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We received a ton of positive feedback and Testimonials over the years about how much you enjoy But I'm curious to know, Does make you a better nurse? After... Read More

  1. by   BigBee48
    Ok, maybe being a "better nurse" is too strong, but enhanced my knowledge base. Sharing stories, knowledge and/or experiences makes me feel more like a
    good nurse. I find there is always new and good information on, and to be able to compare to other nurses in other states, and countries. Thank you for all you do provide to us, and let us provide to others.
  2. by   oncnursemsn
    I direct all my students to check out "Allnurses" because I think it can be a good source of support from other students, good resource (care plans, data forms etc) and just a great place to learn all the aspects of nursing.
    Re: moderators. We can be a very vocal (read inappropriate) bunch at times and when the comments get aggressive or even nasty (The ER nurse blog), I think it's more then appropriate for the moderators to step in and close the blog. This is a well moderated forum. :redpinkhe
  3. by   makingitright
    This place is a great source of information. I am happy that there is a place such as this where everyone who makes nursing what it is can come together and just learn from one another. Love this place!
  4. by   RPN_2012
    Well this is only my third post on here, but I've been reading this site for months, I'm only a Pr-Nursing student, and I think your site is great, I'm learning so much, reading about people's experiences, something you don't get in a textbook. I love
  5. by   novavida
    I can not express enough how this site has helped me to became a better LPN and a better nursing student. I find here answers and support that I can not find anywhere else. I love! You guys are great!
  6. by   RedCell
    does make me a wise, more informed, better educated nurse....of course not. you guys censor and moderate the anesthesia forum so bad i feel like i am living in china or some other pathetic communist environment. sometimes it can take up to 24 hours to get a statement posted for others to view in that area of your website. how can you possibly have an educational thread with interactive discussion when this is occurring on a daily basis. there are better places to go on the internet for good clinical discussion when i have questions or in depth content to share with others in my profession.
  7. by   ntgale08 has helped me during my review for the nclex-pn board. there are many helpful members who share their review materials, experiences during the exam, how to prepare, suggested review books, strategies, etc. i actually stopped at 85 during my board and i knew i passed right there and there.

    i also gained confidence from the motivations i read..... i learn what to expect at work and how to handle problems.... best of all, i learn a lot of work techniques--- and how to become a better nurse.

    i just love because i learn so much from everyone.... and i have a place to go when i need to vent... you have so many caring members, and so many intelligent ones.... also makes me laugh and sometimes makes me cry..... i even learn how to improve my english here.... thanks, Bryan, for this site..... God bless.
  8. by   mschris