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Hi all! I'm currently a student at Johns Hopkins SON, just starting, and I'm wondering how hard it will be to meet and date some of the male med students here to seek out future husbands. Don't... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    wonder how the OP is doing on her quest a year later?
  2. by   mattsmom81
    I don't think she'll be back to tell us...LOL!
  3. by   mstewart
    Well, since everyone else is giving my 2 cents...
    I remeber saying at about the same age (19) "when a guy asks me to marry him, he better have a BIG rock for me." As this young lady lives and learns, she will discover that there are many *ssholes out there, only some of them wear lab coats. A year or 2 after i made the "rock" statement I was heard saying "I would rather be poor as a church mouse and happy as can be-than be rich and miserable". And that is what I am. Not really "poor", definelty not rich, but very happy. And, I agree, you find them when you aren't looking-or even want a boyfriend. The only time in my life I DID NOT want a boyfriend, is when I found my hubby. Matter of fact, when he asked me to be hisgirlfriend, I almost said "no".
    Amen, to the women that want their hubbies home at night. I am begining to understand why my hubby wanted me to quit my previous profession so I could be home with him.
    Ahhhh, to be young and niave and thinking that life is that easy...
    You guys are way to addictive-I am reading this instead of studying...shame on you guys for being so funny. Some on me for not focusing.
    have a great day, all! Keep them coming!
  4. by   igloorn93
    I hate to point it out, but marrying someone or dating them just because they are a doctor is doomed to fail. How about looking for a great person? Sure if you wound up marrying someone with money etc then it would be a bonus, but I wouldn't have that as my whole criteria. In the hospitals I've worked at there are names for the nurses who "throw" themselves at doctors and it isn't pretty. It makes me wonder where their self esteem is. A very dear and close friend of mine is a doctor, and it's something that really doesn't come up. They are the same as anyone else, still have to eat, sleep and use the bathroom. The only difference is that they have more money than the average person. Look for the person, not the position, title etc.
  5. by   Liann
    I love this thread...reminds me of my Moms stories from when she worked for an answering service in the days before pagers. She spent much of her time juggling what to tell the docs wives, girlfriends, moms, etc. They would leave instructions as to WHAT to tell each of these folks.

    I went to a college noted for its nursing program. Many of my class mates were on the prowl for med or law students or engineers from another nearby college. We dated a lot of them, but were discouraged by their feeble social skills. I ended up marrying a nice corrections officer, and we will celebrate our 21st anniversary soon.

    A lot of our co workers notice the affinity between health care folks and public safety folks. We are all caregivers who know how to party!!!
  6. by   RN2007
    Sbic, I do agree that most posters here were way too harsh on JHUnurse. I personally believe that the girl was just being honest about a subject she wanted others input on and definitely do not believe that she was trying to search for drs. to marry only for money!! My God, we should give people a chance, without jumping all over them and judging them sooo harshly. To make matters worse, JHUNurse, tried to explain even more clearly in her second post, only for the others on the message board to ignore it and to keep trashing her. How unfair... You would wonder what some of these posters issues are of their own, because they have the need to put words in JHUnurses mouth that she did not even say.

    JHUnurse, I want to wish you the very best on your nursing studies and want to say to please ignore these flaming posts because they were unwarranted. Yes, you do deserve to be a nurse and to find happiness with ANY man you want to! I think that you should give anybody that you date a chance to reveal their true selves, because there are many very nice docs out there, as well as there are nice men in other professions. And no, all doctors are not lying, cheating, arrogant scum!! Some are very nice!! When I worked in the hospitals awhile back, I never sought out any drs., but many unmarried residents came on to my unit and asked me out and I dated several of them and really cannot say a bad word about any of them. A few of them are some of my good friends today and have become friends with my husband as well, and we all double date sometimes. The only reason I did not marry one of them is that I had an architect back then that wooed me off my feet and I am glad because we have been married for almost 15 years since. For the record, I also dated a few engineers but found them to be the most boring men I had ever met, and matter of fact, I remember there was a research study done awhile back in a magazine that put engineers way down on the totem pole of the type professions that women found to be boring in many ways, etc. , etc.., which I am sure there are good ones too because I do not believe in stereotypes.

    So JHUnurse, you go for what you want to and best wishes!
  7. by   live4today
    Originally posted by JHUnurse
    Hi all!

    So how many of you managed to score doctor husbands, and how'd you do it? Any suggestions on how I can meet some of them? Thanks!

    No, I did not "score a doctor husband", but if I could have married a well-established doctor with good morals and great common sense I would have. I would NOT marry one who hadn't established himself as a reputable doctor, or been an outstanding son to his parents, or been worth two cents to others in his life. In other words, I guess I'm saying it's more important for the man to be a real man before I'd be with him no matter what his career choice........not ruling out doctors included.

  8. by   Edward,IL
    Missy, the Professional Nurse is not the wife of the M.D.

    If you want education at the doctoral level, please look into degree programs that grant the PhD in Nursing or the DNSc, rather than marrying someone with a professional degree.

    DO NOT date anyone from that other discipline. You never know where they've been or who they've been with.
    Besides, nurses shouldn't fraternize with subordinates.

    Just my opinion, Edward, IL
  9. by   mother/babyRN
    Not me..Came close but am glad I ended up where I did...The student who started this thread should know that there seems to be a part of you who DOES want to be involved with a doc and if thats the case, prepare for the divorce court if that is your main reason ( the money, that is)...These days prepare to spend an extraordinary amount of time alone AND paying their malpractice insurance bills! Hey, if it works for you to trade money for time and attention, more power to you...But, why not start out as a student making money ( which is a heck of a lot more than we ever made starting out), DATE the doc and be independent..If you fall in love (lust), great, otherwise rely on your own self..And, although I hate to generalize, if you end up with a really handsome and egotistical doc, chances are you won't be the only one in his sights....Hey, hope it works out for you! There must be some good ones left! But, if you go all the way through nursing school and then end up with one, are you planning to retire and stay home? Someone in the family has to not be on call, otherwise your kids won't know who you are!
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I don't think anyone was too harsh. reality is harsh. people are offended when STILL AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, women enter the profession (YES I SAID PROFESSION) of nursing to score a doctor husband and the big house on the lake. It's insulting to the profession and if we are harsh, just think how reality will bite anyone entering this field with heads in the clouds like that.....

  11. by   zambezi
    After reading nine pages of posts, whew I am exhausted. While I think that the original question did come out a little bit strange and I definately don't think that someone should go to school for the sole purpose of marring a doctor), I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to meet others. She is only 19, that is when you are finally out of the house, able to meet others, not having to report to parents, etc. If her true goal is to be a professional nurse, I say go for it. As to the "normal" concerns that nursing students have, as others have posted, go to the student nursing board, there you already have many answers to all of the standard questions. I too started school right out of high school. I knew what I wanted to do-be a professional nurse. I also knew that I wanted to have fun in college. I did so many fun things, I dated (granted , not docs ), I had various jobs, I played college sports, I even partied...I also graduated with top honors and got hired directly into critical care, a job I love, a job I am good at, a job that I can continue my education in, and a job that I will always learn from. I see no harm in asking a question, if that is not her only (or primary) motive for going to nursing school (of course from the original post, we couldn't know that, but from the second post, she clarified a little). I say have fun while in school, sure it is serious, and definatley not easy, but live a little, have fun, date various people, be safe, always be professional while at school and work (ie, don't "flirt" while on the job) and remember to work hard in school, ask appropriate questions and further your profession...but remember your spare time is for you, it is possible to have a life while in nursing school, just don't make school your hunting ground and flaunt it. If you meet someone, great, but remember it is for your spare time, not your "on the job" time. Good luck in school, have fun, and welcome to the boards.
  12. by   gaspassah
    noone has mentioned the residents that marry nurses to help fund their way through the residency program only to divorce that nurse when a new "hotter, younger, you place the adjective" new nursing graduate comes along. if i'm not mistaken the divorce rate for mds and nrs' post residency is fairly high.
  13. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Originally posted by mattsmom81
    Social climbing nurses may bag their doc, but I always tell them...don't be surprised when he's sleeping around with YOUR replacement some day....powerful, wealthy egomaniacs do NOT make good hubbies. JMHO.

    I had no idea that some women were still going to college to get an "MRS" degree.

    Really, the thought is just pitiful.

    I have known one RN who married a doc. He cheats on her openly and has sexually harrassed nurses at work.

    I hope the original poster rethinks nursing. Become a cocktail waitress or something.