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  1. Dottie78

    Do you experience jealousy from friends/family members?

    It's a shame that there are those "friends" and family out there who are jealous of other's accomplishments. They should be proud and supportive, because nursing is hard (but rewarding) work. I'm not in nursing school yet, but I do commend anyone who has gone through it, and who is a nurse. Now that my hubby graduated and found a great-paying job (he starts next month), I'm planning to quit my full-time job (that I've had since I was 19) and finally go to nursing school in the fall. We're both very excited!! All of my friends are happy for us and have given me lots of support. My mom on the other hand, has not been supportive of my decision to become a nurse. She was an LVN for 15 years until she got hurt on the job (over 15 years ago) and had to retire early. I'm not sure if it's because she doesn't believe in me, or if it's jealousy, but I get that vibe every time she's tried to discourage me from becoming an RN. When I was growing up, she never had a nice thing to say about the RNs she worked with. I could be all wrong about this, and maybe she's afraid of me getting hurt on the job like she did, but she never has said what her reason is for not wanting me to become a nurse, and that's not something I'm ready to ask her about. Now that she knows my hubby is starting a new job, right away she's tried to tell me what to do, like buy a bigger house...and move closer to her (instead of encouraging me to go to nursing school). After she told me that, I told her that we would buy a bigger home, but AFTER I finish school. It hurts me a lot that the one person whom I thought would be supportive of my decision to become an RN isn't. But whatever...I have others in my life, like my husband, kids, and friends who are behind me 100%! I'm not going to let anyone stop me from acheiving my goals.
  2. I don't see anything wrong with more people out there wanting to become nurses. I actually think it's great that more people want to get into the profession, but I do see your point about the ones who only get into it for the money. IMHO, I don't think that is a good reason to become a nurse, but like you said, there are some of those out there and unfortunately, we need to just ignore that and learn to work with them. Besides the ones who have wanted to become nurses all their lives, there are also those (myself included) who just have an epiphany. For about 4 years I attended a community college part-time taking basics, being miserable, because I never knew what I was going to school for. I didn't think about becoming a nurse until after I had my daughter (over 4 years ago). I absoluetly loved my labor and delivery nurse, and she was the one who inspired me to get into nursing. Ever since that day I decided to complete my prerequisites, and now I'm done and ready to start the RN program in the fall, I have never looked back! And it's not because of the money, it's because I want to help new moms, and I would love for them to remember me in a positive way, just how I remember the nurse who took care of me. Inspiring someone else to get into nursing would really make me happy too! People are also realizing that nursing is a well-respected and growing profession. There's nothing wrong with that.
  3. Dottie78

    Hepatitis B vaccination

    I thought once you got the series (3 injections) you don't need any more after that. I could be wrong, but that's how I understood it.
  4. Dottie78

    Where Do Nursing Students Work?

    fairycari, that sounds great, but i have a question. what if i don't have any waitress/bartending experience? is that something taught on the job? if so, then i'm willing to give it a try. that is pretty good $$$ in tips for just 2 days a week!!
  5. Dottie78

    Where Do Nursing Students Work?

    These are all great replies! Thanks everyone for your suggestions. A unit clerk position would be my first choice once it's set in stone, and I've also thought about waitressing at Chili's or someplace similar, if you say they are flexible with their employees who attend school. Those places are always packed where I live, so I can imagine the tips are pretty good.
  6. Hi, I need some advice. After the long wait, it finally looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I may be able to go to nursing school in a few months (hopefully in the fall)! I've spent the last 11 years working in an office during the day. If my husband gets this new job, he'll be able to support me for the most part, but I might need to take up a part-time job to cover the rest, like maybe 15 hrs/week and in the evenings, since nursing school will be during the day. Just curious, if any of you R.N. students work part-time in the evenings, where do you work? I was thinking about applying for a unit secretary position, but not sure if they offer part-time evening shifts. Are the hospitals flexible with your school schedule? Do you tell them you're going to nursing school? And if you don't work in the hospital, where do you work if you only need about 15 hrs/week? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Dottie78

