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  1. emilysmom,RN


    I am a RN that has been working as a RN case manager in home health. I am starting a assistant director of resident services my clinical manager has suggested a management seminar. Wondering if anyone has taken one.
  2. emilysmom,RN


    My agency only has one part time LPN and 8 RN's. Only RN's can do SOC, ROC, Recert and discharges.
  3. I worked as a vet tech for 10 years before becoming a RN. The most I made was 13.50/ hour. I know your anxiety issues. I have tried two years in med/surg and two years in home health now I am trying ALF assistant director. The wonderful thing about nursing there are many different fields. No such thing as a perfect job. God luck.
  4. emilysmom,RN


    I have a new pt with mild MR and has seizures. He apparently gets seizures when he moves into a new situation such as being discharged from a Hosp or rehab. Was discharged from Hosp due to having a grand mal seizure. Md put him on keppra while in Hosp. Had 2 seizures in 2 days. I contacted PCP when alf staff told me about them. PCP increased keppra to 3 times a day. The alf nurse is upset because he had a day without a seizure and md still increased it. She called me up at 8pm to ask me why was it increased. I think she was upset because I reported the seizures to him. I feel that the MD needs to know about all seizure activity right?
  5. emilysmom,RN

    60 day summary & home health aide services!

    At the 60day point we have to reassess and if we still need to see them. We have to get a verbal order from MD. And we do a recert oasis even with private insurance. If DC we have to do a DC oasis. We are not computerized.
  6. emilysmom,RN

    opened up a case I have a bad feeling about

    You did the best you could do. Just make sure you also notify the MD that you instructed him to go to ER and he refused. Home health is 24/7 at least it is for me. I lasted 2 years. Good luck.
  7. emilysmom,RN

    opened up a case I have a bad feeling about

    In my company we do not have a choice. Sounds like you did everything you could. I have many non compliant Pts. I have called 911 and the pt refused the EMS had him sign a waiver that he refused care. I kept going back educating calling the MD with updates and documenting almost word for word each visit. In home health that happens alot at least for me. Good luck.
  8. emilysmom,RN

    Not sure

    The test is from an agency for administrators that the ALF is sending me to. Apparently I need to take a 100 hour class and take a test. Then have a certificate for administration.
  9. Just accepted a position as a Assistant director of resident services at a small local ALF. I have been a RN case manager that goes out to Pts. I have been working 6-7 days a week. I was thinking about getting a BSN but do not want to go back to beside nursing. Would I be better off looking into healthcare administration classes? I am 48years old.
  10. emilysmom,RN

    Need Advice Aboutt Leaving Job

    Never burn your bridges no matter what type of job you have.
  11. emilysmom,RN

    What do you think? Cause I know it's not right..

    I feel the same way. My Mom guilt is soo bad I am leaving HH. Tired of working 6-7 days a week for weeks at a time. I hope my new job is truly a Mon-fri type job. I don't mind a weekend here or there but not every weekend.
  12. emilysmom,RN

    What do you think? Cause I know it's not right..

    Sorry I am not sure what your looking for. Do you want more cases or do you feel you have too many? I am leaving HH for the reasons you stated. I have not had a full weekend off in a month and I am tired of it. No other nurses I work with sees as many Pts a week as I do. I do not have any answers for you. And with all the Medicare cuts companies are going to expect more from us to make up the difference. Good luck
  13. emilysmom,RN

    Calling All Nurse Managers/Clinical Directors

    I am not sure if I fit here or not. I just accepted a job as a assistant director of residential services. I have to take and pass personal care home administration course. I have worked in LTC and home health.
  14. emilysmom,RN

    Aquacell AG

    Does Aquacell AG dissolve in wounds? Order for a infected appy site. Pack with Aquacell AG cover with ABD and tegaderm everyother day? Would it dissolve or has the pt been taking it out?
  15. emilysmom,RN

    Not sure

    I accepted a job as assistant director of resident services at a personal care home in Pennsylvania. It is not a SNF. Question is, would this be considered a ADON? I do have to go to a class and pass a test for administration.
  16. emilysmom,RN

    Working again

    We have alot of daily and everyother day wound dressings. And we have 4 SOC this weekend. Our office covers 2 very large counties.