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BigBee48 has 18 years experience and specializes in ICU,IV Team, Endoscopy, CM, LTC, Homecar.

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  1. I just need to vent to people who understand

    I also worked in LTC, it can be soo overwhelming, but also rewarding. Just know you wil always work your *** off. Be careful in body mechanics. I love the elderly people and all their wisdom,stories, they can be so mean, and yet so sweet. I think...
  2. Suboxone side effects

    to Sprinkles85 and ThomasRN thank you both for the info. I will check it out.
  3. RN with back problems and no job

    I am very sorry for that, I also am an RN who has had a neck fusion, and lumbar fusion, along with 7 herniated discs in the thoracic region (varying degrees, and one fractured vertabre in thoracic). I have been working as a 911 Dispatcher, which is ...
  4. new grad with chronic headache and migraine

    I don't have an answer for you question, but I have experienced migraine h/a's for most of my adult life, they suck! I found relief after having a total hysterectomy, and also using Maxalt (a troche that dissolves on your tongue). Anyway Good Luck t...
  5. LTAC interviews

    May I ask do you mean Long Term Care, or Long Term Acute Care Hospital? There is a difference. The Later is an acute care hospital where alot of ICU patients go after their stay, at the one I worked at they had to meet requirements for admission, v...
  6. Holiday pay at a Clarian Hospital?

    Not to be mean, the others did not go to college and get a degree.
  7. Suboxone side effects

    does anyone know if they use it for chronic pain patients. My pain specialist said she did not think I was a candidate for it, since I'm chronic pain, but I wonder if it would be better than taking other narcs for life?
  8. increased confusion with pain med

    Sorry for confusion, I didn't mean to use them together. Benadryl is great for sleep, and not using habit forming sleeping meds, esp. in elderly. And the Acetaminophen worked great for pain, unless it was a long term problem. I'm just saying it wo...
  9. increased confusion with pain med

    sometimes plain old Acetaminophen works. Especially with the elderly. I cared for a patient similar, she was always confused, crying out, c/o leg pain. After a battery of tests to rule other causes out, we tried vicodin. Had the same problem, th...
  10. Big Decision-Please Help!

    I would like to add,as far as the company throwing you to the wolves, they did me. When I showed up for my first day, I expected someone to be there to train me, even if it would have been 1 day. Never had any training. That goes for my job as DON...
  11. Does make you a better nurse?

    Ok, maybe being a "better nurse" is too strong, but enhanced my knowledge base. Sharing stories, knowledge and/or experiences makes me feel more like a good nurse. I find there is always new and good information on, and to be able to ...
  12. Big Decision-Please Help!

    I can tell you frorm experience, it can be overwhelming to be a unit manager. I was one after about 6 yrs in Nursing. I had no idea that people could kiss butt so much, and call you at all hours for the stupidest things. Like an IV came out @ 3:00...
  13. How do you protect your back health?

    Please remember, it can still happen. I used proper body mechanics, was anal about always having a drawsheet under patients, and having help. Even when we had bariatric patients, using lifts and making them (as much as they could) do it themselves. ...
  14. Failed drug test.

    Well hopefully, they have begun to see that there are false+. I know in law enforcement, my husband, who has been in the profession for 20+ yrs, is now seeing things a little differently. Like some of the defendants who have said I am innocent, in ...
  15. Failed drug test.

    And I forgot, when I had the "failed drug test", I called the lab that did the test, and spoke to the manager, who suggested I fight it, which was about $2,000.00 more, he said the people that have disputed their results have won, only a very small g...