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lovebigdogs has 12 years experience and specializes in L&D, ICU, pedi and pedi ICU.

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  1. lovebigdogs


    Hello, I am looking for anyone that is currently working at Dartmouth in the PICU there. I have visited the hospital several times and am thinking about moving there and working in PICU. Just wanting to get the low down about the hospital, the people there and how the orientation is... ect. Hope someone can help me out. Lori
  2. lovebigdogs

    What's your "Dead Patient" story?

    Everyone has such different stories..some sad and some funny. Here is mine: In nursing school I did an extra internship at my local hospital of choice. One day I was taking care of an older gentleman who had a number of things wrong and DIC was one of them. He was getting IVF of D51/2 and was getting various meds. Well he used the call bell and told me he had to get on the commode. I transferred him there w/o difficulty and was changing his bed when all of a sudden he slumped over and fell off the commode...I did some fancy footwork to get around the bed to try to catch him but wasn't there in time. I was so stunned that I stood there and watched him for a few seconds then I yelled out to my other nurses...I couldn't reach the call bell. The two nurses that I was working with came running. By now he was bleeding from a scalp lac from banging his head on the floor and his IV was bleeding around the site and his eyes were bleeding. We heaved him on the bed and assessed for signs of life. Of course there were none. I was so scared that day-I had prior dealings with dead people as I was a CNA for 8 years before going to nursing school...but never had one die in my presence. I felt responsible. He did not get an autopsy b/c of his age..I imagine. It would have been interesting to see what the coroner would have said about cause of death. Later that week I had to meet with the college instructor and had to write up a paper on what had happened. I felt better after talking with my preceptor and my peers.
  3. lovebigdogs

    Experience and Quals needed? Where to start?

    hi kelly, I too am interested in flight nursing. I have searched the web for sites to preview and this one is good http://www.astna.org After you get on the home page it has a link to Transport Nurse FAQs. There you will find the requirements for the job. I also called the hospital that I want to get into that offers air and ground transport and the director told me to get generalized ICU experience and then ER and also some pedi. I will start working on that come the new year. Good luck to you. Why are you moving from Alaska? Lori
  4. lovebigdogs

    Senior nursing student and just found out...........

    I myself had a year and 1/2 on med-surg and think it is a good idea to get that under your belt before moving onto a specialty. There are things that you will learn like starting IVs and organizational and prioitizing skills that are very valuable. Just learning the assessments of different disease processes is a good help too. People in labor also have some of those albeit not many since they are for the most part a healthy bunch. I work as an L&D nurse and was just having this conversation tonight with another nurse. Thsi new nurse that we have came from psych nursing(5 years) and she definitely needs some time on med-surg because she has a hard time hooking up IV tubing and forget trying to start an IV. We are doing her a great disservice by not getting her to do some time on med-surg. She has just finished orienting to Peds where she wants to work.
  5. lovebigdogs

    Lab draws

    I work on the peds floor occassionally and we put the labs in for 7am then put in a comment to have them(lab) call or we will call when the patient is awake.:) That makes sense to me. Sick kids sleep like sh*t and the more they can get the better...especially if they were up all night then are awakened for a lab draw right after they fall asleep. That is just for the general, routine ones now the timed ones are a different story.
  6. lovebigdogs


    I bought mine at a uniform store in NH. But most of the clothing catalogs have them and also the cuffs. Put in a search for nurses clothing or something like that. My stethoscope is a Littmann Cardiology II SE. I love it but it cost about $150.00 about 3 years ago. If you do not have that kind of money then you can find ones for $30.00 and they work just fine.:)
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  8. lovebigdogs

    Feel like ----.

    I have been working nights since I graduated college-2.5 yrs ago. I do it becuase I like being home with my kiddos during the day and being able to drive them to dance class and soccer. I cannot say that I am used to nights...I am always tired and sometimes cranky(at least my husband thinks so). Thank goodness I only work 3-12s. I couldn't do it otherwise.:)
  9. lovebigdogs

    Mayonnaise treatment for lice

    did it work?
  10. lovebigdogs

    How much does your state charge for your nursing license?

    Maine is $40.00 every other year with no CEU's and New Hampshire is $60.00 every other year with 30 CEU's required. Too bad the states couldn't all have a set fee and number of CEUs needed.
  11. lovebigdogs

    Am very interested in Emergency Nursing

    I am currently waiting for a call for a second interview for an ED internship position. This hospital(community)takes 3 RNs a year and trains them to work in the ER. 6 months with a preceptor and one day a week of classes for 6 months. Checked out the curriculum and think it will be wonderful. I have been an RN for 2 years and have worked in med-surg and maternity. Can hardly wait for the call!!!
  12. lovebigdogs

    How many children (if any) do you have?

    I have 3 girls....8, 2 1/2, 9 mos. My husband also wants to get "fixed" but I am not ready. :imbar
  13. lovebigdogs

    McDonald"S Anyone?

    I to have taken care of young "moms"...just a few weeks ago a 20 y/o in PTL(preterm labor). FOB was in Italy, had a boyfriend that had come to take her out for an hour(drove an hour to get here) and was out on a pass with yet another guy who we learned later was yet another "boyfriend". Don't know what the heck she was thinking. Oh yeah and she never returned from pass and she was apparently homeless. All I could think about was her wandering around the city having ctxs and leaking all over the place only to give birth to her 27 week baby who doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of making it... with her being the mom. I believe that you can make one mistake...shame on you...another mistake shame on me.....needs a tubal or a hyst!!!
  14. lovebigdogs

    OK, I'll do it, where are you from

    Born in Michigan(3months)and raised in Southern Maine-where the lobsters are delicious and the scenery is beautiful. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
  15. lovebigdogs

    If I could specialize in something else, it would be ???

    I have specialized is med-surg nursing and L&D with antepartums and postpartums. I am looking forward to changing to either the ER or ICU. I am looking for the perfect job where I love to go to work and do not regret that I have to leave my family. :)