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Hi all! I'm currently a student at Johns Hopkins SON, just starting, and I'm wondering how hard it will be to meet and date some of the male med students here to seek out future husbands. Don't... Read More

  1. by   t2000JC
    plus...nurses are usually really self sufficient strong people i think. the question you posted just sounds like it's feeding into the myth of what america percieves as nurses. i think if you met someone at work and fell in love, you could make it work out IN SPITE OF the fact of your professions.
  2. by   I1tobern
    Okay, I have to put in my two cents. Believe me, I am not a good judge of character (married 13 years, divorced for 7). Reading this post made me think of the first speech I heard in my first trip to nursing school. In our orientation, the first speaker was the dean of the school of nursing. The first words out of her mouth were, "If you are here to get your MRS, you need to look for another profession." I thought that was the best line I'd ever heard, and I still do.
  3. by   susanmary
    You've struck a nerve deep inside most nurses. We have worked very hard to be recognized as professionals. We do NOT want to be portrayed as gold-digging bimbos who are into nursing to snatch a rich hubby/MD.
  4. by   sunnygirl272
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    i do not reccomend finding an engineer.....i have yet to find one with a sense of humor??? :d now don't beat me up for that one..tee hee i think i will keep my aircraft engine mechanic...he cute and has nice buns
    tee hee...she said buns....
  5. by   JeannieM
    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    On second thought, I see a linen closet in someone's future...
    I shared the one about catching two "colleagues" in the linen closet. I didn't share the one (until now) about the doctor who propositioned me in same said linen closet!!! I turned him down; we were always short of linen and I didn't want to get any of it dirty. :imbar
  6. by   LasVegasRN
    originally posted by sunnygirl272
    tee hee...she said buns....
    hee! :d
  7. by   Andy S.
    Rusty you rock!!!!!!!!!

    I always hate it when people ask if I am going to marry a Dr./resident! Like I went to school looking for a hubby! Who cares about money, if you can't stand them what is the point! I am not saying that I would never marry doctor, but it wouldn't be for the $$$ in the bank or the initials after his name.

  8. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by dianthe1013

    As a student myself, however, I should tell you this. Pleae be prepared for some of the guys to view you as:

    1) a ready-to-roll trollop with whom to toy,
    2) an intellectually-inferior underling, or
    3) completely below them, because you won't understand a word they're saying.

    Ha. Sad, but sometimes very true. They're not all like that, but stereotypes DO form for reason, after all...

    Good points! Nurses make great 'caretakers' for baby docs, so they like to latch onto one to 'help them through' school, residencies, and the first few rough years...and of course your nurses income and loving companionship will get him through his lean residency years.

    So...I will add #4: his meal ticket/ caretaker through school...and maybe for awhile longer if you have what it takes.

  9. by   leesonlpn
    That's what it's all about. Every response from the nurses has been truthfull and wise. It is obvious in JHUnurse's response she still doesn't get it She wants to marry for money. What happens if a few years down the road, the money disappears? Does she? Still on the endless trek to find a doctor smuck to open his wallet for her. Like I said before, such a request as hers on tips to land a doctor, is an embarrassment for nurses everywhere. There are Mr. Rights out there who aren't rich. I have one. We don't have much but we love each other dearly. I know he is always there for me, and I am for him. Money can't buy you love, sweetheart. Pursue nursing because you have the heart for it, and you want to be the best for your patients and make a difference; not because you're down to your last quarter.
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    So Andy....
    Just how much action does that linen closet GET??
    Maybe a "do not disturb" sign should be kept handy.

    This thread got a lot of action. I think it's because we KNOW how hard it is to work hard to try to keep and maintain a professional and respected image. I still get shocked looks of disbelief when I tell someone I'm a nurse but I DO say it with pride. Long gone (and good riddance) are the days when nursing was a single womans "job" (spinster even?), when it was a requirement to stand when the Dr. came on the floor and heaven forbid that you would question an order or even (shudder) make a suggestion.
    I think that this young poster being new as she is may have a rude awakening ahead of her. The caps are gone honey...along with all those old stereotypes!
    Nursing is a helluva hard job but if your heart is in it there is none finer!!
  11. by   SharonH, RN
    Hi JHUnurse! Welcome to the board. Good luck on your student career and in your future both as a nurse and in your personal life.
  12. by   kids

    Now I gotta shower again .
  13. by   Andy S.
    Hey Rusty, be nice!!!

    The linen closet gets ZERO action thank you very much!!

    I work my butt off to suport myself, paid for my own school too (just the same as most of us here). I am not trolling for "my Dr. husband"!

    Can't we all just get along! LOL
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