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lamazeteacher specializes in OB, HH, ADMIN, IC, ED, QI.

35 years teaching childbirth

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  1. lamazeteacher

    Ebola: What About The Children?

    As a retired "pediatric nurse consultant" and health (PHN), I'd like to share experiences I had at a hospital for communicable diseases in Montreal, Quebec.
  2. lamazeteacher

    Oh oh, the patient is a nurse

    I was retired, and had been an Infection Control Nurse when I was admitted for gastric bleeding; and noticed that my caregiver, an RN didn't change her gloves or wash her hands when she came into my room - constantly. She also kept her gloves on the ...
  3. lamazeteacher

    Fired for refusing??

    I would prefer a more positive way of dealing with those who refuse to be vaccinated. A reading list of reasons for being vaccinated, directed at most educational levels, might deal with those with "I don't believe in it" or "you get the flu by bein...
  4. lamazeteacher

    Free Standing Emergency Rooms

    My experiences going to "Urgent Care" places, have almost all been positive. The staff was welcoming, I got seen quickly and had appropriate care and explanations. One of them actually followed up afterward, to see if I was better, had taken prescrib...
  5. lamazeteacher

    Therapeutic rationale for saline bag stapled to pt's leg?!?

    Hopefully the ICN was informed and able to do the investigative work necessary to explain this. She/he has the time and incentive to call the former physician and find out his/her rationale. A teaching conference might be arranged that explains what ...
  6. That was not an optimistic or a credible post! First of all, I don't know where you have come up with the opinion that "Obamacare" has failed. It isn't even in place yet! It looks like you've gone to too many "tea parties"! The enrollment process had...
  7. Medicare only kicks in for young people once all their money has been spent, and they are in dire financial corcumstances. I'd like to know how you came up with that high premium for Obamacare, if you're making an average nurse salary, and what insur...
  8. I'm here, still jubilant about Obamacare - which had some computer glitches for enrollment, but otherwise is on schedule! Only stupid maysayers use those adjectives about it for their own gain! Keeping your own insurance would be possible, had the in...
  9. lamazeteacher

    Boundaries in pediatric PDN/home health

    It was great that all the nurses (except D) were "on the same page". It seems that no interface in regard to the party and agency guidelines occurred prior to the occasion. It would have been wiser for the Nurse Manager to communicate the boundaries ...
  10. lamazeteacher

    Is it covered under Obamacare? - Cartoon Contest Winner

    The north-south divide has no geographical recognized line on any map and is known historically as the "Mason-Dixon" line. However I think it's mostly in the heads of those who were brought up in families that actually think there's nothing wrong wit...
  11. lamazeteacher

    Is it age, or is it overwhelming to be a nurse?

    A word to the wise! Whatever you do, don't discuss your age with anyone! That door might become a revolving one if Human Resources gets wind of it. Insurance companies now charge more than twice their premiums in addition to the regular one for youn...
  12. lamazeteacher

    Is it age, or is it overwhelming to be a nurse?

    Good Luck to you on Monday!
  13. lamazeteacher

    How to be confident without appearing arrogant

    It could be that you're quite intense and appear to be holding back something, when a subject in an interview isn't welcomed. Tune in to your interviewer(s), who could see this task as interfering with their "real" work. To accommodate that person, k...
  14. It could be that some disease(s) occur more in this small group of people. It could be that your instructor ran across a patient who had that in her DNA, and she wants the class to be aware of that possibility in all people...
  15. lamazeteacher

    When you actually ''save'' a life

    We get to see and appreciate miracles, as nurses! This story was about a big one; and little ones occur many times a day! I swear by the small ones.... the ones wherein the will to live happens, and we know that a corner in a patient's life was turne...