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mesa1979 BSN, RN

Dialysis, Long-term care, Med-Surg
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mesa1979 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Dialysis, Long-term care, Med-Surg.

I'm a Wife, Mother, and many other titles that moms carry. I enjoy life and spending lots of time with my family.

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  1. You were irresponsible not one, but two times! I mean, you could have killed someone. The first time may be a mistake, but the second time you made a choice. What will happen to your patients if you have a hangover or come to work drunk? Nursing is stressful work, you're gonna have to find a positive coping mechanism and stop partying!
  2. mesa1979

    LPNs: Myths and Misconceptions (Part II)

    Totally agree!
  3. mesa1979

    The Passive-Aggressive Coworker

    This article was so informative! Thanks for writing it!
  4. mesa1979

    Trying to re-jumpstart my dream

    It doesn't hurt to apply, however I would not include info about your previous experience in NICU. Hope this helps.
  5. mesa1979

    Trying to re-jumpstart my dream

    Ok. Working in a pediatric unit or regular newborn nursery for at least a year or two would greatly build your skills and time management. If you've had problems finding work in that area, you may want to consider moving.
  6. mesa1979

    Trying to re-jumpstart my dream

    What happened when you were an RNA?
  7. mesa1979

    am I that "b" nurse? or am I being an advocate?

    I think you handled it quite well! Kudos to you!
  8. mesa1979

    Spouses/Visitors In Patient's Beds

    When you pay the patients hospital bill, then you can have your say! Thank God for management! The way you described how you handle these situations constitutes verbal abuse!
  9. mesa1979

    Spouses/Visitors In Patient's Beds

    A patient has rights and are paying for services. If the patient says its ok for someone to lay in bed with them, have at it! If I or my family members were in the hospital, if anyone would talk to me in the manner stated above, I would send them out in tears and notify every administrator possible! We as nurses DO NOT have the right to repremand a patient as though they were a child! Just saying!
  10. mesa1979

    Nurses Masquerading As Doctors (INSULTING)

  11. I ask "what nursing program did you graduate from" or "are you an lpn/RN?" if it's in a professional setting. If it's a personal setting, I figure they'll get caught in their lie soon enough!
  12. mesa1979

    Where did you hear that?

  13. mesa1979

    LVN "teamate" not doing meds properly-advice wanted

    Totally Agree!!!!
  14. I agree with your hubby on this one. Nursing school is very stressful in itself and to add a new baby, a 22mo old and family chores is a HUGE task. Ask yourself this, Would I be able to give this new baby all the time and attention he/she needs while I'm in nursing school? Remember answer unselfishly! Best wishes to ya:)
  15. mesa1979

    Co-worker in "trouble."

    I would be a listening ear for her as long as it doesn't burden me, but I would also refer her to her Pastor or crisis ministry if possible. Remember, don't take on her burdens, they can cause you to feel depressed because there is nothing you can do.
  16. mesa1979

    Please help!!! Job decision

    I just had this same situation. (two hospital and one nursing home) I told them all I had other job offers and asked if they would give me three to five days to weigh my options because I want to make sure I am the right candidate for them and them for me. They were fine with it! I wanted to be honest, that way they know what type of person I am from the start. I wish you the best! Oh btw, I chose the small hospital that is only a year old, less money, but better environment and do prn work for the LTC.....