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I was wondering how much states charge for renewal of licenses. I am an RN and Indiana charges $50 during the year in which you renew. We renew every other year in Indiana. LPN's in the even... Read More

  1. by   MHN
    I register in 2 states here One is $35aus and the 2nd is $80 + $80 for any changes or additions
  2. by   ernurse728
    It was $45 when I renewed in July...price is increasing to $62 starting 9/1/ CEU's required...license has to be renewed by your late fee penalty...but if it is not renewed by that date you cannot work until it is taken care of. I have been a nurse for 3 years and the price has gone up every year since getting my started out at $25.
  3. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    It's $70.00 for both a RN and LPN and if it's received late it's $95.00 in VA. Don't you love that bi yearly time of the year when it come in the mail???

    David -VA
  4. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    I meant once every two years , sorry about that.
  5. by   Dayannight
    Wow, VegasRN and Tshe, I just assumed that the RN renewal was the same as the LVN's, which is now $100 in California. Two years ago it was $75.
  6. by   lovebigdogs
    Maine is $40.00 every other year with no CEU's and New Hampshire is $60.00 every other year with 30 CEU's required. Too bad the states couldn't all have a set fee and number of CEUs needed.
  7. by   Repat
    Kentucky $105 for two years (30 CEU's)!!!; MA $60 for two years (15 CEU's).
  8. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I have just moved to Alberta from Manitoba...and that's a good thing. I just received my license for the remainder of the registration period here, which cost me $153.55 (~$90 US) to allow me to work from September 9 to September 30, at which time I will have to renew my license, for another $278.20. (You do the math!) My Manitoba license, which expires at the end of December, cost me $238.60 for one year. So for the year 2002, I have paid nearly $500 in registration fees. That doesn't include the two service charges I paid, one to Alberta to process my paper work ($55) and one to Manitoba to verify my registration there ($32.10). I think I've been hosed!! The only consolation is that it is subtracted (except for the Goods and Services Tax... yes, our registration fees are taxed by the federal government as a "service") directly from my gross income at income tax time.
  9. by   Cathy Wilson, RN
    $45 every two years in GA. No CEU's required-go figure!
  10. by   deespoohbear

    I think getting hosed would be an appropiate term!!!
  11. by   NurseDianne
    Georgia is $45/two years. That's to renew our LPN licence. I don't know about when we get our RN.
  12. by   NurseDianne
    Originally posted by Mama Val
    Ok, OK eveybody I got ya all beat
    Alaska $215.00 every other year RN or LPN
    God only knows what they do with that money
    Quick somebody buy me a drink I'm broke
    And to think, Gary and I wanted to come to work in Alaska when we finish school.
    So much for us traveling!
  13. by   willie2001
    In Iowa we renew every 3 years. The renewal fee is $81.00 for RN. For renewal, we have to had 36 hours of continuing education. The continuing ed requirements were recently reduced from 45 hours.