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Started nursing in 1993.

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  1. I write annual care plans for my chronically mentally ill clients whom I provide home psychiatric nursing care for - they are a complete waste of time, nobody reads them and yet are requisite for reimbursement from Medicaid. Ugg. I have taught Nsg Dx to students and hear all the same gripes - I don't believe that nurses will ever been seen as a profession or as professionals until we delegate ADL care and yet that is when most of the phsycial assessment is done for our clients. It has been a while but University of Arizona hospitals and clinics required SOAP notes as the method of nursing documentation. (S = subjective data, O= objective data, A= nursing diagnosis but I can't think of the word that is used; and P= planned interventions; also can have SOAPIE where the Plan and Interventions are separated out and then the Evaluation) Takes much more time than writing out a narative note but it helped new graduates to organize assessment and articulate specifics.
  2. island40

    What are the worst call in excuses you've heard?

    As a nursing instructor I have heard the following for why students can't come to clinic: It is raining and the windshield wipers make me nausious I got mud splashed on my white pants and have to go home to change - takes all shift?? Reasons for being late: I got stuck behind a train I overslept - for 2nd shift??? I got a flat tire - multiple times in the same week Whatever...
  3. island40

    RN hourly rate

    I'm looking forward to the move this fall! As an RN with and MSN and 16 years experience I get paid a whopping $44K annually - that's full time people! here in Iowa. And NO STATE TAX to boot!!! show me the money!!
  4. island40

    IA identification requirements

    I miss the days when I was a respectable Nurse Smith and not just Jane.
  5. island40

    So what is the deal with nursing.....

    Like a lot of other jobs we complain about stupid stuff. But unlike a lot of other jobs we sometimes get the honor to say this: Wow. Yesterday I started work before I went to work. Didn't have anything for breakfast at home, so I decided to go to McDonald's on the way. I left my house early. Whe I got there, there were no other cars in line and only 1 little old man sitting at a table that I could see through the windows. I pulled up, ordered, and continued to the first window. When I got there, the cashier girl took my money in a jerky fashion and closed the window. She seemed kind of slow mentally, but I didn't think anything of it cuz I know they hire "challenged" individuals and I didn't want to stare. As I was observing out of the corner of my eye, she seemed to become confused at the cash register. She stood staring for maybe 20 sec. Then, I leaned out of my window to ask if I had given her the wrong amount (b/c I still didn't want to ask if she was normally this way in case it embarassed her.) When I did, she turned and looked at me through the glass in a most peculiar fashion... Then she began to shake, slowly at first, and then she violently rammed herself belly first into the register and began to fall. Well, I was screaming at this point, and as she fell I saw her manager come and see what was happening. So I burned major tire getting up to the door, threw it park and ran inside without closing my door. Not all of the employees knew what had happened yet, so they all just saw some strange woman in scrubs come barging in the door and run through their cooking area to the back window. The girl was on the floor with her eyes open and her manager was beside her. As I ran, I grabbed the softest things I could find, which were the cook coats and a saints jacket and quickly stuffed them all around/under her and kicked everything else out of the way. I propped her slightly to the side and raised her legs up on some fry boxes. In the midst of this I had yelled at one fry girl to call 911, and amazingly, she did so right away. Also asked if they had an AED just in case. Nope. Oh well. Told them I was a nurse, and the manager told them to lock the store and posted someone to watch for the EMS. The girl was nauseated, dizzy, and pale. And her hands had tremors, but otherwise she was just frightened. I asked if she was diabetic or had a history of seizures. Negative. Pregnant-yes. Got off the phone and sat down with the girl and held her hand, comforted, calmed, etc. Asked her if I could call someone for her. She said yes. So I took her cell phone and dialed "mom." Told her mom that she had gotten dizzy and weak and that we were sending her to the hospital to get checked out. Had the other guy who was standing there go grab all of her things, purse, phone, wallet, etc. As I took off her hat and headset gear, the EMS guys arrived. I gave a quick report and got a free breakfast from the manager! Whatta morning! I went to work afterwards and then noticed that I had grease all over the knees of my pants where I had slid down beside the girl. Whew!
  6. island40

    Quirky Habits?

    no way scoochy would make it through an Iowa winter! -40 would cure you of the open window part if not the fan!!
  7. island40

