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lamazeteacher specializes in OB, HH, ADMIN, IC, ED, QI.

35 years teaching childbirth

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  1. lamazeteacher

    Oh oh, the patient is a nurse

    I was retired, and had been an Infection Control Nurse when I was admitted for gastric bleeding; and noticed that my caregiver, an RN didn't change her gloves or wash her hands when she came into my room - constantly. She also kept her gloves on the ...
  2. lamazeteacher

    Fired for refusing??

    I would prefer a more positive way of dealing with those who refuse to be vaccinated. A reading list of reasons for being vaccinated, directed at most educational levels, might deal with those with "I don't believe in it" or "you get the flu by bein...
  3. lamazeteacher

    Case Study: Solve A Neurologic Mystery

    Again, I am appaled by the focus of this thread! While it was of greater interest of participants in this discussion, it seems that ICU Nurses are, as usual, trying to "one up" the doctors. They have the responsibility of diagnosing patients, and it ...
  4. lamazeteacher

    Case Study: Solve A Neurologic Mystery

    Tell us the rest of the story, please. My vote was for CVA induced seizures, electrolyte imbalance due to dehydration, HTN due to lack of meds. This lady needs to be in an assisted living facility upon discharge, with low dose ASA and monthly reeval...
  5. lamazeteacher

    Care coordinator with patient-centered medical home (PCMH)

    I'm not able to give you information about your new job, but I do want to say that this situation borders on the incredible! Surely the requirements and job description given to you in the early stages of your application have you a clue about what w...
  6. lamazeteacher

    485's Home Health Plan of Care

    Thanks, Isabelle49Expressions of support are appreciated!
  7. lamazeteacher

    Patients that made you go "How are you even alive?!"

    That's when you realize that a higher power is at work.
  8. lamazeteacher


    What code,sll12?If a patient codes, the team should be there within minutes, and you can go on with your tasks. Giving meds you wouldn't be expected to stay with a patient who arrests, after the initial first CPR steps. It would be mandatory for the ...
  9. lamazeteacher


    Yes, Minnymi, that is another problem which should result in discipline of offenders!
  10. lamazeteacher


    Thank you, Eaglelady!Evidently that fact wasn't emphasized enough, during the OP's educational preparation.....
  11. lamazeteacher


    It's interesting that the original poster (OP) was mainly interested in what is "legal", as if the argument regarding what priority validated the stand taken, depended on legality rather than need. The point is, was, and always will be, that patient...
  12. lamazeteacher

    What does Florence Nightingale mean to you?

    The greatest proclaimer of women's strengths, in a time when that was unthinkable.
  13. It is definitely not benign!
  14. lamazeteacher

    What NOT to say during an interview

    I learned a response to outrageous comments while in a "growth" workshop called "Lifespring". I use it wherever and whenever situations such as that teacherSue described, happen. It is, "Thank you for caring enough to share".Unless teacherSue is morb...
  15. Reviving this site must mean that things are slow at AllNurses..... Having graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1960, let me say that hospitals have never been regarded by their communities as "havens", just a necessary service center when bodily funct...