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Here's the deal - I'm am - ok WAS - a pretty shy individual especially when it came to, um, certain things. As a future nurse, I have had patients that are men....with, um, parts :D HAHAHAHAH... Read More

  1. by   igloorn93
    If it were me, I'd have him help me study for my next test, and even if it weren't on the proper bed bath technique or how to insert a catheter, that is what I would study. That should fix him. Also, show him the female anatomy of childbirth and catheters etc and see if that gets him 'turned on' or grossed out. Goodluck.
    Originally posted by kimtab
    How about bringing a Foley kit home and demonstarting just how sexy it is--on him. That oughta learn 'em.
    :chuckle :roll :chuckle
  3. by   delirium
    Dood, don't tell him how unsexy it is. Tell him how excited you are to have the opportunity to handle the apparatus and use descriptive terms like 'tripod' and 'kickstand' and 'bigger than a baby's arm'.

  4. by   l.rae
    tell him it's just another face in the crowd.......LR
  5. by   PowerPuffGirl
    I think he needs to get over it... Obviously, you know your husband best, and what approach will work best.

    This was bugging me for a little while, and I finally figured it out. I think this kind of ties into the stereotype of the sexcrazed nurse and how inappropriate it was, years ago, for 'nice girls' to go into nursing.

    If my partner or a family member ever voiced a similar opinion, I'd feel like they didn't understand that I am a professional. (I am premenstrual today, perhaps I'm feeling a little too strongly!).

    Anyhow, best of luck, dealing with this!
  6. by   Angella Walker
    Good one Kim!!!!:chuckle
  7. by   katscan
    I'm so glad that my husband is comfortable with his sexuality and knows me well enough that just because I would be in the vicinity of a sick, wrinkled penis, I would not jump on it! GEESH....
    How immature..Why would some men think we would get turned on catheterizing a patient-I know that my thoughts would run along"wow-I'm glad it isn't me etc.", not "hubba hubba"
  8. by   BadBird
    Simply describe the lovely UTI's and the discharges, shrivled penis, saggy testicles, just don't turn you on. Tell him it would be like looking at his Grandmothers saggy boobs, YUCK. It is just part of your job.
  9. by   K O'Malley
    I don't even discuss with my husband things that go on in the hospital except in very vague general terms such as "I had a code blue today" or "I had a heavy assignment today." He is much happier not hearing about the gory details and you might be better off just not discussing these things with hugby if it tends to upset him.
  10. by   NICU_Nurse
    When my husband and I first started dating, we had this running joke about how if WE didn't work out, I was going to leave him for another woman. (Don't ask!) It was very playful, until I started working as a nurse tech on a postpartum floor during nursing school. He actually became JEALOUS that I was seeing naked virginias all day long (Umm...that's what HE called them, not me...DON'T ASK!) *lol* and seeing naked breasts, helping moms position for breastfeeding, etc. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so every day, I would come home from work and tell him in graphic detail about what I did: Honey, first there was the overwhelming stench of stagnant blood...hit you before you even spread her legs. Then I slowly spread her knees, taking my good old time, enjoying the view....of a blood clot that fell on the peri-pad like a rotten apple. Honey, it was THE SIZE OF AN APPLE! A huge apple-sized blood clot! And Jay-SUS did it smell funky! I tenderly slid my hands up her thighs as I doused her crotch with warm water, causing a bloody, gooey mess that got all over my hands (as I'm stroking his hair and face)... You get the idea. Trust me, he stopped that sh*t real quick! ;>P If your husband had seen the penii that I had to work with learning how to insert catheters, he wouldn't feel that way anymore. Trust me, his clean, neatly kept package (I'm assuming, here) blows away the genetically deformed uncircumcised unbathed cheesy smelling clotted discharge raw disgusting penii a friend of mine who works in ER deals with on a daily basis. I agree- be graphic, show him pictures, and if all else fails, I support the suggestion to perform an insertion on him!
  11. by   J-RN student
    Kristi - I love your posts
  12. by   NurseShell
    I love the ideas about being super graphic! That would definitely work! Especially if I describe the 450+ lbs patient I had that I actually had to SEARCH for parts on!!! (I know it's here somewhere!!!)

    And, for the record, I did bring home a foley kit cuz he was so obsessed, and you should have seen his face!! I told him it was an "assignment" "HAD to be done" "you don't want my grade to suffer do you?" :chuckle He was so pale I was afraid he might pass out on me!! poor guy. I still have the sealed kit here...maybe I'll bring it out again - show him "how it works".

    by the way, I didn't "tell him about my day" he was being nice and rubbing my neck while I worked on a care plan and asked what "d/c foley" meant, then he noticed my pt's age...34...and that's when he started questioning me. oh well!! I know that it's clinical. I know that the poor guy was in so much pain that he didn't give a sh*t who was touch him where. So I wrote it off, but he brings it up occasionally.

    Graphic photos and perhaps a video demo ought to cure him for GOOD!!!
  13. by   NurseShell
    OH!! I forgot to add:

    A bunch of us students had a happy hour before Christmas everyone of us said that the No. 1 question we are asked is : What about bathing men? What do you do know...?? Or what do you do if you're cathing someone and "it" happens???

    One of my male classmates said: "OK for the record! THAT is NOT going to happen if you are coming at me with at tube! NO *******' way!!" Another classmate (female) said she told her friends that if it happens during a bath she closes the door and "finishes him off"!!! Apparently that friend has never asked again!! HEE HEE HEE.

    Seriously, what do people think we DO all day?!?!