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    I am now an MSN! Despite freezing rain, Graduation was a go. My brother came to see and my family was there. It was my anniversary, too (bonus).
    Incredible experience getting to walk in the stunning Duke Chapel.
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    Congrats! It is a great feeling isn't it?
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    Yay! What an accomplishment! Enjoy the feeling of being done!
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    Congrats!! I saw in an old thread that it was a MSN in informatics at Duke, correct? would love to hear your thoughts about the program. How exciting to finally be done!!
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    Way to go! Congratulations, mmc51264, MSN, RN! I just Googled Duke to see the chapel. Pretty!!!440px-duke_chapel_interior_2017-jpg
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    montna I loved the program. It was so stress free (as much as school can be!). They were really great. It was part time, online with 2 semesters where they had us come in for campus intensive days so we got meet one another. I would SO do it again!!!!!!
    Now I look for the perfect job. I love my current one, so no hurry.