    Waste of Time Complaint against me

    I can't believe that an educated professional, qualified and proficient in their profession would kiss a$$ ass much as abbaking advised. Buy my own equipment to use on clients at work where I am an hourly employee?? I can tell you that I have been fired from better jobs than this one sounds like and have NEVER been unemployed for more than 1/2 an hour -unless I took time to get a coffee. Good grief. where do you live that nursing jobs are that scarce?? or do you work in such a specialty area and don't want to leave it for a better job? You think I'm being harsh but this is why nurses need to unionize, because some are too scared to stand up for proper employee treatment. And PS - she said she was called into HR not called to talk to the DIRECTOR of HR. big difference.
  8. island40

    Any Nursing Students in Waterloo area

    ARe you giong to Hawkeye?? where?
  9. island40

    Patient modesty concerns pertaining to surgery

    I just had my 4th open abdominal surgery related to Ulcerative Colitis in May. I had nothing on under my gown going in and with an expected 5 hours in the same position I didn't want to have a bow tie under my neck. I did have a blanket over my top and legs while they worked on my middles and when I woke up all was covered and clean and the PACU nurse was right there to hand my my beloved button!
  10. island40

    Waste of Time Complaint against me

    why didn't you take the opportunity to solve the problem by telling them to get your unit the equipment that you need to do your job?? If admin is going to take up my time with crap I'm gonna give it right back.
  11. island40

    Thinking of relocating

    I have been an RN for 16 years and am looking at offerings in San Angelo, Dallas, and Bryan so I'd say central and east TX. I have been looking for education positions and at several VA opportunities but don't want to make a commitment to a permanent position. I was thinking of moving as a traveler (same way I moved from AZ to IA) and get a feel for the place first.
  12. island40

    What were your job interview red flags?

    I have a chronic, incurable condition that requires me to ask my employer for an accommodation. MANY times I have had to politely explain to the person interviewing me that though I have asked for an accommodation that does not allow them to ask me about my condition. They are allowed to ask me if I have ever used FMLA and how often I am absent from work because of my condition but that is about it. You would not believe the down right rude and personal questions I have been asked, by nurses. I was blessed by Dear Abbe giving me the perfect response: "EXCUSE ME?" with a very puzzled look. (say it like they just spoke Swahili) I don't take those jobs - if they are not going to respect my privacy in an interview they are not going to respect my privacy when I am working for them either.
  13. island40

    lpn supervising RN!!!!!

    I have had all types of administrative supervisors - MBA, BA, BS, non-nursing and even one really great CNA with a BA in business. They made my schedule, were able to correct me if my uniform was not right, if I was late or talked smack to another employee or client. They were not there to judge my clinical skills, or competency. They were ADMINISTRATORS and did a great job of managing work flow, personnel and fire drills.
  14. island40

    I hate my phone

    As a scheduled employee you are not obligated to have a phone and unless it is stipulated in your job description (I am on call for my employer so I have to have a phone and am required to maintain a 30 minute recall to the facility when on call) you are not obligated to answer your door (you own or rent the house it is yours to decide if you want a visitor or not) you are not obligated to answer your phone (it is owned by you, for you and at your discretion as it it's use). I just can't believe that RN jobs are that scarce that people are willing to work like this. Read the Fair Standards Labor Act. Good Grief.
  15. island40

    I hate my phone

    You signed a contract when you were hired and got a job description. You should also have received a copy of the policies of the company. I would refer to these documents when talking with my boss, HR and putting an immediate stop to this crap - unless of course you agreed to this and didn't comprehend the documents that you signed when you were hired. In that case - I would definitely find another job and give no notice. Do other employees - nurses - go along with this?? I am sure that you can get some support from your coworkers on this.
  16. island40

    Filipino nurses all over the world.

    The differences would be in living in a free, democratic society that we have here in the great US of A and comparing it to living in any one of the socialistic European countries or communist countries such as Venezuela. Do you want to earn a high wage, have employee protection and freedom? Or would you rather work yourself into a sweat for the majority of time each 24 hour period for a pittance? Why do you think Mexican's jump the fence and walk through the desert to get a job in America? This is the greatest country on the face of the Earth.