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  1. by   Gennaver
    Quote from callmekipling
    Agreed. I currently float between tele, stepdown, med-surg and ortho.. and they all have their little thing (not company policy). All my outfits are matched, solid-color Dickies, baggy, untucked. So I stick out like a sore thumb, but at least I look professional.
    What is baggy? Do you mean just "too big"?

    The only thing I do not like about "too big" is that when you untie the waist to use the washroom your pants fall to the floor if you aren't hanging on to them! Grrrr,
    p.s. I wear hospital issued scrubs, I'm tall so they are only above my ankle and if I wear the larger sizes then they are still too short but, then they are so baggy that the pant's seam crotch floats around my mid thight and causes rub burns when I walk! So, I just finally decided to go ahead and to wear the pants that won't fall to the floor when I untie the waist!! I will let you know, if you are interested, in how it goes, today is going to be my first day wearing the small, (not hoochi mama small but, almost fitting small!)
  2. by   Diary/Dairy
    I used to wear prints, but just got to the point where I did not like them - I wear one color solid from head to toe and a different colored long-sleeved shirt underneath.
  3. by   PRESLA
    ]:trout: I am getting ready to start a job where we can wear any color and style even street clothes c a lab coat over top. We even get to wear denim on Fridays. How cool because I came from a hospital that got real p**** if anything out of the norm was worn. Halloween is my holiday and we were allowed to wear holiday scrubs and so I went all out glow in the dark, pumpkins, ect and I started at the first of the month and we could. Well by Halloween I was pulled into the AM office and was told that I needed to stop that co-workers complained. :angryfire I didn't and nothing else was said. Don't work there anymore THANK GOD. Just my thoughts

  4. by   RanieRN
    On my geropsych unit pretty much any type of scrubs is allowed. As part of the Dept of Psychiatry, technically we'd be allowed to wear "professional street clothes" like the other psych units, but who'd want to? Nothing like a little poo to ruin an outfit-which is why the nurses from those units hate to float to us.

    I have an assortment of print tops (no characters, just color patterns) to wear with solid pants. But I just went and bought a few solid color matching outfits for something different.
  5. by   gagezoie
    We have to wear all white M-Th. Fridays we can wear what ever scrubs we wants. But I work nights and wear what I want every night. Only me and 2 aids at night.
  6. by   CyndieRN2007
    I wear mostly Urbane scrubs. We can wear any color we want. Loose fit, I hate tight too. Oh, thats right, no prints on our pants, have to be solids.
  7. by   bagladyrn
    Currently I am buying ceil blue, VERY baggy scrubs! The hospital I am at requires the plain ceil blue or pink for OB (I am NOT a pink person!). I really hate having to buy new scrubs for a 3 month contract! I bought these at the beginning of the contract, two pairs just to get me through, but over the course of the contract and a 13 week extension I've managed to lose 52 pounds so far so the scrubs that fit when I started now need suspenders. I refuse to buy more ugly scrubs for the remaining 4 weeks of the contract!
    When I'm at contracts that allow choice I have some great tops in all kinds of prints, including about a half dozen tops I bought in Hawaii in wonderful Hawaiian flower prints.
  8. by   Nrs_angie
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Before I got into nursing I worked at companies that required Business dress or Casual Business dress... I dreaded waking up everyday putting on pantyhose, heels or some other dress shoe, with dress pants which were usually made from uncomfortable polyester... along with a stiff button down shirt and uncomfortable business jacket... Uggghhh. I always say that I went into Nursing so I could wear Scrubs! :roll:

    As for scrubs... I have to wear Petite length scrubs because unfortunately I wasn't blessed with long legs... The absolute best are Cherokee brand "THE HUG" pant... They have an elastic waist which is nice when you gotta bend over ect. They have a cargo pocket on one thigh to keep your essential items. They are tailored and seamed to always look professional. They resist wrinkling with flared legs... so they dont look like "mom jeans". Please girls... stop wearing those straight legs/tappered legs... they do nothing for our figures! They come in a few basic colors. BTW, they also come in regular and tall lengths.

    While I do own alot of print tops... I am sort of getting away from that style. For one, I don't always have the matching colored bottom available unless I do laundry every day. And I am starting to think that they may be too "immature" as I have read some of the opinions on this site. In place of print tops, I have started wearing long sleeve cotton crew neck tops in various colors from Old Navy. White is my favorite because it can be bleached. Then I will wear a long/short sleeve button down warm up jacket over it, because I like the pockets to keep all my stuff in. Again, always white because it can be bleached. Also when the laundry is piling up, I know that whatever color clean pant is available, it will go with a white top!

    For some time there was alot of talk about most institutions going back to all white for RNs... While I think all white is bit boring and old fashioned... I do like the look of white jacket with any colored pant and white shoe because I feel that it looks really professional and clean, yet happy and not boring! I would be curious to know what everyone else out there thinks about this Scrub look. If anyone reads this... reply back and let me know your opinion!

  9. by   Satori77
    I used to be big on print tops, but not so much anymore. Some are too busy and distracting I think. I like dark solids (dark blue, green, burgandy, purple) and sometimes mix them so I am not wearing all one color (if they look ok together). I have a bunch of navy blue pants that I had to wear at one place (the vet required us all to wear the same pants and any top we wanted). They have elastic waist and tapered leg. I don't like that look....the only good thing is that I am short and most pants are too long and I step on them. I do love the side double pockets though. All the rest of my pants are drawsting. I like flare legs more than straight. We just got some new scrubs from work (two free pair a year) and they must have found the cheapest ones they could get. They are stiff and rough and chafe between the legs when you walk after several hours! I hate those and have been washing them over and over with fabric softener to soften them up.

    I really hope that hospitals do not go back to all white scrubs. I think it looks professional, but I hate white. I never wear white because I will get something on it. And working at a hospital, you can get all sorts of nasties on your clothes. And everything shows up on white....that is why I prefer dark colors.
  10. by   NursingAgainstdaOdds
    It's taken me a while to really find both what I like and what looks professional.

    When I worked LTC, I wore a lot of prints - my residents would always say how much they liked that and how it "brightened their day", so I obliged. I typically wore an Asian-inspired floral print or something similar. I think LTC is a different animal from hospital-based nursing, however. I felt like in LTC the professionalism of the nurses was a given, in the hospital we fight for it tooth and nail. Therefore, when I went to med-surg/tele I began to kind of develop my "professional look" as a nurse, or whatever. I wear a lot of tailored scrubs ... I've gone completely to solid colors (professional solid colors). I purchased a lab coat from Urbane ( ), which I wear with a solid tee and scrubs pants.

    Cartoon prints ... ew.
  11. by   Dottie78
    Nurses are so lucky, and I can't wait to become one! I won't care what kind or color scrubs I have to wear, as long as I'm presentable and comfy! :spin: I've been working in an office for almost 10 years, and so tired of having to dress up, and decide, "what am I going to wear??" Scrubs and tennies are easy enough...I'm looking soooo forward to that!
  12. by   jmking
    No scrubs here, just jeans, t-shirt, may-be a lab coat and cowboy boots.
  13. by   Satori77
    Quote from jmking
    No scrubs here, just jeans, t-shirt, may-be a lab coat and cowboy boots.
    What do you do, if you don't mind my asking??