    He doesn't realize my dreams

    Wow, I'm sorry to hear that your boyfriend doesn't really support you or take this seriously. But at the same time, I'm glad you realize you need to get away from him, and that you are not going to let him (or anyone) get in the way of your dreams. You're so lucky that you're not married to this guy or have any kids. I was also going to suggest getting a roomate, but you might be able to pull it off by yourself with CNA salary, but if you work full-time. Depending on where you're located, most nursing schools are full-time, and during the day, which means you would have to work evenings, but there might be an evening/weekend program in your area. I would look into that. Good luck in whatever you decide! :)
  8. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but when I was growing up, I did not want to be a nurse. The funny thing is, my mother was an LVN for 15+ years and she didn't inspire me to go into nursing. As a teen, I was very squeamish about poop, blood, guts, etc. and always thought the stories my mom came home with were gross. Not sure what happened, but at age 26 I decided I want to go into nursing. Maybe it was adulthood/motherhood that made me get over the squeamishness, but the L&D nurse (Carol) who took care of me while I was in labor with my 2nd child inspired me. That's when it hit me. She was so good, and I could tell she loved her job. She even said that with nursing, there is always something to learn. That instantly had my interest. I feel bad saying that, because it was someone other than my mother. My mother usually told me the "horror stories" of nursing (she worked on the urology floor), and she made it seem like it was not the best job. I realize it can be difficult and I'm prepared, but after 4 years I still haven't changed my mind. It was a great feeling to finally decide what I want to do for the rest of my life! I had been going to a cc part-time since 2001 for basics, but never could decide what I was going to school for and lost the drive to continue going. After I decided to do nursing, I went back and took my nursing pre-reqs. When I told my mom I decided to go into nursing, she was shocked, and not very supportive. She even said that I never wanted to be a nurse, and ever since she was little, that's what she's always wanted to be, so why all of a sudden did I want to be a nurse. She seems to think I won't be able to handle it. Well, I'm going to show her I can!! So were any of you inspired by someone later in life, or are you one of those who have always wanted to be a nurse?
  9. Dottie78

    How Do You Manage Graveyard Shift & Family?

    Thanks, racing-mom4. It sounds like it's working for you, and I hope it will work for me too. As long as I can get at least 7 hours of sleep, I should be fine. But I was reading some other threads about working graveyard shift, and I read one post that said if you're the kind of person who has to get a certain amount of hours of sleep, then graveyard shift is NOT for you. Well, I'll see when I get there.:wink2:
  10. Dottie78

    I got a D

    I'm really sorry to hear that, but I do know exactly how you feel! That happened to me in A&P I & II. Sometimes I felt over-confident, and then I find out I got a D on the test. It felt horrible, but you know you have plenty of times to make it up with other tests/quizzes. And I also had that happen to me where I erased an answer because I thought it was wrong, and when we went over the test answers, turns out the one I previously erased was right! AGGHH!! Don't beat yourself up over it, this happens a lot. Just remember not to erase your first answer and change it. Always go with your gut the first time! And study, study, study!
  11. Hi all. I'm a pre-nursing student with a shift/family question. I hear about the shifts hospital nurses work (usually 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.) My first choice would be to work days, but what if I get stuck working graveyard? I'm sure there are plenty of nurses out there who have a husband who works during the day and kids and also work 7 p.m.-7 a.m. but I'm wondering how do they manage...especially with kids who are school age? I'm married with two kids, 10 and 4. I'm also hoping my husband will find another job where he works days every day, and will not have to work nights before I become a nurse. (Trying to avoid hiring a sitter.) So, graveyard moms, how do you do it? Do your kids ride the bus to/from school? Do you go to bed right after work, and make sure you're awake by the time the kids come home? Or do you sleep until its time to make dinner, eat, then leave for work? How do your husbands feel about it? (I don't think mine will like it.) Do you still get to spend time with your families? Sorry for all the dumb questions, but I've never worked nights before and I want my family to be prepared if this happens. Maybe I'm worried for nothing and it's not all that bad. I would appreciate your take on this!
  12. Dottie78

    $31,500...is that too much for a lpn program?

    WOW, that is a lot!! Where are you located? Is this a private institution? I would say that depends on where you are and private institutions are more expensive, but I've never heard of nursing school tuition to be that high! I'm in San Antonio, TX, and the highest I've seen is about $17K (for LVN), and I thought that was too much. There are actually a couple of other school here that are a cheaper. This is an older thread, so I hope you have found another school that is cheaper than that by now! (Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in anway.)
  13. Dottie78

    I'm so Excited

    Congrats to you! That must be so exciting to be getting ready for the NCLEX. Good luck to you!
  14. Dottie78

    Where are you located

    San Antonio, TX :weathersunhot:
  15. Dottie78

    I Got A Nursing Scholarship!!!

    YAY!!! Congrats, Katy...that is so awesome! :balloons: Good luck to you in nursing school.
  16. Dottie78

    Vent: Bored of Cubicle Life (Long)

    Thanks for the replies and advice. I will continue to patiently wait until I can attend nursing school and will not give up. As far as loans go, taking out a private loan is tempting, but I won't be able to because my husband is going to owe a lot on his school loans when he finishes. I'm going to try to get financial aid, and we're just going to have to struggle with the bills and live off his salary for a year. I could try finding a part-time job, but not really looking forward to it, but I guess I will if I really have to. ta4616: I can relate to my rear showing signs as a result of my "cube job"! LOL Not only that, but dressing up and wearing heels almost every day is getting old. I would be much more comfy in tennies and scrubs! It is definetly time to move on. :wink2: