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I just thought I would start something fun and see how fast we can get 10,000 members to follow us on twitter ;) Since is the largest nursing website, it only makes sense that we... Read More

  1. by   Cejai
    Twitter rocks! I am following and being followed by AN.

    I have also joined the fan club page at FB.
    For those on FB and Twitter, you can now update your Twitter status through FB.

  2. by   IndigoCarmine
    I'm an avid twitterer, but I'm not sure about following AlNurses if it's only going to be just links to articles; particularly since I log in to AllNurses regularly enough that I can see when new articles pop-up anyway.

    Most people use twitter as a communication tool. Give a little, get a little. More personal, you know?

    Are there any plans for AllNurses to use Twitter for human communicaion as opposed to broadcasting/advertizing new article posts?

    I'd guarantee you'd get more followers if you did.
  3. by   DebanamRN
    I joined, but I'll have to ask the kids to help me with this!
  4. by   Christina1973
    I love using Twitter and am there more than anywhere else in "cyberspace". I follow, and am followed by, numerous professionals with whom I have shared interests: OR nursing, health information technology, clinical informatics, nursing education, to name a few. Rarely do I spend time on Twitter than I don't learn something. Among the important things to learn, however, is when it's time to sign off and go outside for a while.

    Feel free to follow me - I hope you find that what I converse about has value. Or, at the very least, will make you laugh! @Christina1973
  5. by   Ms.RN
    I am proud to be an Allnurses Twitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. by   DanainOrlando
    Brian, here is what you do to build up a following on Twitter - I've written an ebook on this and I have more than 17,000 followers, so I know whereof I speak:

    Sign in to Twitter. Find a leader in your field on Twitter - for instance, Emergiblog is on Twitter- and follow a few hundred of their followers. Many of them will follow you back. Wait a few days. Unfollow everyone NOT following you back. Why? Because they are taking up space, and you can only follow 2000 people until you get 2000 people following YOU back.

    Repeat the process - follow a few hundred more people. The reason that you are seeking out leaders in your field, is that their followers are more likely to want to follow you back. Anyone following emergiblog, for instance, is likely to be a nurse or interested in nursing.

    Then wait a few days and then unfollow everyone not following you back, again.

    I'm not only saying to follow the people who follow Emergiblog - that's just an example.

    Message me if you have any more questions, I'm happy to help.

    Twitter is an AWESOME resource - I write press releases for a living, and I get almost all of my clients from there. (Former reporter looking to go into nursing.)
  7. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    Well, I'm following AN. Of course, I never have my cell phone on and they never asked for my number....
    You don't have to give your cell phone number to Twitter. It's nice to see that everyone is at least giving things like Twitter a try. Good job Sue!

  8. by   pagandeva2000
    Now, please, someone, explain to me what exactly is Twitter? I mean, it must have gotten big when it gets to the point where Larry King is competing with Sean "Puffy" Combs for numbers in Twitter. Is it a text thingy? I did join, barely participate. I'll do it for AN for sure, but am trying to figure out what the deal is about it and why is everyone so excited about Twitter and Facebook (as a matter of fact, if someone can explain the deal with Facebook, also, it would be a God-send...).
  9. by   TigerGalLE
    I'm following now... Twitter is really cool. I've only been a member for about a week but I'm already following Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Usher, Demi Moore, Taylor Swift, and many more. It is really cool seeing the pictures they post on the sets of their new movies and from their shows. I kind of feel like a stalker but they do it for their fans.
  10. by   Brian
    I just posted a few quick updates ( ) regarding the convention is exhibiting at the week in New Orleans I'll try to post some more updates tomorrow with some pictures too
  11. by   Brian
    Wow, thanks for all your support! I really appreciate everyone who has followed allnurses on twitter so far. Here is a growth chart of how many followers we've gotten in the past few days! Keep it up and we'll be to 10,000 in no time

  12. by   KimberlyRN89
    I love Twitter! I'll mention allnurses on follow friday, that helps to get a lot of followers
  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    Just joined up............