How much does your state charge for your nursing license?


I was wondering how much states charge for renewal of licenses. I am an RN and Indiana charges $50 during the year in which you renew. We renew every other year in Indiana. LPN's in the even years, RN's in odd years. I think LPN licenses are the same as RN's. I am curious to see how much other states charge. I know Indiana will sock you with a $50 late fee also. :eek: :eek: A couple of my friends got nailed with that. Ouch.


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I think it's 40-something for an RN renewal here in Ohio. I'm thinking it was $42.



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I just renewed in Colorado and it cost $85. We renew every other year as well.


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:eek: :eek: :eek: Note to self: Never move to Colorado.



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$80 in California to renew, I think our's increased to $100 in Nevada.

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$60.oo for 2 year licence in North Dakota (RN)

However, I moved back to ND in October had to pay $60.00 and then had to fork out another 60.00 to cover the next two years in December. Once again timing is off.

Failure to renew your licensure leads to daily monetary penalities plus your name is put in the newsletter that outlines your failure to renew licensure and monetary penalty.


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Indiana just increased their fees last year. Used to be like $20 for every two years.

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Florida License renewal fee $65 every odd year.

Our fee to take the exam initially is 180$!:eek:

The sitting fee is $200 so total price is $380 :imbar

I may consider relocating in a few years!;)


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Damn, I knew we were getting screwed. $50/year in Washington State and a $50 late fee if renewed after your birthday.

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PA license renewal is every 2 years.

"Renewal fee for RN license is $45. There is no requirement to evidence a number of practice hours or continuing education hours to renew the license.

Renewal fee for PN license is $40. "

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Nebraska is $42.00 every 2 years and we have a football team also how much better deal can you get? LOL

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