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  1. Narcan Prep

    I also prepare for them to vomit.. As this has happened to me many times.. (this is with more for an addict than post op but I'd still be prepared)
  2. Bolus D5NS with 20mEq KCl

    I know protocols are different at different hospitals. We generally give 10meq over 1hr (in 100ml bag). I always would question an order to bolus a fluid with an additive.. And you can always check with pharmacy to see at what rate you can run the...
  3. It was a nurse

    Beautiful :-)
  4. New grad preceptor relationship

    Can I ask, have you talked to her about how she is feeling about coming off orientation? Do you talk openly about it frequently? If so do you feel she is open about her feelings? I remember being so nervous in my last couple weeks, I was very over...
  5. Why are medication orders written this way?

    Our orders are written half tab as the pp described!
  6. Dyslexic CPR

  7. How many work and go to nursing school?

    I am now a nurse but I did work while in nursing school ans raised a family! The nursing student who work with me in the ED do work full time and go to school full time as well! Is it easy? No! It's hard as hell! It's all about time management and de...
  8. Failed Nclex RN, any tips!!!

    Do you have test anxiety?
  9. How much of your cohort did you "lose"?

    We started with 40 graduated with 17!
  10. new grad nursing jobs

    You can start now for sure, Check all hospital websites and I would check daily, they get so many resumes you want to apply quickly. I checked everyday until I got a job last year! Don't get discouraged if it takes time. It took me from passing my bo...
  11. St. Joseph's Open House

    Yes white shoes are required for clinicals, they can be sneakers or nursing clogs. As for stethoscopes, I like the littman brand, they range from under 50 to hundreds. Here is a site that sells them for decent prices, there are a few under 50. Single...
  12. St. Joseph's Open House

    Aw... I hope I was helpful lol.. Congrats on getting in! Let me know if you have any more questions :)
  13. St. Joseph's Open House

    Hi there.. I will be happy to tell you all about it... I'm at work now but at some point tomorrow I will pm you :)
  14. How many PAGES do you have to READ b4 TESTS?

    Yes we have crazy amounts of reading as well!!! And I can't just skim or look at charts! We have to read or we are bound to lose points.. Our teachers love picking little details that you would only know if you read!!!! Oh and I don't have the time e...
  15. Why am I a B student?

    No more, not unless you realize you read the question wrong or filled in the wrong bubble or whatever.. Stick with your gut :)