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  1. island40

    Is it time to leave Arizona?

    I miss it so much - stuck here in Iowa I would really love to come back.
  2. island40

    Dubuque, IC, CR, Davenport Hospitals?

    SLH is a nice place to be a patient- no staff. MMC is better for staff but still a lot of politics and kowtowing to have longevity. Mercy IC is a nice little hospital for both staff and patients - not the acuity that you see elsewhere - no picc lines on the weekends for example. U of IA has a drawn out hiring process that can be difficult to navigate. Few nurses work for the same facility for their entire career - try something and if you don't like it for find something better leave on GOOD terms - don't burn a bridge so you can come back if you need/want to.
  3. Originally Posted by hiddencatRN If you're that sensitive to cigarette smoke, maybe you should wear a gas mask? No, I should have the right to NOT...thank you! Why do you think you should have more rights than me?? What make you more important?
  4. NO!!! Why don't you just have big brother ban trans-fat, plastic containers, roller skates and cover children's rooms with pillows instead of wallpaper. Better not have beer in front of those under 21's either, you might corrupt them since you are a parent and can talk with them - unlike the TV, Movies, Magazines and UTube which just corrupts them period!!
  5. island40

    Rusty skills/burned some bridges. what to do?

    you can do a lot of nursing jobs that have nothing to do with patient care- look into part time work for insurance companies (I have done temp medical record review jobs that pay really good and don't use any "skills" other than my medical knowledge, nursing practice act knowledge and reading) Think outside the box - ask your local lawyers if they could use the cheap services of medical record review for malpractice cases - you will charge a lot less than an MD or experienced consultant but can still deliver the goods.
  6. island40

    Antibiotic + corticosteroid?

    I thought your answer was great!! K.L.C MSN, RN-BC
  7. I have an MSN in nursing ed from U of IA and have looked into California State University at Dominquez Hills cert program because it has an apprenticeship semester that would really help land a job. The classes that they offer for the cert are usual inservice courses that community colleges offer to their new faculty - took them from KCC when I was an instructor there but not official cert from it. Sometimes I think that the faculty shortage is as non-existent as the nursing shortage.
  8. island40

    Hired as Dialysis nurse

    I would try really hard to negotiate the trip into the training - don't know the job market there though. If they don't then I would not plan on working for them for very long - not more than 3 years since it would show them to be not family/employee friendly- wish you the best
  9. island40

    OR to Dialysis Nursing

    All things fluid & electrolyte is a good starting point. I hope that you will be given orientation for at least a couple of months (6-10 weeks) to learn the machines and dialysate washes. Medications that are used are fairly limited: all antibiotics that are IV, sedatives, antiemetics, antihistamines, hypertonic solution, epogen or equivalent, calcium by injection, sometimes antihypertensives, sometimes drugs that raise the BP.... Assessment is the main thing - clients crash fast so you have to recognize low BP, low o2, allergic reaction and fluid shift difficulty symptoms really well to fix it before it becomes a code. Good luck.
  10. island40

    Acute dialysis nurse/patient ratio

    Interesting, I worked at a facility where inpatient acute dialysis was done in a room set up for 4 clients with 2 nurses. For ICU or more critical clients it was 1:1 (no tech to set up or anything the RN did it all from start to finish - water testing, everything)
  11. island40

    cost of foley catheter replacement (no insurance) estimate

    It's a pretty simple procedure - if he's bringing the kit couldn't a family member do it or I suppose you could go to the ER.
  12. island40

    cathlock heparin

    I did dialysis from '01-'04 and the facility policy was change the heparin with every dressing change. If you don't and it gets plugged they it is useless. The only reason we kept them was during the maturation process of the permanent access as an emergency back up - their lifeline if the surgical fistula or graft didn't work out.
  13. island40

    Updating Care Plans

    Wow! Been a long time since I did Med-surg nursing and they were updated every month :)
  14. island40

    There is no nursing shortage!

    I've been looking for a new position since January. I have been an RN for 17 years, have an AAS (nursing), BSN, MSN in nursing ed and have been looking for everything from ed jobs to dialysis (have 3 years experience) and when I finally got my first offer this month it was for a mental health floor position on PM shift. I wish I could have taken it because it paid about $750 more a month than the job I have right now. Still looking...
  15. island40

    Forced to come into work on day off

    I'm inclined to think that the facts of this policy got muddled in the translation from administration to employee. The way it is explained here will not work - just try getting a hold of me when I am scheduled off - and unless they are providing it I don't see how they can make me get a cell phone - Good grief, big brother taken to a whole new level.