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I just need to vent and hopefully some of you great nurses out there can help me! I am currently a nursing student in my junior year enrolled in a BSN program. And over the past summer I worked... Read More

  1. by   SoontobeAdrienneRN
    Thank you everyone for your support, its very comforting to to know others are behind me.
  2. by   GeminiTwinRN
    I agree with the others here who have suggested contacting the EEOC. There must be a local community activist in your city who would be willing to take on your cause. I would contact that person, who would surely "know" people (attys) who would be willing to help you, and probably for free.

    I'm so sorry you had this experience. I hope you rise above it, and continue on with your studies to become an RN. I believe you when you say that you did not do what you were accused of, and it does sound like discrimination in your case.

    Keep us updated on what's going on! Don't let the big dogs bite you!

  3. by   SoontobeAdrienneRN
    I wanted to ask, when I get licensed etc. or apply to other jobs am I obligated to inform them of this incident? Because obviously it will be looked down upon greatly thus making it harder for me to find employment as a new grad next year. (
  4. by   jill48
    I am so sorry you had to go through this. I just don't know how some people can sleep at night. Please keep in mind that we are not all like this and you WILL find your place. I know what you mean about the lawyer thing, it's so much trouble, costs money you (or at least I) may not have, and it almost seems easier just to let it go and stop thinking about it because it hurts so bad. Hang in there. Stay strong. Keep your faith in God. Keep fighting the bad people, do not cower down and let them treat you like your worth is any less than theirs. Your story just brought me to tears, and I'm pretty tough. I will pray for you. :kiss
  5. by   SoontobeAdrienneRN
    Thank you very much Jill48 for your sympathy, I do appreciate it greatly.
  6. by   CHATSDALE
    only the squeaky wheel gets the oil

    type this up and send a copy to eeoc and send a copy to hospital mangement and to the nurse mgr

    you owe this to the people who follow you...might also get the not eligible for rehire removed these people will be gone and you might like the place when it is cleaned up
  7. by   angel337
    i smell racism loud and clear. unfortunately african americans deal with these issues more than people think and unfortunately again, americans turn the other cheek to it and act as if it doesn't exist. you sound like a strong person. keep your head up and keep up the good never know, you may be THEIR boss someday.
  8. by   anc33
    If you are currently in school you should check to see if they offer any kind of free legal aid. This story is so disturbing on so many levels. Don't back down. Best of luck to you.
  9. by   Simplepleasures
    Ok, Im confused, what lawyer did you see, was it a lawyer through your former employer? Or did you go out and consult with an employment lawyer on your own?It is imperative that you get your OWN lawyer, some will take your case on contingency of winning with no money up front. Has the state agency you filed your complaint with completed their investigation? If so what was their conclusion, if they say you have "probable cause" , then you go to court to sue them, but in any case you need an attorney of your OWN now, an EMPLOYMENT attorney who represents employees that have been discriminated against, make sure it is not an employment lawyer that represents the employer side.
  10. by   morte
    if you are actually from boston, or the hosp is in boston....try the mayor's office.....good luck
  11. by   lupin
    AS has been said before, write everything down, including exact dates, names, situations, etc. Talk to a legal aide person or an outside lawyer. Then talk to your school. If they do clinicals there or will have you observing there as part of your program, they need to know this. Then contact the state agency to see what head way is being made on your claim. Also contact the student nurses association in your state. You may not be the only one who this has been done to. And finally, if you have no other choice, contact your local NAACP or Civil rights group. These programs and groups are there to protect people from discrimination. Good luck to you!
  12. by   destined2bCRNA
    This is so freakin' pathetic! It hasn't happened to me, yet I'm furious. I'm an African-American and as my mother says "should've been a hippy because of my desire to 'make love, not war'" But that's what I love about myself no matter how many of my own tell my otherwise, or how many others look at me differently. I applied and have been accepted to a University that I have been warned against from my uncle who is a doctor and went there for a spell, and from other students that I've met that have all told me "watch yourself- they are notoriously prejudiced and you will be monitored more than anyone". But, as usual I chose to go against the grain. We'll see how it turns out... Though so many people think that it has gotten oh so much better- it has improved some, but it hasn't come as far along as it should've by this day and time. I remember my mom wanting better for me and struggling just so we (my siblings) could live in a better environment. So in 2nd grade she moved us to some place COMPLETELY different from where I was used to. At the time, there were hardly any African-Americans in the city and the local high school's mascot was a Rebel touting the Confederate flag! It was mentioned on the news some time after I graduated years later, but to this day, the Confederate flag is still proudly exhibited on every area of the school's grounds. Growing up there, I was called the "N" word several times, I was threatened, I was chased by car while I was walking, and I was spit on (I think that was the only incident that truly really hurt my heart more than a little as I had to pull streams of disgustingly mucousy spit out of my thick hair). I still managed somehow to love all of humanity. I guess God just made me this way. But DON'T you let them get away with this. I would feel hypocritic and like a liar if I told you to just keep being yourself and what goes around comes around. I, too, am so tired of hearing about certain people only being where they are today because of Affirmative Action! Measure my grades with anyone else's, or my leadership qualities with anyone else's, or my ambition and passion with anyone else's, then talk to me about my "priveleged life".
  13. by   bethin
    Get a lawyer. I'm sure the ACLU would love to hear about this - their website is or call their national office in NYC at 212-549-2500 to get a number for your local office. As far as the hospital not turning over documents, that's what a subpoena is for.

    Please don't wait any longer.