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  1. Satori77

    Restraint-free facility?

    My facility is restraint free. We do have the bed alarms, and the wheelchair ones. And belts on the seats that go into the tubs. Otherwise, no. Side-rails were recently taken off as well. They told us at orientation (just started this week) that there have been several deaths in Colorado because of side-rails, so now they don't have them. But they have rolls to put around people in bed, special mattresses, and mats that go on the floor. Haven't worked yet on the floor, so I guess I will see how it goes.
  2. Yep, that is the one! LMAO
  3. I am so glad I had a wonderful class. The other students were great, and I loved my teacher. She made the class fun and interesting. We were either laughing or crying or both on any given day. The videos were horrendous though! LOL I too was shocked when they actually took a rectal temp on the man, I didn't think they would actually show it. And the video with the peri care on a man who obviously could do it himself. The whole room cracked up when he was asked if it was ok, and he put his hands behind his head and said "sure!" with a big smile on his face. The videos were pretty awful, but like our teacher said, it was either that or we had to have a volunteer in the class to show everyone!
  4. Satori77

    Taking my CNA Class

    I just finished the class. It was a 3 week long class, 2 weeks of lecture, 1 week of clinicals. Pretty intense, but not that hard. Just make sure you pay attention during class, do your homework and study every night. Find out what works for you. Some people use flash cards, some people like to take notes or when practicing spelling, write the word over and over again. The hardest part for me was remembering all the skills (the little things, what order, etc....more worried about being able to do it perfectly for the state test). I praticed at school a lot with everyone. At home, I practiced what I could on my husband and kids. In my free time, I would "practice" in my head. Go over each skill in my head, picturing myself doing it. I would also have my hubby say a skill, and I would have to tell him what items I needed, then tell him the steps to do it, while he looked at my sheet to make sure I had everything right, and in the correct order. Those are the things that worked for me.
  5. Satori77

    No HS diploma or GED, but is a CNA?

    Am I the only one bothered by this? I think it is scary as well. The work might not be complicated, but it is important. I think you should have a diploma or GED. I also think you should be over 18, not 15 or 16. I wouldn't trust most teenagers to watch my children. But to take care of an infirm person with dementia. Yes, quite scary. Not to say there are good CNA's out there that are young, or don't have a HS diploma. But we need stricter standards because unfortunately, there are too many BAD CNA's.
  6. Satori77

    Columbine Health Systems

    Thanks for the reply. I actually just finished my clinicals last week and loved the CNA program. Very intense since it is 2 weeks of class, then 2-1/2 days of clinicals, but it was good. Teacher was great. Where may I ask are you employed? I did my clinicals at North Shore, and applied there. Also applied at Lemay since it is 2 minutes from my house. Thinking about West as well.
  7. Satori77

    Trying to avoid undesirable CNA duties

    Wow, I am a newbie and had no idea! I just finished my clinical rotation, and all the CNA's knew everything wrong with their residents, and they would tell me what was going on with each one. I can't imagine working at a place where you didn't know. How can you take care of them? How can you protect yourself? I applied for a job where I did my clinicals. Management and nurses are so good to the staff, and the staff are wonderful to the residents. Seems like a great place to work. I would never work at a place where the CNA's are not given the respect they deserve and just treated like butt wipers. That is beyond insulting.
  8. Satori77

    Trying to avoid undesirable CNA duties

    Did you take a nursing assistant class? Because if you did, they should have gone over standard precautions and how important it is to wear gloves and wash your hands between residents so you don't catch anything, and you don't spread anything from one resident to another. And if you are working with the resident, you should know everything about the resident, including what health issues or diseases they have. How else could you properly take care of them?
  9. Satori77

    Trying to avoid undesirable CNA duties

    I just loved this post, thank you! As for my 2 cents...I just finished my last day of clinicals in my CNA class, which I started 3 weeks ago. I have two kids, two dogs, and have worked as a vet tech for 10 years, so pee, poop, vomit and blood do not bother me much. I was still nervous about doing it, thinking it would somehow seem more gross in an adult human. But honestly, it wasn't that bad. It didn't even effect me the first time I had to do it. I figure it has to be done. Most of the residents in the nursing facility where I have been can't do it, can barely move, and many can't even talk. So it is so easy for me to spend 2 minutes taking care of a basic need that will make someone feel better. It actually makes me humble thinking how we take for granted all the simple things in life that we are able to do for ourselves. I am grateful to help another human being. It is not like you spend all day doing it. Yes, you will do it every day, several times a day on the people that are incontinent. But it wasn't even the majority of my day (I think I spent more time in the dining hall assisting with feedings, which I loved). And like my instructor told us more than once, if you have the chance to look at naked skin, look at naked skin. In a LTC especially, how often do nurses do that? Pretty much when the CNA informs them there is a problem. CNA's are the ones that spend the most time with them, toileting, bathing, pericare, dressing. We are the ones that will see a problem (where a bed sore, a bruise that was possibly abuse, infection, whatever). It is so important, and we can save lives by doing it. At the very least, we are making the quality of their life that much better by caring.
  10. Satori77

