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  1. oncnursemsn

    Yale-New Haven Nurses Go Blue

    Big deal is that my preferred uniform co. doesn't carry Royal blue. I have a closet full of professional (not royal blue) scrubs and not "cutsey" that I can't wear. I fully expect to buy my own scrubs. Had to go again- for 3rd time to find company that carries this color. Wee bit annoyed... Oh, and yes, we can wear white. Does that make me more professional? No. I can look pretty dingy and unprofessional in any color BTW.
  2. oncnursemsn

    "Compression only" resuscitation supported by new studies

    Go to atul gawande's web site or his books. His research supports NOT doing mouth to mouth but compressions. Actually stopping compressions to breathe does downed pt a disservice. Fascinating research. Look up his books- he's a surgeon out of Boston and prolific writer. Out of medical setting, just do compressions. In hospital- use your RRT team or code team. If doing compressions remember BeeGee's "Staying Alive" gets you 100 bpm. Or "Another One Bites the Dust" but probably want to stay positive! :-) Just MHO.
  3. oncnursemsn

    Yale-New Haven Nurses Go Blue

    I'm in same boat, my new employer (and unit) has voted Royal blue for next 2 years. Have spent a small fortune- I have navy, purple, ceil and robin's egg blue from uniform company I have used for decades. Royal blue? Nope. Had to shell out nother 50.00 to new uniform company. Really now, does this make me more professional? No. Just more annoyed. Just MHO.
  4. oncnursemsn

    Nurse Educators, Introduce Yourselves!

    Hi Sahrdh! Welcome to this forum. Might I ask is pay great or lousy? Hoping for the former! I'm now in new position and not in education. Left Boston for Tampa and I can't believe what I'm getting paid. It's 1/2 of what I made as educator. :-( I have exchanged wonderful job for wonderful state and location. Looking to be back in education... Let us know how we can support you!
  5. Guilty of not reading every post- but I'm always looking at arms for veins that I can get. Swollen ankles and dyspnea. Huge abdomen in one who is way older then pregnant- diagnosed liver disease. Seeing someone and he has great veins. Should I have to access- wouldn't be a problem. Sick? Hilarious post BTW...
  6. Ok, I agree with this website. Please hear me out. I can dress myself. I have decent scrubs. Professional and in multi colors. Clean and pressed. There are not cutsey prints but plaid, colored and in colors I actually like. My new job- Royal blue and white. Hmm. I- and all of allnurses are professionals. I won't dress in cartoons or baby scrubs. But to not trust my judgement- terrribly frustrating. My blue scrubs I have paid so much for- er. Not required color. Really annoyed. Nuff said.
  7. I too have appreciated that this post has not worn down or gotten off track. That being said, my scrubs were not "cutsey" but were plaid, patterned and holiday. I have no choice and will do "Royal blue" color of my unit. I took pride in professional appearance but we RN's and my techs all wear same blue. Somehow I think that our patients are savvy enough to recognize who their nurse is. ( I am working bone marrow transplant and our patients are with us for weeks/months. They'll know me for sure....) And yes, we have HUGE designations on our badges of "RN." That impressed me from the start- we are the only profession with the extra badge and I'm grateful that nursing is so recognized. Not whining but complaining that I will put nearly 1/2 my clothes in storage. Deep sigh. Again, not whining so please don't take this the wrong way.
  8. Bear with me. Those who don't go for the "prints and cutesy" scrubs. Suits don't make the lawyer. My 20 year collection of scrubs don't make me better (or worse) nurse. I take pride in my appearance as I would guess most of us do. Wearing dull grey or all green scrubs won't impact my practice. I will still be excellent nurse. I'm just disappointed that my colorful and tasteful prints that I've taken pride in aren't allowed and I'll be wearing solid prints that aren't flattering. Pride? Maybe. I love acknowleging holidays. In Boston I got countless comments about my Irish green (print) of 4 leaf clovers. I admit you're either on 1 side or the other. What's to discuss?
  9. Those who are hating comic scrubs- look into Koi scrubs. Very sweet and love them. Not the plain white/blue/green scrubs. I had a top that I loved- with simple white top and apricot ribbon. Very professional and I will miss color. Darn it. Hate to admit but as nursing professor, identity was in dress. I did best to dress the part. Ok off soap box.
  10. So I have no "tweetie bird scrubs" and I thought that my uniforms were professional. I dress professionally. Humbled that this has been such as issue. Personally I don't think dull scrubs that are green, blue or grey are going to win our pts over. Sad but that's life. Will do it and again thankful for job. Thankful to care for my patients. sigh.
  11. Well this post went around a few trees before coming back to scrubs. I was just hired (finally!) at a job where the units are color coded in what nurses may where. I get to put 9/10ths of my scrubs away- I have patterned scrubs (no silly cartoons but print, breast cancer ribbon, holiday etc) that I will not be allowed to wear. I don't know what my unit's colors are but I know green is one of them. great. I have no green scrubs. I've been collecting scrubs over 20 years. Sigh. I agree with previous poster- I took a lot of pride in my appearance and what I thought were stylish scrubs...
  12. oncnursemsn

    Studying nursing theory, came across Jean Watson

    My mentor was Pat Benner- (novice to expert.) As BSN student- we learned about Sister Callistra Roy- theory of adaption. I wasn't impressed. As nursing faculty had to imbrace Carpenito. Anyone out there too? All of nursing diagnoses were based on her. Acute pain as evidenced by.... So not reality based - what do you think?
  13. oncnursemsn

    Studying nursing theory, came across Jean Watson

    I just found this post and was compelled to read all 11 pages. Have to agree with a few posters- one of the best with few negative/critical posts. I struggled with nursing theory, but Patricia Benner was my instructor (yes, really!) when I went to UCSF. (She's in Boston now...) I loved llq and Moogie's posts. Yes, I think we need to combine theory with EBP. "Mindbodyspirit"? That's what we do as nurses. As posted, I don't just give a pill. I think nursing theory describes, identifies, quantifies what we do as nurses. Thanks to previous posters for fascinating blog!
  14. oncnursemsn

    Patient made me feel like low life

    tonic01- sure, let us know your update about Michael. Would love to know more. Hang in there.
  15. oncnursemsn

    Patient made me feel like low life

    Ruby Vee- Wow, I totally agree with your reply. How anyone can find fault with us (their nurse) of course. Thank you for your wisdom. It's not the tattoo or what we wear or our sexual identity (which should never come in to play as nurses!) But if you have a patient who is angry and struggling- yep. Sometimes we get the brunt of them or their family member's anger. That's why we are professional. I deal with it and stay neutral and supportive. I'm going to get tattoo but it's taken me 2+ years to decide. This is permanent. So much to think about. Still deciding what to get and location. Sure I think about my career. Personally I have no judgement about those I am in touch with who have tattoos. Of course!