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  1. LPN & EMT-CT

    LPNs co-signing blood

    VA is the same as SC P_RN LPN's can verify info but can't hang it but can take it down , monitor it and co-sign the paperwork both on the floor and in the blood bank/lab LPN & EMT-CT
  2. LPN & EMT-CT

    would you recommend nursing as a career

    You sound like a caring nurse, nursing is a very demanding job, the time it takes to aquire everything that you need to do just to become a nurse and then all the continuing education hours you have to put in, and the personal time refreshing yourself and getting used to new ways of doing procedures and always learning something new in nursing etc, etc. But just look at all the ways you can impact just one person's life and the countless people that you will help save or assist in saving/helping when they are at their worst. It is truely a calling and it's a shame that more and more people aren't coming to nursing. I try and tell everyone that is somewhat interested in nursing to look into a career in it or take the time to research it and find out if that is what they want to do with their life. LPN & EMT-CT
  3. LPN & EMT-CT

    "RN Shortage???" What about LPNs?

    In VA where I work LPN's can work anywhere in the hospital we want or pulled to we just can't spike the blood or blood products bag we can monitor it take it down and all of the rest , even though we know all the transfusion reactions and stuff like that. We have to take an IV class before we can do IV therapy and start IV's and get checked off by a RN or LPN preceptor after we do like 6 or so IV's on our own starting them and all of that stuff. Afte that we are on our own not unless we have any problems, we can flush CVC lines and all that stuff as well. It just depends on where you nurse on what you can do, if you don't think you cna do something don't get some help and know how to do something correctly before you do it.
  4. LPN & EMT-CT

    Stethoscope Length?

    I also have the Litmann 27" I wouldn't have anything else.
  5. LPN & EMT-CT

    Help! I'm scared.

    Hey notanurse, nicloe took the words out of my mouth. Relax and everything will be fine, when you start nursing and continue with EMT tr it will get easier and better, trust me, it's a shock at first but after you relax it wil;l get better, and the experience and knowledge that you will acquire it will help you a great deal with working in the ER and in you nursing carrier. :) LNP & EMT-CT
  6. LPN & EMT-CT

    Anyone work for the Bureau of Prisons??

    There is always a correctional officer when we see our inmates or dispense meds. Just like psychonurse said they are pretty respectful except the new inmates and they learn very, very quickly that there are two things they don't you know with while they are inside, the nursing staff because if they get hurt they got to come to us with their medical problem and also food service, because you don't know who is fixing your food:devil: Ive been in corrections for 5 years now and I have learned a lot and a lot more to learn, but you can never show an inmate that you are intimated or scared, they will attack you like a wolf on a injured rabbit and are relentless. Inmates will always try you when you first go into the system, but after you let them know you are there to stay and they can't run you off, you typically don't have a problem with them.
  7. LPN & EMT-CT

    High narcotic technique

    What is this high narcotic technique?? I've never heard of it, is it something that the surgeons are doing now that they weren't or what exactly?
  8. LPN & EMT-CT

    Predicting, controling preeclampsia: CNN story

    That is a very intersting article. Thanks for sharing.
  9. LPN & EMT-CT

    Anyone work for the Bureau of Prisons??

    Hey yall, I work in a correctional center for males but not in the federal system in the state system. The usual day is kinda of dependant on where exactly you work, usually you count the controlled drugs, count the syringes, needles, and tools that are locked up, and then start pouring your meds for the day. Do some sick call ( see the inmates who have put in a request to see the nurse or doc for a medical complaint) they have to see the nurse before seeing the doc. After that go dispense meds either at a pill window or go to the building with a correctional officer. After that sign out your meds, eat some lunch if your lucky and help the doc see pt's and handle emergencies throughout the day and by that time it's time to count again the needles, tools and controled substances with the oncoming shift. That is about it in a nut shell for like day shift. Hope this helps, I've always heard that the Federal Gov. pays a lot more but I'm not the one to travel to far to where I want to work:)
  10. LPN & EMT-CT

    Morton's Neuroma...

    Hi Jennifer, As you probably already know morton's neroma is also called morton's toe, disease, foot, or neuralgia and it is pain in the third and fourth toes due to a neuroma of the branch of the sensory nerve supplying them. Usaually home remedies include rest, massage and roomy footwear and in severe cases, surger is required, better be safe have the pt. go to a doc quickly, before it gets worser or a podiatrist. David
  11. LPN & EMT-CT

    A Learning Experience!

    Hey Rebekah, check your e-mial accoutn, I just sent you a message and you can e-mail me back here or PM me or e-mail me at my email @ dnanor@kinex.net David - VA
  12. LPN & EMT-CT

    Clinicals are killing my foot!

    You may wamt to try one of these shoes already mentioned or a pair of RockPorts, these are the best shoes, in Nursing and out and about.
  13. LPN & EMT-CT

    Would you recommend Lippincott's reviewer for NCLEX-RN?

    It is a wonderful book, I have started looking over it since I will be starting RN classes soon.
  14. LPN & EMT-CT

    Any nurses who have ideas on how to help in disaster

    These are very good ideas and another way to help is joining a Rescue Squad and becoming a EMT or EMT-Intermiate or a Paramedic in your community. It adds some much more knowkedge about disasters and trauma care and many, mant ascepts on EMergency care and triage, and many multiple ascpects on different kinds of rescue like Water Rescue, Rope Rescue, Confided Space rescue, Cave rescue, Search & Rescue. It also helps with nursing as well. Any one of these courses are excellent and also Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support, Basic and Advanced Trauma Life Support, PALS, and ACLS.
  15. LPN & EMT-CT

    opening up nursing the profession to spanish speakers?

    I totally agree with a lot of the posted notes, if you are going to live here you should know ENGLISH fluetantly, and having a scenond or 3rd, or 4th language in your back pocket,, it ain't going to hurt one bit. Every nurse has something to offer pt.'s. I say, the more nurses the better, it will help with the shortage!!! :) And everyone knows that is the truth, across the nation and everywhere else.
  16. LPN & EMT-CT

    How Soon Should APS Be Called?

    Hi Julie, I had run into a situation once before while I was a CNA in the eR, WITH GERIATIC ABUSE FROM THE SON TO THE FATHER, NOT FEEDING HIM, NOT GIVING HIM HIS INSULIN AND SO FORTH!!!! I went through the chain of command and spoke with the charge nurse and then the charge nurse and myself spoke with the ER doc and he initiated the process, getting SS in there and they eventually had the father put into a adult home facility, where he could partially take care of himself, with a nurse being there 24/7. In VA the doc has to iniate the work, but like CATHYW said make sure you follow policy to the "Tee", cross all your "T 's" and dot all your "I 's ". hope this helps and keep us aware of what goes on with this. David