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  1. Where to start looking for a job as a new grad in Broward?

    I know that some of the home health agencies are looking for experience - it's the same way here in Orlando. I did manage to find one, and pretty quickly too, that did not require experience. I think I used http://www.indeed.com. The important thing...
  2. Where to start looking for a job as a new grad in Broward?

    While you are looking for a job, have you thought of doing home health care for a nurse staffing agency? I'm doing that currently as a CNA in Orlando, and I know that the place I work also takes RNs and LPNs. No benefits, no vacation pay, etc., but i...
  3. HEY CNA'S THIS IS FOR YOU ONLY...Sorry everybody else

    Florida - $9 an hour to $12 an hour, working for a home health care temporary agency. $12 an hour is only for one hour bath visits or REALLY difficult patients.
  4. Is Nursing still a good career path?

    I know that new grad nurses are having a hard time finding desirable jobs right now, but what's a better alternative? What field right now is red hot and doing tons of hiring? I'm not aware of any. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there a...
  5. Health Care Resume for new CNA

    Thank you! That is very helpful.
  6. Health Care Resume for new CNA

    I am switching careers and just got my CNA license. What does one put on a health care resume if all of their previous experience was in another field? I'm a former journalist - trying to emphasize that I am experienced at working under deadline pres...
  7. CNA salary for Long Island - NY area

    I'd like to know that too - whether you need experience to get hired at most places these days. I just got my CNA license and am working for an agency doing home visits, and I'm considering relocating to New York. Yes, I am planning on continuing my ...
  8. HIPAA for CNAs?

    You would think, wouldn't you?
  9. HIPAA for CNAs?

    That's generally what I assumed. I'd just love some specific guidelines. The government website is a good starting point. Not that I'd run around blabbing about my patients' private, personal info anyway, but I would love an actual training program.
  10. HIPAA for CNAs?

    I just got my CNA license and am now working for an agency. Does anyone have any recommendations as to an affordable online HIPAA class? I have NO HIPAA training and I'm totally paranoid about accidentally saying something I shouldn't. I understand ...
  11. BP question for CNA job

    Thank you! I met my first patient and she is absolutely lovely.
  12. BP question for CNA job

    Yes, that is it exactly; it's a test question, not reality. Sort of like in the CNA class when they taught you to pass the CNA test, not how to really work as a CNA. Anyway, I got the job and am meeting my first patient tonight, so I assume I got the...
  13. Some interview tips

    In today's competitive environment, you need every advantage that you can get. I was at an agency today applying for a CNA job - won't mention agency name - but anyway, the recruiter there mentioned that she didn't hire someone because that person wo...
  14. BP question for CNA job

    Thank you SO much! That is extremely helpful. I still feel that the questions could be phrased a little better, but both of your answers make perfect sense.
  15. BP question for CNA job

    You know, that's an excellent point - as a CNA there isn't any treatment that I'm allowed to give other than CPR - so what good does it do me to call a doctor's office?