    CNA job in CO

    Probably depends on where in Colorado you are looking at working. I am taking a CNA class up in Fort Collins. I don't expect to be hired on at a hospital, you pretty much need 6 months to a year experience first. I am taking my class through Columbine Health Systems, and hope to get a job through them as well, they have four LTC facilities. They also do hospice, Alzheimers, and rehab. I have talked with several employees that already work there, and they love it. Plus, they will pay for me to go to nursing school.
  11. Satori77

    Scared to Touch Residents

    Thank you for posting this. I am in my CNA class now, and very scared to touch people. Or, I should say, scared to hurt people. I don't want to do anything wrong and harm a resident. Glad to know I am not the only one.
  12. Satori77

    My first day of CNA class

    Is today! And I am so nervous. The last month and a half I have been doing training through the county workforce center. They have been teaching classes on how to find jobs, how to interview, resumes, etc. Some very good stuff actually. And they set us up with a month long job shadowing. I have been working at an assisted/independent living facility. Some of it has been fun. Lots of wonderful residents, and overall, an easy place to work since most of them take care of themselves. Lots of cleaning, taking out trash, doing linens, and serving meals. Kinda boring a lot of the time. They don't hire CNA's there, only RA's, so I am not sure if this type of work is normal for CNA's. I mostly feel like a maid and waitress. So I haven't been enjoying myself too much there. I mean, the staff I work with has been very helpful. And I adore the residents. But I am either bored out of my mind, or running around like crazy (3 floors, 100 residents, and 6 RA's on staff at one time). I guess I am wondering what to expect for the class and working as a CNA. I would really love to work in a hospital, not a nursing home. Eventually, I plan on going to nursing school and would love to work peds or NICU. Is it a lot different in a hospital setting, since you have kitchen staff, laundry attendents, and housekeeping? Just wondering if I am making the right choice here.
  13. Satori77

    Nurse Vs Daughter! Help Me!!!

    I am glad you reconnected with your brother, and hope you do get in touch with your father. I had a falling out with my mother (actually two of them). The last one was a year ago. I was finally done with her. She had done and said some pretty hurtful things, and I just didn't have the energy to try anymore. Then I found out that she was diagnosed with lung cancer, and everything changed. Yes, she hurt me, but I had hurt her as well. She did the best she could as a mother. I know she never did these things out of hate or spite. I was finally able to accept her for the person she is. We don't always get along or like each other, we are very different people. But I love her, she is my mother. And I know she loves me. Now I make sure to call her and see her often. I want what little time I have left with her, want my children to know and remember her. It isn't easy, but I know I would regret not having this time with her. I already have so many regrets....the fact that we didn't spend last Christmas together, and that was probably her last one. But I won't regret anymore. Do whatever you can to see your father again. You never know how much time you have with someone. Make it count.
  14. Satori77

    Unsafe environment

    Ok thanks, I will pass this info along. I know my one classmate really wants to report them, and wasn't sure how to do it. I don't think I should, because I wasn't there and didn't witness any of this. BON is Board of Nursing, right? And what is BOH? Board of Health? Sorry for my ignorance, but I haven't even taken my CNA class yet, and don't know any of this.
  15. Satori77

    Unsafe environment

    I have recently started a CNA training class. Before we actually do class time though, all the studients (there are 9 of us) are going through internships/job shadowing at local facilities. Two girls in my class got placed at an assisted living place, and pretty much got thrown to the wolves. They are not following anyone, and are expected to be extra employees and do everything that a CNA does. This is after the facility has been talked to about what this internship is all about, and what expectations is, for a second time. My one classmate recently got her QMAP, and they have put her in charge of medications as well. Not only that, but this facility feels that med errors are going to happen, and they are "no big deal". They do not report them to anyone, call a doctor, or try to fix the situation. One woman apparently had several pain patches on, since no one was removing them once the new one was put on. After talking with our instructors, they are being taken out of this internship and moved to a new one. It obviously isn't a safe place for them to be or to learn. But we are all worried about residents at this place. Is there anything they can do to report these conditions? How do you get the state to come in and check a facility?