1. Back a while ago I posted about becoming the type of CNA that the nurses and the patients would love. I have become that CNA. Yes, I am patting myself on the back because I deserve it. I treat my residents with respect and compassion and I work hard so my RN's and LPN's wont have to suck it all up. The best part is, that my residents love me, my nurses work right beside me and at the end of every shift, I feel an enormous sense of fulfillment.

    I thank God everyday for this experience. Just thought I would share!

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  3. by   mesa1979
    Way to Go!!! It's great to hear that someone takes much pride in their profession.
  4. by   chenoaspirit
    Good for you. I wish we had CNAs at our hospital like you! Its always best for nurses and CNAs to work side by side for the best benefit of the patients. It allows for a better work environment. Koodos to you!
  5. by   whodatnurse
    Deeply satisfying work is an elusive thing for millions of people in this country. You've been given a great gift and it sure sounds as if you appreciate it. I'm very happy for you!
  6. by   leslie :-D
    misslo, way to go!!
    if only we could clone you.

  7. by   Journey_On
    Good for you, MissLo! It's great that you are so confident in yourself as a CNA. I am a nursing student, and I am so thankful for CNAs/PCTs!!
  8. by   RN1989
    Oh how I wish that everyone would work as hard as you! That would have made all my years in nursing so much better.
  9. by   locolorenzo22
    Good wishes to you! We need more good CNAs to eliminate the stigma that the profession has. for every 1 good one, we have like 5 bad. Keep being the positive force that is driving the change!
  10. by   gonzo1
    Please come and work with me.
  11. by   BradleyRN
    Congratulations! Being a CNA is a wonderful thing!
  12. by   softstorms
    CNA.. I have to tell you that you are the best I have seen. Most of us as nurses work in long term care or re-hab units or hospitals. What most people do not see is the work you all do. You are the front line of all our care. You tell us what is going on with the pt.
  13. by   misslo
    thank you. i truley love what i do and believe that my experience as a cna will help me during the nursing program.

    i was so lucky to have gotten this job only a week after receiving my cert. this is my first job as a cna and the advice i received on this forum has helped me to be a great cna. so in saying that, keep up the great advice to the newbies that are asking questions. knowing what the rn's need helps to form those of us who care. the best time to mold us is in the beginning. knowing what you need, makes the temptation of acquiring bad habits alot less.

    thank you advice givers for helping me to become what i am.:redpinkhe

  14. by   rn-jane
    Thank you for caring and being a role model for other cnas you work with.