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Hi, I need some advice. After the long wait, it finally looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I may be able to go to nursing school in a few months (hopefully in the fall)! I've spent the last 11 years working in an office during the day. If my husband gets this new job, he'll be able to support me for the most part, but I might need to take up a part-time job to cover the rest, like maybe 15 hrs/week and in the evenings, since nursing school will be during the day.

Just curious, if any of you R.N. students work part-time in the evenings, where do you work? I was thinking about applying for a unit secretary position, but not sure if they offer part-time evening shifts. Are the hospitals flexible with your school schedule? Do you tell them you're going to nursing school? And if you don't work in the hospital, where do you work if you only need about 15 hrs/week?

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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are there any jobs available at your school? maybe tutoring or some kind of aide at school? it would be easy to get a schedule to work around what could be a very busy schedule for you.

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Once you complete the first term or two as a nursing student, area hospitals may be willing to hire you as a nurse's aide.

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I am starting the LPN program in a couple months and I am going to be working part time in a resturaunt...I have found in the past when I went to school full time that resturaunts are really good at working around your schedule because most of the people working there anyway are people in school. Just an idea.

I work at a store...but this is my second year so I want to get my foot in the door at a hospital. esp since jobs in northern ca are hard to get.

I applied for unit clerk, receptionist, and cashier. These jobs are either evening, weekends, or both.

I advise trying the unit sec. as you stated as long as you have the required experience.

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I work in an office part time, I'm lucky I get to make my own hours! At the hospital we do our clinicals at they will hire us to work as Observational Assistants, after our first 2 semesters we can get licensed as a CNA!!

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Currently I work as a health assitant a school, while in school for my lpn. I'll work as a lpn while in school for my rn.

I worked out of my apartment, worked out well for me.

I work in a hospital, and yes they hire clerks part time here. There are a ton of options. Some only work weekends some work a few nights a week some just pick up shifts. I am not actually a clerk I work in an office taking transfers from outside facilities. (We are the big innercity Level 1 trauma center) and they are very flexible with my school schedule. They know Ill be an RN soon and want to keep me around :)

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Good answer Smartin13. Where I went to school, in northern MN, I had to get my CNA license first, and worked at the hospital in town (also did clinicals there - only 1 hospital) while I went to school. They were very flexible with my hours, knowing I was in nursing school and I got my first job as a nurse there when I was done. Could always pick up extra shifts when I needed to or between semesters and the experience working on the floor, even if it wasn't as an RN, was very valuable when I started clinicals and started as a nurse. You get the experience working with patients and knowing your way around the hospital, and it's very helpful when you start as a nurse.

i've worked at the same restaurant for 6.5 years. i'm sticking with it (bartending) until i graduate.

i make more money there than i would in a hospital right now, and i need the ca$h to pay for school!!

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