How Many of us have "Considered" a different profession and why?

  1. I am interested in how many of us have considered changing professions and why?
    For myself I have thought about going back to school to get a computer science degree for many different reasons...
    The biggest reason is chronic back pain from 3 fractured vertebra after being hit by a drunk driver. Haven't had to quit yet but we'll see...
    I love caring for my patients but I think everything has a reason for happening and when one door closes another opens.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
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  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    funny...i changed from a computer science background in the military to NURSING. i love it and have no intention to leave. i just hope maybe to instruct one day.... but i certainly understand your reasons, nursegoodguy and feel horrible for you. anyone facing burnout or injury or the pains of a ageing body has not much choice. i am surely sorry for your injury and your having to leave the profession. i wish you good luck and better health!
  5. by   Huganurse
    Many times, every time I burn out I start thinking about doing other things. Computers, artist, musician, anything self employeed appealed to me in the past. When I'm really tired and sick of it all.... I look at the guy sweeping the McD's parking lot with a longing desire to only be responsible for the mundane task of sweeping a floor. Just lollying along with a broom. LOL. Seriously, I do feel that way at the time, but when I reach deep, I decide I love nursing, or atleast the intent of nursing. Anytime I compare other jobs, they all come up short in one area or another, too mundane, not challenging enough, too repeatative, don't want to sit all day, don't want to stand all day, not enough contact with people, no hands on caring of people. I like the level of comfort that comes with years of nursing and the knowledge that I have to share with others. I am an expert in my choosen profession and in no others. I think that what has really kept me going in nsg is that anytime I get burnt or fell I need a change, I can and do change. I have had many different roles, titles and responsabilities through out my career. I have worked in many different diciplines in nsg. It is one of my favorite parts of nursing. The opportunity to do so many differerent jobs in so many different areas while using the skills and level of knowlege that we posses as nurses.
  6. by   catlady
    I consider it almost every day. I can't figure out why I ever went into nursing in the first place; it was never my dream.

    I just don't know what else I could do at my stage of life that's going to pay the bills the way being an RN does. And I need to save for my kid's education. I think I would have been a good accountant.
  7. by   nell
    When I finally get my 300lb baby bird out of the nest, I plan to take graphic design courses so that I can actually make a living in web design (was headed that way before the dot-com-bomb). Web design is my second choice job - first choice is "independently wealthy". Everytime I have a really bad night at work I tell myself (and anyone else around) that I'm buying a Lotto ticket!
  8. by   bandaidexpert
    I have never thought about doing anything else. Although I have been on this certification kick. Certified Wound Specialist, Certified MDS Coordinator, Certified in Pain Management. It keeps me mind learnin'.
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    One time I took a leave of absence (it was that or punch someone out) and worked my dream job. Taxi driver.
    I laugh now cause it wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. I hac visions of cruising around all day meeting interesting people.
    What I got was mostly taking old ladies home and unloading their groceries with a $2 tip.
    I DID like the break from nursing though but after 6 weeks I went back to the grind.
    I must have like it some cause I'm smiling real big remembering it.
  10. by   Teshiee
    I may get away from patient care but remain a nurse in other areas. Law is really interesting to me. There is just too darn much stuff to do as a nurse........ That is the beauty of it. When I start getting cross and impatient with patients then I know it is time for a change. Right now I enjoy what I do.
  11. by   canoehead
    Right now I would like to be a bank teller- very defined expectations, and you take as long as you need to with each person to complete the transaction. I could do that.
  12. by   joannep
    When I have become stale at work and have though longingly of other "better career" choices I chat to my brother, my girlfriends (those who are not nurses) and listen to their day to day work grind.
    My brother, who has been in "sales" for 20 years is sick of lying to the public about a product, sick of the pressure of meeting sales targets, and is thinking about how he can become a paramed.
    My girlfrieds moan about the fact that they can't get a job now the kids are in school and they have time on their hands because they have no "real qualifications" and end up working at a fast food chain or in retail.
    I even have one friend who has a PHD in Science moan that she wished she had done nursing, because it is much more flexible that being a scientist. Meaning, that there is no flexible hours in being a scientist, or that you can't drop out for several years and then come back to work, whatever!
    Then I think that nursing is great, and move to another speciality area, it is just like getting a "new job".
  13. by   live4today
    I've always wanted to be a doctor, so I could go for that if I wanted to. Perhaps I'll become a Doctor of Psychology one day since I'm always being sought out for my counseling abilities.

    Of course, writing is what I enjoy doing, but could turn that into a profitable living if I worked at it hard enough. I do, day.

    Now, the big kicker would be to win the lottery and experience many different dreams of mine before choosing which one will make me the happiest.

    In my dreams I am richer than anyone I know, and I solve the world my dreams...then I wake up and...
  14. by   Huganurse
    canoehead, The last new nurse I preceptored was a bank teller before she became a nurse.
    I could see a nurse as a bank teller. You know the saying, once a nurse, always a nurse.
    As soon as it got busy, your instinct would kick in and you'd do triple time to get the job done. All the sweet little ladys would be telling you about thier bowels b/c you asked how they were feeling. You'd know about every surgery and procedure of your frequent customers. All your coworkers would be asking you your professional opinion. You'd be the first and only one to jump/fly over the bank counter to do CPR on a heart attack victim. LOL. Your desk would be the banks first aid station. When it got slow, you'd start reading the customer files. You get the picture. Just Joking Around!!! Have a great day!!!