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My husband, who is in the Navy Reserve, came in from drill today with 'new uniforms'.........desert gear.......as in Kuwait......as in being gone for a couple of years!!!!!! OHG, I can't keep the... Read More

  1. by   kavi
    I hope that he doesn't get sent away. If he is, I hope he quickly returns in full and robust health, both mentally and physically. I know it won't be easy for you but you'll have our support here too.
  2. by   tugbird
    I know what you are feeling. I am married to an active duty Marine. We have been married for 4 years and he has been away, usually out of the country, for half of that time on several different "missions." Being a military wife is a very tough job. It's very scary when they leave and you don't know where they are or when they are coming home. When my husband was in Kosovo I hardly had any info about where he was or when he would be back. The Marine Corps is good at keeping the spouses in the dark. I watched CNN all the time just to get any bit of info I could about what was going on over there. Try to keep yourself busy and stay strong. I'll be thinking about you and your family. I hope he doesn't have to be away too long.
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    My husband has been in Oman(middle east) for 2 weeks now, and will be gone from 3-6 months. This is our first deployment...We barely survived the one year Korea stint apart. But, I just keep going day to day....I work as an LPN in a Peds clinic for now...until he returns and I can get back to my surgical floor nights position....
    It is very difficult for me and the girls....And while AnaClaire's post was beautifully put, I disagree with always wearing a "coat" of strength in front of my children....Obviously for the most part I do, but we allow ourselves to cry about it together when we are missing him terribly.....I grew up watching my mom being the strong military wife while my dad was flying B-52's over Vietnam...Only recently has she shared with me stories of how difficult it really was for her...stories of crazy things she did to get through.......Let's face it, it's a different day and age now...Nowadays most military wives work, and don't have the time or energy to join the wive's club....You just have to make the best of it....

    I know I haven't given any really good advice here toyou, but I'm always here if you need me.....

  5. by   nakitamoon
    (((( nannanurse & hubby )))) we aren't military,,,, but hubby works long distance,,,, the separations are never easy,,,, this is my second marriage,,,, really consider it my first and only,,,,, he is my best friend,,,, lover,, confidant,,, i am lost without him here,,,,,

    before he took the position,,, we discussed what we thought our potential problems would be,,, making plans on how we would communticate,,,, deal with the absence of each other,,,, it was sooooo much harder when he left,,,,,

    use any meathod of communication available to you,,,, no words of advise for you except stay strong,,,, and reaffirm your love everyday,,,,,

    happy holidays ~ kitamoon
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    My husband and I have been together 25 years, married 23 and he is retired from the Air Force. Did the separations for up to a year at a time. We married when I was only 21 and active duty Navy myself - how naive could I have been????

    We've been through so much together that I can honestly say it made me very much stronger. Now that he is out - he teaches JROTC in a local high school we spend a lot of time together. I really miss the military community closeness.

    My husband was a first sergeant and when he was gone, the wives would get together and make sure we were all taken care of. We were overseas a lot (12 years) without family or backup and they became my family under some very stressful situations.

    I wish you much luck and prayers and hugs. Also, contact Family Services and the chaplains office - usually they offer a lot for deployed families. If you need info - go directly to his first sergeant or commander.
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    You and your husband have my sympathy. My father was in the Air Force and in the period of three years he was overseas two years. One thing my Mom did, was since he was gone for a year at a time, was once a week, she would send him a card from a deck of cards...when the deck was done, he would be coming home....(52 cards, 52 weeks). We would write on the cards too, it was something that was kind of fun and a great way to count down....
    I hope and pray that our Country doesn't need your husband or anyone's husband, son, brother, sister, mother to go to war. I am so grateful for those that do make the sacrifice for our freedom. The family sacrifice is as real as those that are overseas. God bless you and your husband!
    Cheryl Moore
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    (((((((nannanurse))))))) :kiss
  11. by   BMS4
    Big {{{Hugs}}} Nanna,

    My husband is AD Coast Guard. He's been on ships 15 years out of a 22 year career. We've been married 17 years. I agree with those that encourage you to get involved with the wives clubs. Also, "keeping the home fires burning" and not relaying upsetting news to your husband while he's gone is important. Remember we are all here for you.

    Here's a link to Cinchouse. It's a military spouse website. It has great information and a wonderfully supportive discussion forum (one for each service). I'm not a member but I know folks who love the site.


    I hope it's okay that I posted this link. Please let me know if it's not allowed. Thanks.
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  12. by   mario_ragucci
    This is where you really get to love your hubby. Absence makes the heart grow fonder! You've been through this before. And E-mail. My cousin is there now and they don't receive stuff like mail and care packages when actually deployed. Not like the old days when you could receive things in the mail when you were half-way across the world. Don't worry so much. Be strong and steady for your hubby. Hubby don't want to see wifey all broke up. What your hubby is doing makes us all proud.
  13. by   LoisJean
    I am a military Mom. My Son is career Army. Staff Sergeant Special Forces. He will be going soon enough, too. It is his job. He actively served in the Gulf War and saw his share of horror in Bosnia. There wasn't a day when my heart wasn't aching for him. There were many times when my mind would wrap itself around the thought of 'losing' him- I came to remember the time when his father was in Nam--and recalled how that man was 'lost' to us all when he returned from that terrible war.

    Your husband is serving his country and doing his job as a professional military man. Like my son, your husband joined the service during peace time--he took an oath to defend and protect...he is bound by honor to follow the orders given by his Commander in Chief. If you can't be brave, be proud. If you can't be proud, be quiet. He needs your support more than anything. He needs to know that you can carry on with your life after he leaves because when he gets to where it is that he's going, he will not be able to afford the luxury of continually worrying about your welfare and whether or not you are flying apart at the seams.

    He and you cannot know that "a couple of years" is going to be the length of his stay.....no one-not even our President can know that at this point. Your husband is being prepped....until he gets orders to go, he's not going anywhere.

    Keep close to other military wives.

    My best to you- and Peace,
    Lois Jean