Has anyone noticed the # of guests we have on the bb?

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I was just looking and it showed 65 guests and 31 users. All I can say is WOW! Ok, stop hiding and post already. We can't get to know any of you if you keep on lurking!:D

Katnip, RN

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Maybe they're just shy. :D


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That is true. I know it took me a long time to post but I sure have enjoyed it since then. Besides I have way too much to say to be shy..lol

Well, isn't there some advice or rule or something that you SHOULD lurk for a while so you kinda get the feel of things and don't go upsetting people?




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Not too sure on that one but you never know unless you try.


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Or, maybe some are the banned group? Or the "I don't like the way the board is run, so I'm leaving" group.


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I think it's something like 2/3 of the viewers at any one time are "guests." I don't know who they are, but if they like it here they will soon decide to join I hope.


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I lurked for a long time to see what the tone of the board was. I am not a nurse, but the Medical Technologist boards were way too boring!!!

I have to say that this board is the best place to be for news, info, questions, concerns, complaints, you name it!! Come on...jump in!!!


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That was my hope. I would love to see some of the new folks come on out and join. You will meet a wonderful bunch of people and have alot of fun!


I had never really noticed the number of lurkers until today actually. It seems amazing how many observers there were. I think it is understandable to be a little nervous when you first come upon a new bb. We are all a great bunch of people and I am sure all the new folks will be welcomed with open arms when they decide to post.


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Great to have you posting and welocme to any new folks that may have joined after reading this thread!


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I like to talk too much to lurk for very long. I really like this board, when I first started, people would ignore me and I almost stopped coming, but after I had posted here for some time, that changed.

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Hey Disablednurse I never ignored you- I just sometmes didn't have anything to say 'cos you had said it all!:lol:

Honestly if you don't want to actually say anything you are still welcome to make a comment or add a "smiley" to a post.

If you feel you cannot add anything to the main nursing discussuion feel free to visit the "off Topic" area by clicking on "nursing discussions" and scrolling to the end of the list of forums. This is where the non-nursing discussion take place and it is a great area to come and meet people.

To make it simpler to get to the "Off Topic" area I "subscribed" to that forum and now all I have to do is click on my "User CP" box and there it is................:D

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