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Working again

Has 2 years experience.

I know I complain alot and that I have 2 more weeks in home health. But I am seeing Pts again this weekend. The thing is. When I am on call I only have maybe one nurse to help me. Last weekend I had Pts 30 miles away and I saw 8 on sat and 7 on sun and worked all week. I am now asked to do a ROC and to see my Pts on Sunday and I am on call next weekend and probably will see Pts on the 4th too. But the oncall nurse this weekend has one open on sat and one open on Sunday. Five nurses are working this weekend. So no one will want to help me next week. Ahhhhhbbb


Has 36 years experience.

I simply do not understand why there are so many weekend visits. Are these all daily wound care? Please explain.


Has 2 years experience.

We have alot of daily and everyother day wound dressings. And we have 4 SOC this weekend. Our office covers 2 very large counties.


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