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If you needed to work only 8 hours a week in order to make ends meet, how many hours per week would you choose to work?... Read More

  1. by   GooeyRN
    When I was childless and did not HAVE to work, at one job I would work 48ish hours a week b/c I loved the job. Then I moved... I NEEDED about 16 hours a week to make the bills but worked 24.

    Then I had a baby... I took a year off and went back 8-10 hours a week just to work. I did not have to.

    Then had another baby... Took a year off and am looking to go back, about 8-10 hours a week. I WANT to go back... Again, not financially necessary.

    For me, when there are kids involved and my husband makes enough to pay the bills, I think it is nice to work just enough to contribute to savings some and buy a few "extra's". I feel it is best to stay home as much as possible when there are young kids. But I certainly do not think that working while having kids is bad or anything.

    If we were in our current financial situation where dh can pay all the bills, and if we did not have any kids, I would be working 24-32 hours a week. If childless, that would be a perfect amount to work for me if more $ was not needed. It would be a good amount of cash, enough work to not be bored, still have plenty of free time, but not so much that I was chronically stressed about work.
  2. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]i'd work an average of 12 hours/week -- 3 8s or 2 12s every other weekend.
  3. by   RN1981
    I'd work sixteen-twenty just to have a little extra.
  4. by   nurselsteele
    Quote from mikethern
    If you needed to work only 8 hours a week in order to make ends meet, how many hours per week would you choose to work?
    If i only had to work 8 hrs a week to make ends meet , i would personally die! hahaha i am so accustomed to working those 50-60 hr weeks, that i don't know if i would be able to handle just working 8!

    I have a bad habit, I must confess, I am addicted to Caribbean Cruises, so In order to enduldge in Cruising , I have to work & keep saving for those elaborate cruise vacations!

    Hense my upcoming venture; Off work March 4th until April 7th, (all paid with vacation time banked) we are doing 2 back to back cruises; 27 days in the Caribbean, Island Hoping, the boys are 16 & 18 , so now is the perfect time to get out & see more of the world!

    We did our last cruise in 2005; 21 days! and let me tell you , if you want to recharge your batteries after years of hard work, raising kids, maintaining a house, the Caribbean will recharge you in no time at all (7-14 days is recommended)......

    So i guess i am young, only 37 & I have been working in Nursing since i was 19/20 yr old!

    A nice caribbean break is always a good thing!

    Work as much as you need to but remember to take the time to Recharge your battery every couple of years!
  5. by   diane227
    I am semi retired. I work 4 eight hour shifts per week. I would not be able to stand being home all the time. I plan to work as long as I can.
  6. by   WalkieTalkie
    Quote from mikethern
    If you needed to work only 8 hours a week in order to make ends meet, how many hours per week would you choose to work?
    Probably at least 36 as I do now because I would be easily bored! Plus, it would be nice to have some extra cash, especially in this economy.
  7. by   emilysmom,RN
    I am a new 44 yr old nurse and I do four 8hr night shifts a week with everyother weekend. It is hard to do 3nts in a row so hope to be able to schedule myself that way. That may help.
  8. by   systoly
    I'd work at least 32. Oh, just the thought of frivolously spending all the extra money, going out to eat and leaving huge tips, paying for a strangers gas at the gas station, etc., etc. Please, where do I sign up ?
  9. by   KitsuneDream
    Working 40 hours a week is just right for me
  10. by   blondy2061h
    I'd probably work 3 8s instead of the 3 12s I do now. I love my job, but it can get exhausting.
  11. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I'd work up to 24 hours. You never know when you'll need to work more than 8 hours to make ends meet.
  12. by   Iam46yearsold
    I have chosen to only work 24 hours a week. I have already semi retired. I just work for fun and friends
  13. by   seliava
    i'd work 24 hours a week!