Friends and nurses

  1. Do you find that most of your friends are in the medical field, or do you have friends from lots of different areas? Do you have lots of cyber nursing friends too? Just curious
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I have friends from all different areas. but I was not a nurse in my "prior" life. I was military for 10 years. My friends are as diverse as people can be.
  4. by   NeuroICURN
    I have friends from all walks of life.

    I actually wasn't friends with any nurses until I started in nursing school and then started working. In my former life, I was a manager for some trucking companies and I was also a part-time police officer. So, I know ALL kinds of people!
  5. by   Ruby Vee
    Just moved to a new city and haven't started work yet -- so most of the people I know around here are my step-daughter's mother's friends and family. (And they have been so good to me!) But in my last three cities, most of my friends have been nurses for the simple reason that when you start a new nursing job, you work nights and weekends. The only folks you meet who can socialize when you can are nurses, firefighters and cops. Since my husband is a nurse, too, we don't meet too many other folks. We're friendly with our new neighbors but wouldn't call them friends, actually. We're planning to join a sailing club to meet folks with similar interests to ours, though.
  6. by   scrubs70
    Most of my friends are here at allnurses
  7. by   teeituptom
    My friends are varied

    I even have a republican attorney as a friend

    But I NEVER associate with anyone I work with, that is a solid rule in my life........
  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    Most of my friends are, on a nurses yahoo group and other groups. Having three little ones and living in a fairly new city (though I lived here years ago), it's hard to make new friends. I rely an awful lot on the internet for socialization and certainly hope that changes once I start school (of course, then I won't have time for friends!)
  9. by   nursebedlam
    got a few nurse mates, plus seems to be a few nurses in my family
  10. by   Tweety
    I have friends in different fields and nursing both. I don't socialize with coworkers, but have two good friends who are nurses in the area. Another good friend is an executive in a company that makes those pointer lights that are used in presentations. He makes big a nice living and just bought a 250,000 dollar condo. He whines about stress and I just laugh, "you're just a pen light salesmen, how stressful is that??" LOL
  11. by   nurseygrrl
    Most of my friends are the people that I work with...but not only the nurses. I am friends with people in other departments as well. But, my best friend of course is my husband and he's not a nurse I will be glad to have my friends here at allnurses when we move to Va. next year. I know I'll need support with a whole new life and not knowing anyone! This thread reminded me of a line from the movie 'Stand By Me' it is, cut and pasted.

    'I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?'
  12. by   NeuroICURN
    Quote from HerEyes73
    This thread reminded me of a line from the movie 'Stand By Me' it is, cut and pasted.

    'I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?'
    I have to say that the quote from the movie almost brought tears to my eyes, because I don't think you ever have friends like the ones you've had since you were a child. A few months ago, on of my best friends in the entire world, left and also moved to VA (7 hours away). I cried on more than one when she came home last week, we picked right back up where we left off. I realize that even though we may not talk every day or even week....some bonds just can't be broken by distance. Now my other best friend (also of over 20 years)may have to move to MN! Geez, is it something I said?!?! LOL
  13. by   meownsmile
    I have all kinds of friends,, But,, like teeitup i tend not to socialize much with people i work with outside of work. I have seen some pretty nasty situations come out of work/friend relationships and i choose not to let myself get stuck in that. I enjoy the people i work with,, we are friends,we converse if we meet in the store, at ballgames whatever, i just choose not to socialize much with co-workers outside of work on a personal level. Maybe from things ive seen grow out of others social relationships at work ive chosen not to let myself mix professional and personal life. I think sometimes it can be a very brittle path that can crumble very quickly if not very very careful. JMO
    I must add that the nurse that oriented me 10 years ago is one of my best friends,, but she no longer works with me, hasnt for 8 years. 2 students that i went to my RN program with i am very close with, but they dont work with me either.
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  14. by   Spidey's mom
    I moved around so much as a kid and teen that I don't have many friends I keep in touch with other than holiday cards.

    My oldest friend is a teacher.

    I don't socialize with co-workers except one really good friend I used to work with . . . we were preggers at the same time, me a 43 year old woman and she a 30 year old "girl". Our sons play together. We do alot of stuff together.