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:nurse:hey guys, we got our press ganey scores and surveys from feb... come complaints were no food service in the waiting room..... all the nurses were overweight nurses were too loud and... Read More

  1. by   Natingale
  2. by   mrscoozy
    i remember one pg comment from a patient who actually complained about "people coming in all the time asking me if i needed anything". you just can't win.
  3. by   blueheaven
    Quote from JessieRN
    ICU pateint: "***** nurse turned my pastor away"

    Turns our, "***** nurse" was my mom. Pastor was visting at 0715, during report. Also had approx. 15 "guests" with him, that he demanded be allowed back into the ICU to see patient, so they could sing to him. All the while, a pt in DT's in the next room, with restraints on, and the rest of the dept full to capacity. Visiting hours are 8:00-8:45 in the am, and are strictly enforced.

    Should have written pastor about the patient's potty mouth and to pray for him/her.
  4. by   blueheaven
    OMG my hospital is talking about using PG!! They are already trying to indoctrinate us into using scripting! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
  5. by   Jane Doe, RN
    Our best c/o so far... "Only some of the Nurses are pretty. How am I supposed to think about my Nurse fantasy when she is foreign or fat?"
  6. by   Anatomatrix
    Quote from MarySmoak
    ... I went to get an oil change and a few days later a two page survery request was mailed it me-it went into the trash.
    Unless I had a bad experience, I always take the auto care surveys back to my service technician, unmarked, along with the postage paid envelope. What they do with them is their business. Techs I trust have told me this is better than filling it in and mailing it.

    Every time I get a bad evaluation from a student (I teach pre-nursing A&P), I think about Press Ganey evals and how wrong it is that my livelihood (or yours) depends on these evaluations from people whom we were helping but who just maybe didn't enjoy the experience. Mind you, I look for constructive criticism and also get plenty of unsolicited good feedback in e-mail and personal phone calls from students, but on my official reviews the auto-scored section is always a wide range from great to terrible and the comments section is always full of things such as "tests were hard" or "can't teach". I have asked some students with whom I had good relationships if they put comments on the forms and they always say, "No, you were excellent, I had nothing constructive to add."

    A patient who has had an uncomfortable experience - and almost any hospital visit has some degree of discomfort - and gets a survey with their bill: is there any way the results could be skewed MORE toward venting? Throw in the common misconception that nurses have little training and don't know much and are there mainly to make you feel better and it's a recipe for a bad evaluation.