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You know you have to see them, but have you ever hated getting together with them? I mean, you still love them....but, can't stand being around them.... Read More

  1. by   fab4fan
    Mom: really hurts when I see mothers who are so, well, their kids unconditionally. I was walkingon eggshells with her in utero.

    Dad: Much better than mother.

    My m. grandmother was someone I adored...she's been dead for almost 14y, and there are times when the sadness is just as fresh as the day she died. She was such an interesting person...not the stereotypical grandmother, but I really loved her.

    No siblings...

    Cousins, aunts, uncles...who knows? We're not what you'd call a close family.
  2. by   studentOH
    The ones I really like live too far away so i only see them once a year at the family reunion. Get along with most of the locals, even though my relationship with my mother gets more strained as time goes along. I think I remind her too much of her husband *sigh*.

    Haven't seen my grandfather since I was 4. 22 now, he called me last year and said he wanted to visit. Explained to him that I'm a devil-worshipping as#-pirate and that we probably wouldn't have much to talk about. Haven't heard from him since .

  3. by   live4today
    My family...both immediate and extended...get along just like "dysfunctional family members" are suppose aint that a novel of an idea to write about one day??? Nuff said...I'd rather talk about my friends that I get to choose as family. Can't choose "blood" kin, but we sho' can choose our friends, eh? :chuckle
  4. by   tattooednursie
    the ones that I live with I sure as hell dont get along with . . . my distant relatives I love. I love the ones that I live with but shhhhh, they dont think so, and I wanna keep it that way.
  5. by   Irishcreme
    I get along with everyone except my sister, whose a headcase. Shes the type that always has to complain about something. When my sister is miserable, everyone else has to be. And shes miserable alot.
  6. by   caroladybelle
    Please!!!!!!!!! I moved 500 miles away for a reason!!!!!
  7. by   canoehead
    The reason we are all so good with psycho families is because we know them so well. Nurses have to be able to spot these people as they walk through the doors of the unit.
  8. by   mattsmom81
    WOW!! Now I don't feel so alone after reading all your stories.!!

    Is this typical for nurses' families or typical of society in general, I wonder???

    Lots of ETOH related stuff...and clear childlike eyes saw the drunks and dysfunction in my family, but I was told I was imagining things or 'such an exaggerator' when I tried to talk/deal with stuff I saw...

    It made me somewhat harsh on those who profess to love/care about me but behave in ways other than loving. I tend to move 1000 miles away from people like that....

    I drove 1000 miles every Christmas while my parents were alive so they could see their grandbaby. I have no regrets about that...and my son has some nice Christmas memories...we planned our trip every year and it was 'talk time' on the long drive.

    My inlaws are ruled by a selfish, crazed manipulative witch so I have zip to do with them if I can help it. (My MIL wore black to my wedding...'nuff said)

    Great thread!!! We certainly have stories to share don't we...LOL!
  9. by   caroladybelle
    Get togethers with my family can be best be likened to the Stephen King movie "Children Of The Corn".

    Traveling to nowhere for hours.
    Not a friendly face when you get there.
    No decent food.
    Really religious people in dark clothes quoting the bible at you.
    No way to matter what you do.
    Scary people roaming with sharp instruments and continual threat of blood shed at any moment.
    The threat of crucification (verbal or otherwise) hanging over you.

    And we don't even have cute Peter Hortan to save us by burning the monster!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   studentOH
    Mattsmom81: I think it's society in general. I headed 1000 miles away right out of high school, it was great!!

    Them: You coming home for Xmas?
    Me: Do you have $400 for my plane tickets?
    Them: Well....
    Me: That's what I thought. Come visit anytime.

    Now I live one hour away, have yet to have anyone drive down here to visit. Get cranky if I don't huff it up there on my one day off each month

  11. by   tonicareer
    I think society in general not just nurses. Makes me wonder if there are any functional families. I think the holidays bring all these issues up in our minds too. After all tv shows us all the happy families (fictional of course). Unfortunately I also have a birthday right before Christmas and that just makes me more depressed. Never had a party or cake since it was right before. We were always traveling or busy and I was ignored (when I wasn't been verbally/emotionally abused). Extended family jumped into this too with constant teasing and ridicule. About mid October until mid January are bad times for me. But glad to know I'm not the only one with messed up family. As for the SIL my older brother met her when I was 11, my mother declared her the daughter she never had and to this day my mother? has proven her statement. And that's only the beginning of the story. But I just stay away from them as much as possible. It is healthier that way.
  12. by   Nurse Ratched

    Let's just say *I* won't be attending either ......
  13. by   Katana
    I feel so lucky!!

    My family consists of my 80 year old Mother with whom I share a home, and my 50 year old brother and sister-in-law who live about 8 houses away.

    We are close. We like eachother and we love eachother and, best of all, we get along!

    Wasn't always like that... my brother got caught up in a gang when in highschool... he and I fought like cats and dogs but, once he met his soon to be wife, things changed greatly. She basically told him either the gang or her; he couldn't have both. Smart fella chose her and they've been married for 30 years.

    His getting married was also the turning point where he seemed to realize that he wasn't such a bad dude after all where he had to hate his family and make everyone's life a living Heck.

    Sure, my Mom and I have loads of disagreements. I'm 48 and don't want to be treated like I'm 16 when I go out with friends. I have my cell phone, if you need me, call. "Don't worry if I don't come home but the cell phone will always be on if you need me."

    I do respect her and I don't have my male friend stay the night as I know that is something that she doesn't approve of but that doesn't mean that I won't go to his place.

    My father was great, too. We got along for the most part and only had one major disagreement after he retired and was bored to tears. Once he got a part time job, he was so much happier with is life.

    I'm so very lucky with the family I have!!!!!! I definitely plan on keeping them.