Has anyone noticed the # of guests we have on the bb? - page 5

I was just looking and it showed 65 guests and 31 users. All I can say is WOW! Ok, stop hiding and post already. We can't get to know any of you if you keep on lurking!:D... Read More

  1. by   jnette
  2. by   RNIAM
    Cute bird where did you find it?
  3. by   jnette
    He can't talk... he's holding a peacebranch in his bill...
  4. by   cpgrn
    I also lurk at work until I find something I really want to post to. The computer, at work, doesn't save my info so I have to login and all that. Also, sometiimes its hard for new people to break in and feel comfortable. I know I felt that way for a while before I registered.
  5. by   atownsendrn
    LOVE posting and lurking!!!!

    and peeping!!!!

    and hiding!!!!

    and then posting some more:kiss
  6. by   canoehead
    Hey I say the posters and the lurkers are welcome.

    Just no tattling IRL to the bosses when someone you know vents their spleen, right?
  7. by   caroladybelle
    Originally posted by jnette
    He can't talk... he's holding a peacebranch in his bill...
    Olive Branch?
  8. by   jnette
    Originally posted by caroladybelle
    Olive Branch?
    :chuckle Yep, Caroladybelle... OLIVE branch !!! I KNEW what it was I was trying to spit out... but it just wouldn't slip off the end of my tongue ! Things you've used a zillion times, then suddenly, when you NEED it, a total BLOCK ! :imbar Got tired of trying to get it to come off the tip of my tongue, so just threw out the "peacebranch" bit !

    Of COURSE, the minute I went to bed and closed my eyes last night, there it was ! BOING !!!!!

    Ah well, I knew you'd all get the picture....
  9. by   teeituptom
    Sometimes I respond
    Sometimes I dont
    Sometimes I feel like a nut
    Sometimes I dont

    Different strokes
    For different folks
    and so on and so on

    Doo wah ditty
  10. by   RNIAM
    Fairnes, fairness,rah rah rah...lol
  11. by   NewNurse2003
    I came out of the 'woodwork' last night to find that I share a name with someone that some here apparantly don't like anymore.
    My name is banned in the Off Topic forum and doesn't even show up. I've never heard of that happening before and I've visited a lot of bulletin boards.

    ....maybe I'll just slink back into the woodwork where its safe.
  12. by   teeituptom
    Heather, safe is over rated and absolutely no fun
  13. by   Kim62
    Okay, I am one of those "lurkers." LOL. I am thinking of going to Nursing school because it is what I have wanted to do for such a long time, but none of the schools in my area offered evening programs. Now a local Community College has started an evening program, so I was trying to decide if I want to give it a shot. I am 40 years old and wasn't sure if that was too old to start the program, so I came here to read the different posts and find out more from the people who actually work in the field. Your opinions mean more than an outsider who has never actually been there - done that. I felt uncomfortable posting since I'm not a nurse, which is why I was a guest for so long.

    This is a great bb and you have all been such a wealth of information (even to us ghosts)!