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working after second cabg


Hey all, I need some input. I had triple bypass in 1999, just found out I am again facing another cabg.

I have worked practically all of my life and have done pretty good since my last surgery, my upper body strength isn't as good as it was, but my question is: have any of you gone back to work and been able to function o.k. after having a second cabg?

I love what I do, med surg 12h shifts 7a to 7p, but it can be very taxing at times. I'm worried that I won't be able to go back to work afterwards.

I still need about 10 more yrs to retire and hate to give it up. I know that the ultimate decision is mine and my doctor, but if any of you have been through this I would appreciate some feed back.


Southern Fried RN

Specializes in Critical care. Has 9 years experience.

Don't have any input on working as I have never known any RN who has had CABG. However I do wish you the best for a safe and speedy recovery. I am sorry you have to have surgery again, but don't give up on nursing. Maybe after you are cleared to go back to work your manager will work with you on 8 hr shifts and not working more than one day in a row. Obviously take it easy with lifting, pulling, all those "sternal precautions" you learned the first time around.

Don't blame the CABG on losing upper body strength, this happens to everyone as they age, I am 56 and have had to find new ways to use my body to keep up with the demands of my job. I love nursing, and will continue to compensate as long as I can. When I pull poeple up in bed, I make room for myself at the head of the bed near the wall, grasp the draw sheet, brace myself on the bed and pull toward my body. Much less stress on arms and back. I never pull alone.

Good Luck, don't sell yourself short.

egglady, LPN

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I wish you good luck with your upcoming surgery. Be sure to take care of yourself first!!

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