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  1. SDS_RN

    The Economy and your job as a nurse

    At our facility if people quit their jobs their positions are not being filled. It will be filled by the current staff. Our housekeeping and maintanence depts have had their hours cut. We also rotate to SDS, they have a few full time people, and the rest of us rotate up their. They have been putting us (the ones who rotate through) on call for SDS and the FT poeple up there are taking the hours. Sometimes we work 2-3 shifts every 2 weeks up there and that really hurts the hours if you get call 1-2 shifts. I'm thankful I have my job right now but I don't know how secure I feel in my job.
  2. SDS_RN

    Eat Before You Get Here!

    One noc I had a pregnant girl come in w/ N/V on and off for the past 5 mo. Ahh ya you are pregnant. Anyhoo she was getting IVF---then turns around and gets pizza hut delivered to her room! ***!!! Needless to say she was d/c'd immediatly. I absolutly do not get it! You are not here to be fed and watered you are here to seek medical attention food is not a priority except for those few special circumstances. If you are here wanting to eat then you should not be in what is called the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT!
  3. SDS_RN

    Know it all tech

    We had a pt come in w/ her boyfriend and we're all apparently supposed to know who he is!!! After some digging we discovered he's a tech in OR. Anyhoo he brought his gf in b/c "She's definatly got an appy.":idea: He was calling everyone telling them that she was prob going to have her appendix out before the ER doc even evaled her or started any dx testing. I'm surprised he didn't call the OR team in himself. He was a little unpleasant and thought that we all should be impressed w/ him. I guess the words I'm looking for is arrogant-ego manic. Well to his surprise it turned out to be viral infection & a bad UTI.:yeah:
  4. SDS_RN

    A day off

    1) This post is old but still applies to the current world of nursing. :stone 2) We all hate to leave cowokers hangin but know that your probably not the only one who is saying NO! 3) I learned this the hard way when I picked up many shifts in a row probably more than was safe for myself & my pts and I vowed not to do it again. 4) We have to take care of ourselves also or that will make staffing short too if we get rundown. 5) I now know how to say NO!
  5. SDS_RN

    Bad Day!!!

    WTH would he even yell at u for anyways he got the easier assignement. What a jerk--I certainly would not want to work w/ someone like that and certainly not a manager who would not stick up for you in a situation such as that. I'm sorry that happened to you. I think you should resign right away and look forward to new and better things for yourself in your new job. Good luck.
  6. SDS_RN

    Drawing Labs without an order

    We line & lab also. We've never has a problem w/ our docs not backing us up. We do have certain SO w/ what labs/xrays ect to get started. A lot of the times the doc will get xrays/labs done before seeing the pt. As said before if we had to wait for them to get in there sometimes it would be hours before and tx was initiated.
  7. SDS_RN

    Bad attitudes in the ED

    Our ER is great. We all get along and our ER docs are great. Of course we all have our days and at times it can get heated but we pull through it and move on. In general we always have a good time together, it's like a 2nd family to me. Good luck to you.
  8. SDS_RN

    how much do you make an hour/year?

    I make $20.91 days 21.71 nocs--this is after being a nurse for 2 1/2 yrs. It's pretty good pay for the area I lived in. As mentioned before location has a lot to do w/ how much you make. I am just very thankful that I have a job right now.
  9. SDS_RN

    I hate my life.....

    I went to NS when my kids were 5, 3 & 2 yrs old. :eek:I did my ADN graduated in 06' and I'm now going back online for the spring 09' semester part time to work on my BSN. :clown:It's going to take me until 2012 to complete it but this way I can still work- take care of the family- and continue my education. Also when I started my ADN my family sacrified a lot but my husband really stepped up and helped out a lot.:redbeathe He took on most of the bills- kept the girls occupied when I needed to study also in his spare time he would help me study, and he cooked about 95% of our meals. When you have a family it's a group effort and it takes sacrifies from every aspect but it can be done, you have to adjust your life accordingly to make a better life for your family in the future. Best of luck and try not to be so hard on yourself.
  10. SDS_RN

    migraine faker at the ED!

    We've got a list of pt's who are seekers. We have caught them before going from one faciliy and then a few hours later turning up at ours or checking several pharmacies in town and finding out how often they've had narcs filled. We pretty much have the same pt's come in w/ migraines often. I personally do not have migraines but my husband and my 8 yr old daughter do and I see how miserable it is for them. My husband can't believe that people come to the ER for that. He said he barely wants to move or do anything esp go and wait in an ER for hours to get meds. I understand everybody's pain is different and I try to give my pts the benefit of the doubt, but when you see them multiple times over the weekend it does get discouraging. I guess for the most part you can tell which ones really do have a migraine and which ones do not. I try to stay as nonjudgemental as possible hard as it may be at times.
  11. SDS_RN

    Immediate Bedding. Thoughts?

    I don't know how large your facility is but we are a 7 bed level 3 ER and so we are the triage nurse. Our pt's come straight back to the ER desk and get placed in a room. If we get busy we try to leave our truama and cardiac room open if possible. If all the rooms are full and a critical pt comes in then a less critical goes to the WR. If we are max capacity then we start to triage in the WR until rooms start to open up. If our techs place someone in a room they let us know when they see us and if it's appears to be a pt that requires immediate attention they find a nurse. I don't know how this would work at a larger facility especially if you don't have someone around the desk all the time. Best of luck with your process.
  12. SDS_RN

    ER Nurse is Being a JERK to EMS...

    In our ER we really appreciate our EMS and I have not once witnessed anything other than respect for them. Our EMS is great when we get slammed w/ a lot of traumas they dive right in and help. They are amazing and are compitent in what they do. To remove a pts IV or c-spine is just crazy. I would definatly have gone above the NM if nothing was being done about that sort of situation.
  13. SDS_RN

    Nursing caps required at your job?

    At one of the NH facilities the nurses have to wear white scrubs and a cap. You could not pay enough to wear a hat or work at that facility. Thank goodness for change.
  14. SDS_RN

    Miracles to believe in

    Oh that is such a nice story. I can't stop the tears from flowing.
  15. SDS_RN

    What are the most/least popular jobs?

    I guess that depends on the individual. I personally love the ER but there are many that may not. Nice thing about nursing is that you can decide what is right for you. If you don't like where you're at you can move on to something different.