any sense or do I sound like a blubbering idiot, lol. I just got off a 12 hr shift and we had to attend a meeting on this before we left this am. Can you tell I'm stretched to the limit. Feel like a rubber band, lol. Thanks to you all for your input, I think I just needed to vent and think this thing through some more!!! Nursing, gotta love it!!
  2. dekatn

    Pain Scales

    Darn, I wish we had computerized charting, I think it would make things a lot easier. We are just trying to come up with a simple yet efficient way to keep up with the med, the rating and the follow up. It would be easier if we could have everything on one page in the mar, maybe have the med listed at the top, then underneath have a place for date, time and to rate initial pain, check med given, and 3min later have follow up rating all in one place and only have to chart it one time. Something that we could use for the duration of hosp. stay.
  3. dekatn

    Pain Scales

    I need some help, as everybody knows pain is the big thing now. How do some of you document and keep tabs on the level of pain your pt. is experiencing, pain med given, and then go back and document follow up pain relief. Do you have a certain form, mar or whatever to help keep up with all this? We are trying to come up with a workable and user friendly solution to document level of pain, med given, follow up pain and all the other stuff that is required now days with out taking so much time to go to different pages to document everything. If anybody has a good form or solution that you use at your hospital, any input or advice would be appreciated.