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huge Tina Turner fan, Corvette Mama.

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  1. warrior woman

    My Sweet Little Angel Patient Passed Away Today

    The Lord got another angel in Heaven, and has a beautiful angel who ministered to her right here on earth. You are the true definition of what a nurse is all about. Love and Peace to you. WW.
  2. warrior woman

    need help for severe depression

    It wasn't till I hit bottom that I discovered a reserve of strength I didn't know I had. But, I surely don't take all the credit for finding it or having it. I know that God helped put things in place for me. You are all inspirational,beautiful people. Your desire to find healing is a testament to people everywhere, not just in the nursing profession.
  3. warrior woman

    Why Are Nurses Given Such A Bad Rap Today?

    Amen to that Marie! :Melody:
  4. warrior woman

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    Thanks Zoegirl. You are the very best. I'm glad I found you.
  5. warrior woman

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    God bless you too Zoe. God bless all of you. And thank you so much.
  6. warrior woman

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    Y'all have helped me so much here. It feels good to be able to share my feelings,and fears without judgement. Zoe, you have helped me A LOT in that regard. The courage that everyody has here is incredible.
  7. warrior woman

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    You didn't do ANYTHING wrong Kim!! No I took a guess at what you might have said and simply guessed wrong that's all. I'm just rotten at guessing I suppose. You have not offended me in the least, and I hope that I didn't scare you away. :uhoh21:
  8. warrior woman

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    Thanks Mont. This thread rocks!! So many courageous people here.
  9. warrior woman

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    Zoegirl, you kill me!! You always give me a smile.
  10. warrior woman

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    I can't believe it either.
  11. warrior woman

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    Geez, my powers of observation are really slipping. I just noticed this thread. I suffer from PTSD, and major depression. I've had them ever since childhood, after witnessing the horrible physical and emotional abuse my mom endured at the hands of my dad.(this happened in the 70's when resources for DV victims didn't exist) As a kid I buried my terrible memories, and tried to live life as a regular kid, only to have the repression come back and bite me in the butt in my 20's and early 30's. I am 35 now, and it's taken me this long to come to terms with what happened to my mom and me. In 2002 I finally had to come full circle when my mom was critically ill for months. When she finally came home from strengthening at the nursing home, and I had just gotten my LPN license after juggling school, and my sick mom being in and out of the hospital 5 different times before Labor Day 2002. She was home for ONE DAY, and the very next day, my dad yelled at my mom for no reason, and that just pushed all my buttons. I told him he shouldn't yell at her after all she'd been thru, and if he did it again he could get the **** out of the house. 3 hours later, he was lying in the yard, dead of a massive MI. I tried CPR, but was not successful of course. After all of this, I just fell into a downward spiral. Finally realized that if I were to live I had to get some kind of help. Went on Paxil 37.5, and it has helped me out. Did some backslididing and stopped taking it. Was okay at first, but fell really hard again. Thoughts got really dark, and I knew I had to start taking them again. My friends, My beloved mom, and my faith keep me going when things get tough. Whatever you do, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. You're too valuable for that. Someone may need you and not even know it yet.
  12. warrior woman

    Scripting: Yea or Nay?

    I agree Marla. The day I have to follow a script is the day I hang up my scrubs for good.
  13. warrior woman

    Taking Care of yourself.

    Thanks. I learned that a little late in life, but that's better than not learning it at all. :chuckle
  14. warrior woman

    Taking Care of yourself.

    MJ and Marla things just seem to sneak up on us when we're not looking. Also make sure that you are emotionally healthy as well. Emotional health has been something I had ignored much to my detriment. If you suffer from depression, please get some kind of treatment for it whether it be counseling, of medications, because emotional pain can definitely effect your physical health.
  15. warrior woman

    Presenting Depression to Kids

    Find some video presentations movies;ect. that appeal to young people. Emphasize to them that depression can happen at ANY age to ANY person.
  16. warrior woman

    Grey's Anatomy Premier!!! + How to Contact Show Creators

    Why am I not surprised?