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  1. misslo

    Minor's right to refuse

    She half butt denied being sexually active. But I knew she was because she didn't argue about it very strongly, and well, I know my daughter! I also believe it was a control thing.
  2. misslo

    Minor's right to refuse

    I was in a very similiar situation with my then 15 year old daughter years ago. She WAS sexually active and I told her that she will no longer be allowed to date if she didn't get on birth control. When she spoke with the Dr, she was told that she did not have to get on birth control if she didn't want to. It was her decision and I could not force the issue. However, I called child protective services and asked them if she got pregnant, who was responsible for the baby, they said I was. I asked them if I could make her put the child up for adoption, the answer was no. I asked if I could make her abort (not that I would) and they said no. I asked them what would happen if she neglected the baby and they said that I could go to jail for child neglect. If I kicked her out while pregnant (not that I would), I would be charged with child neglect, abandonment and endangerment. So, after she told me that the doctor said that she didn't have to get on birth control, I said well, welcome to prison!
  3. misslo

    Last name on namebadge

    I feel like it is a violation of OUR privacy. At our facility, we have first and last name as well, but I covered my last name with a sticker. Nobody has said anything yet.
  4. misslo

    allnurses or allSTUDENTnurses?

    There is no such thing as "just a CNA"! Other than that statement, I agree with everything you said! MissLo
  5. misslo

    Our hospital is going SMOKE FREE!

    I swear. I don't get it either.
  6. misslo

    Our hospital is going SMOKE FREE!

    We still have a smoking room INSIDE of ours, conveniently located on the oncology floor. I wish we would go smoke free. MissLo
  7. misslo

    Care plan help

  8. misslo

    Grad party idea for my wife

    How awesome that you are doing that. Your wife is one lucky lady to have such a thoughtful and creative husband! Good luck with your party planning.
  9. misslo

    Dear Boss....

    Sure. If it helps with patient care go for it
  10. misslo

    Dear Boss....

    The kitchen staff does not trump the nurses, or the aides. I have went around and around with them on this issue and I will persist. They can complain all they want, but for me, the complaints fall upon deaf ears. I just don't care. My primary concerns are my patients. I have had to wait numerous times for trays that have come to us late, as much as 20 minutes late. I have had to make numerous trips to the kitchen, interfering with patient care because items were missing on the trays or the wrong items put on the trays (fried chicken legs or bacon for the pureed patient). So their complaints do not cut it for me. I put many miles on my legs and feet because of their indescrepencies, so really, they can bite me. When I am at the bedside of a patient threatening to take their last breath, I could care less about those freaking trays. Period. I will refuse to sign a write up should the threatened write up happen and if they wish to fire me, so be it. God led me that place because I am good at what I do and these patients need me. I am not perfect by any means, but I perfectly understand what my priorities are. Sorry this has turned into a book, I have very strong feelings on this and the other above mentioned issues at my work place. They can either take what I have to offer or leave it, but until I have to leave, I am going to take care of my people.
  11. misslo

    Dear Boss....

    Dear Boss, When you hired me, you hired me to provide top notch patient care. I do that. I love that. I love every aspect of my job. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than taking care of those in their last days. With that said, I challenge you to interfere with my patient care. Patient care is ALL that I am about. Here are some things for you to consider: 1. My patients come before laundry, cleaning toilets and any other house keeping chores, period. DO NOT expect me to drop the hand of a dying patient and walk away to wash or fold a load of laundry. That laundry can wait, my patient wont. 2. Don't expect me to stop feeding a helpless patient just because they are taking a bit longer and the trays haven't been returned in sufficient time. I will return the trays at MY PATIENTS CONVENIENCE, not that of the kitchens. The only reason that we have a kitchen staff is because we have patients and the patients come FIRST. 3. Do not threaten to write me up for not taking my breaks on time. I will not leave the side of a fall risk patient until I am satisfied that they are safe. I will take my breaks at MY PATIENTS convenience. Thank you very much. 4. Don't preach to me about patient safety when I have come to you several times about alarms not working and you have done nothing to ensure that they get fixed. And don't ask me why the patient is lying on the floor with half of the alarm still attached and why it never went off. I told you why, fix the problem. I am within inches of inviting a state safety investigation. When I hired in, you were impressed by my will to advocate for my patients. You expect me to keep up my end of the bargain and I expect for you to keep up with yours. Thank you, The Patients Advocate
  12. misslo

    CNA Issue

    I agree with BradleyRN. The patient didn't CHOOSE to be in that situation, however, the CNA CHOSE her/his job. What do people think they are getting into when they become a CNA? And to complain in front of the patient is totally unacceptable. That is just rude. Period.
  13. misslo

    So Tell Me About Med-Surg

    Hm, I wonder if I should try to pick up a position in med/surg as a CNA. Just to "see" what it is like. I wouldn't be able to leave my hospice job though, I love it too much. Any thoughts? Would being an aide on that floor be beneficial? MissLo
  14. misslo

    So Tell Me About Med-Surg

    What can you tell me about working in medsurg? I am not a nurse YET but am so curious about the different units and my impatient mind wont let me rest until I learn about them. Out of sheer boredom and as a much cooler distraction from studying for my A & P lab practical, I decided "just for the heck of it" to see what jobs my state has to offer an RN, most of the available jobs (or adventures if you will) require med surg experience. What is so special about it? Thanks, MissLo
  15. misslo

    It's YOUR fault allnurses.com!

    I am an awesome CNA. I am very proud of myself and feel that all of the nurses I work with are lucky to have me. The patients I take care of are lucky to have me. Am I bragging? You betcha! What has helped me to become nurse aid-extaordinair? Allnurses.com. Little do you know, when you are upset with things that the aides do and post about it, some of us take it in and try to NOT be that aide. When you post about the great things your aides do for you, some of us try to factor that into our super-aideness. Well, I do anyways. Thank you. Thank you for inadvertantly training me to become super-aide!:wink2: There isn't anything I won't do to help my nurses and my residents. I like to chose the grumpiest residents that everyone else complains about, and you know what? I never have a problem with them. I am an annoyingly cheerful, persistant, pain in the rear end aide that won't stop until my residents say uncle! I am very good at what I do and I love what I do! Thank you allnurses! Keep those complaints and pats on the back coming, it really is educational! MissLo
  16. misslo

    Depo-Provera IM

    When I was getting Depo shots, they were giving them to me in my abdomen. They alternated sides.