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:( Yanno, I always try to make a good first impression with patients and their families. It freakin' matters. It sets the whole tone, and it really makes a difference in what kind of rapport you... Read More

  1. by   warrior woman
    Shay, Bravo for stucking up for your rights. It is quickly becoming a lost art it seems. You've got THE RIGHT TO SAY NO TO ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE. That's what free will is all about,and it's so refreshing to see someone with the stones to back it up. I've become such a doormat I make myself sick. I'd rather run a thousand miles from confrontation than have to try to reason with someone who's totally unreasonable. I have weight issues too. MAJOR ONES. I once dieted down to 123 lbs. But I did it taking diet pills. Tenuate 25's Tenuate 75's Adipex, You name it,but I eventually gained the weight back plus extra. I am now trying to do it the right way. I know I have to do something,because my family heart history absolutely sucks. Mom has CAD,CHF,AND COPD. Dad has a pacemaker,and just suffered a heart attack on Memorial Day Weekend. I have Mitral valve prolapse and am currently on Paxil for my clinical depression. But you better believe I'm standing up and applauding you my friend. ENCORE!! :kiss Your friend, Warrior Woman.
  2. by   pebbles
    I guess that'll teach me to respond with anything except agreement to a thread with the B-word in the title.... :angryfire

    I AM sorry for misunderstanding you Shay.... I guess I did miss that part in your original post. I still think a weight is important.... and I still support the pt's right to refuse. I think your anger towards the clinic nurse is justified. I think she WAS justified in asking you to be weighed - how could she know your history? But to insist is just wrong.

    I don't deserve to have you flame me like that over a difference of perception. My bad for not re-reading the thread a few times to understand better what was going on. But the things you said about me are uncalled for. You assume that I am insensitive in general just because I missed one point in one thread on a bb. You have made a lot of assumptions about me. We're all only human, right.... ?
  3. by   kittyw
    My psy doc. asked me my weight b/c the med I was put on (by another doc temporarily until I had my appt w/her) had weight gain as a s.e. and she wanted to follow me - and that she could change the med if I did put on too much weight. Now this was well into her (the doc) assessment of me so she had already covered the area of my eating habits & figured out I didn't have a eating d/o. She offered the explaination of why she needed the info before she asked so I understood why. So it was a very sensative / tactiful approach which I appreciated.
    Hey Shay,
    You might be lucky enough to admit her one day and when you do
    Scream her weight down the hall!!!!!!
    She knows its just procedure roflamo
    I hate to be weighed , I just look at the Nurse and whisper to her that Im a surgical nurse and its ok Im here for a check up not a big butt exam.
    Most of the Drs I see know this about me I am healthyand I weigh more than a buck O five so I tell them get over it, and if I want advice on my weight , I can just go see my grandmother she has a delightful way of expressing my fluffiness.
  5. by   Q.
    Alright Pebbles and Shay,

    I like ya both, and and bein' the buddies of Shay that I am, I can tell you that she is a brazen little snit who WILL speak her mind (that's why I love her to death!) She makes me laugh and I pretty much always agree with everything she says; she often says the unsaid - things we WANT to say or things we THINK but are often too chicken to say them. I live my life vicariously through her.

    I, though, have been a victim of being flamed by people over something that I felt was unjustified - so Pebbles I feel your pain here and the urgency to get to the bottom of it; explain and rationalize away. I can tell you though that since Shay is an educated person, she will most likely see your logic pattern and chalk it up to some misunderstanding - after all this IS a BB, and things get read between the lines that aren't intended; we are ALL guilty of that.

    Shay, you are such a darling and I love you soo soo much. Please, continue on and speak your mind. You are a tough gal and you say it like it is. Which is why I always vent to I can get the "real" story.

    Now...continue on. And Shay, check yer damn email.
  6. by   oldgirl
    One PCP with the scale in her WAITING room-Right-I'll just jump right on that!! Thiught that was about the most inconsiderate weight situation I have ever seen.
  7. by   ratchit
    Oh, the whole weight thing just BURNS me.

    When I go to the doc, they have the scale on the way back to the exam room. In the back hall, but on the other side of the glass from the waiting room. Am I going to get on that scale in front of a bunch of strangers? Nope. The nurse ALWAYS looks at me with shock on her face when I say "I decline." They say "we need to know how much you weigh." Well, I'm here for sinusitis, so I don't think so. "But-" Nope.

    I went to an ortho last month for a SHOULDER problem. We're not talking surgery yet, this is the original visit. The nurse insists on getting me on the scale. I declined, knowing that I was XRays, PT, an MRI, antiinflammatories, and steroid injections away from getting NEAR an OR. (Where anesthesia would have to know.) But she insisted. I said the same thing I say to people who ask for my social security number. If you can tell me why you need to know that information, I'll tell you.

    Her answer- "he likes to know, has to has it in his records." Sorry, chickie, "The doctor says so" just does NOT fly with me- shouldn't be said to ANYONE let alone a nurse patient! So I said -Then I'll talk to him about it.

    You would think I was inisisting on not giving them my insurance info, or something- LOL.

    People can say no, plain and simple. I feel free to chart "patient advised of risks related to refusing xyz" and there ya go, he's made his informed decision and I've covered my butt.
  8. by   JailRN

    Some people are just stuck on stupid.
  9. by   shay

    got your e-mail!!!!! Working like a slave.....night shift. Respond tomorrow, 'kay? :kiss

    And PEBBLES..................................

    Alright, this is my official public apology and mea culpa. I do apologize wholeheartedly for flaming you and making ASSumptions. It was wrong and stupid and I apologize 100%.

    As you can probably tell, yep, this is a big ol' sensitive subject. Susy states is beautifully (btw, nice moderating Suz.. ). Anyway, mea culpa. Peace sister.

  10. by   pebbles
    Thanks, Shay. No hard feelings... I, of all people, should know how easy it is to misunderstand people in print media.
    I wasn't clear in my original post because I assumed everyone would know how I felt! lol....

    -Pebbs :kiss
  11. by   l.rae
    Originally posted by JonRN
    Last time I went to my PCP the nurse weighed me and said "you lost a pound" Like that would make a difference when you are a sausage and egg biscuit away from 300. I said " I didn't mean to", cracked him up.

    You ablolutely CRACK me up:roll :roll
  12. by   shay
    Just would like to update you all......

    I talked to patient relations today and suggested that they speak to

    Nurse Skinny McB!tchy

    about learning to control her facial expressions, body language, and review the patient bill of rights with her. And of course I made sure to tell them, "as a NURSE, when MY patients refuse something, I document 'pt. refused' and move on. I just was so offended, being a NURSE, that she seemed to completely forget the patient bill of rights."

    Grrrr. I hope she learns something and changes her m.o..
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  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    Oh, man, I am so glad I'm not the only one who refuses to get on the scale at the doctor's office! Of course, my doctor AND his MA know better than to give me any crap about it, but that's because they've seen me through a lot in the 10 or 12 years I've been a patient there. The only time I ever get any static now is when I go to my pulmonologist, whose nurse looks at me when I stride defiantly past the scale as if I've lost my mind. Of course, she's a skinny little thing who has probably never weighed more than 100# wringing wet, but the very first time I went in there, she told me, "The doctor can't treat you correctly if he doesn't know what you weigh", as if I were a stubborn child rather than a 40-something (and an RN to boot). To this day, I have never once allowed myself to be weighed at that office; my doctor couldn't care less, but that nurse.....well, I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction! :-)