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  1. by   txspadequeenRN
    yes in some ways...i have had my eyes opened for me plenty of times on this sight, which can give you a whole new outlook ....but i also have sought after information from nurses in all areas and learned from them continually through the years... i am not sure if i would have had the resources to complete ec and get my rn license if not for all- for me the answer is yes....
  2. by   mickswit
    I am not sure if this site has made me a better nurse yet,:uhoh21: but I am sure this site has made me a better nursing student. Having this site has been a key to learning the secret hand shake of NURSING :bowingpur
  3. by   luvschoolnursing
    I said "no" it has not made me a better nurse. What this site has done is give me a community of fellow nurses who understand me and can commiserate with me when necessary. I have asked for and received good advice from others, especially my school nurse friends on this site.
  4. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I can't speak as a nurse but it has made me a better nursing student. I have been reading on here for the past 2 years while waiting around to get into the program, (was on the wait list for 3.5 years) I am almost done with my first semester and I can say that I went in a lot more knowledgeable from this site, I had a jump start on a lot of things from this site, I knew about things like care plans and breezed through my first one just for one example.

    So I can't say if it made me a better nurse, but I can say it has made me a better nursing student. I have recommended this site to everyone that would listen.
  5. by   athena55
    Hello All; keeps me connected to my peers (when I can obtain internet connection, that is!) This site is the first one I go to.
    28th CSH/Iraq
  6. by   susanthomas1954
    Yes, it makes me a better nurse, because of the people that do the sharing on the MDS area. Every nurse in that specialty will be better at their job because of the nature of what we go through in our specialty. So much of it is personal experience and resource. It is more helpful than AANAC sites, because we can share actual stuff we have had to develop on our own. I refer all my local colleagues to for the MDS specialty area.
  7. by   talaxandra
    Much of the factual knowledge I glean through allnurses I could get elsewhere, though probably less quickly and easily. The space to vent, debrief and sound out other practitioners is something I do at work and with friends (most of whom are current or former nurses) but being able to do so with a less partial or objective audience is fantastic. Neither of these aspects help make me a better nurse.

    - I think responding to other nurses, especially those with less experience, has made me more considerate and (often) more patient with newbies and slower learners, which spills over into my clinical practice.
    - having to chose my words carefully here because misunderstandings are so easy when all you have is the content and form of the post has made me more careful about word choice when speaking with families, patients and colleagues.
    - being exposed to concerns and attitudes of nurses in other disciplines and countries has made me more aware of how similar we are, and how varied we are. And having discussions here with non-nurses (including AnxiousPatient) have made me more aware of different perspectives and enhaned my practice.

    AN may not have made me a better theoretical nurse, but I think participating here has made me a better communicator, clinician, resource and mentor, which are all essential elements of my nursing practice
  8. by   sanctuary
    Every time I log in, I learn something. Some times it is that others feel the same or vastly differently than I do about a topic.
  9. by   ewere
    i have gotten more information and it has also change my attitude toward other nurse .
  10. by   lamazeteacher
    Quote from athena55
    Hello All; keeps me connected to my peers (when I can obtain internet connection, that is!) This site is the first one I go to.
    28th CSH/Iraq
    Please take care, there. Even if the computer doesn't connect you virtually, please know that your whole community of nurses, and others pray for your safety and good health, and send well wishes to you constantly. Let us know how you're doing.

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  11. by   psychonaut
    Have to think about it as a nurse, but when I was a nursing student, most definitely! I picked up so many things here that I was far beyond my classmates in many important matters.

    I started reading this site when considering entering nursing school, and have read it ever since.

    Really, as a nurse...I'm sure it has helped round me out, but the only thing that has made me a better nurse is getting thrown to the wolves and "sink or swim" (mixed metaphor and wrong tense, haw!).
  12. by   PeaceLove88
    i havent officially started working yet, but i feel that this forum has answered many questions ive had on my mind, whether or not it was asked by me or by others. i am extremely greatful that i came across it during my preparation for the NCLEX and job search/interview phase.
  13. by   Morning-glory
    Allnurses has walked me through some tough patches. Moving from acute care to psych was a real eye opener and a bit traumatic. It took me a while to understand the culture and Allnurses helped provide me with an outside opinion as to what was going on inside the walls. Talking to others who had already done the transition made it easier for me to face the day. In nursing school I was a fan of Virtual Nurse. When they closed, I came here. And I have been at AN under a couple of different names since. This is an integeral part of my being a nurse. Just because I work in psych doesn't mean that I can forget everything else. I read the ER and OB posts, along with the funnies and the psych. If I can help a student or two along the way, I'm happy to oblige.

    Thanks for all that you do Brian.