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I know we sometimes feel like we need one at work, but I am talking about when you are in your (or someone else's) car? I was astounded years ago when I worked Trauma to discover that the Director... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    Rusty, whether you believe it or not 1955 is when we got our first seatbelts.

    I also live in the boonies. There are some cars, 1 part time policeman. BUT on the roads we have DEER! We have HORSES. We have DOGS.

    My Buick and I met with a deer in '98. Airbag and seatbelt and a lot of front end damage. The week before my deer a woman in another part of the state was killed when she struck one. And if your kids have to ride in the truck bed then you shouldn't be taking them anywhere. Traffic or no traffic, you must have potholes and ditches.
  2. by   MollyJ
    Yep, though occasionally I get remiss.

    we also don't start the car until the seatbelts are on. A few of my son's friends fight this, but they've learned the car doesn't move until you do.
  3. by   jevans
    Manditory front seat and back in the UK
    We have a wonderful but horrific advert on TV
    Afamily in the car
    an anouncer saying that most people know their killers!!!!

    With that the teenage boy comes forward when mum brakes and kills her out right!

    Makes you think twice
  4. by   Lizard101
    Always use them, last accident 15 years ago I would have gone through the windshield without it on into oncoming traffic! My son always makes sure everyone is buckled up, we don't move without them.
  5. by   zudy
    Always wear one, and so does everyone in my car. Had an orhtopedic surgeon laugh at me once coz he never made his kids buckle up. I asked him if his practice was so slow he had to work on his own kids, he told me I was paranoid.
  6. by   nell

    Please, please, adjust your seatbelt so that it's comfortable enough to get used to.

    Please, please, please get your kids booster seats and see that they use them - correctly. I did some car-seat research for work and am apalled that anyone would choose not to use them and not to learn how to use them correctly. There's a ton of info on the web check out and go to "technical", scroll down to "ride down" and "Belt-positioning booster (BPB)" among other topics. Also, is full of info.

    Please, please,please, please don't let them ride in the back of a truck with or without a shell! I was once called to to help in the ER of our little rural hospital because we were getting a couple of code-threes. I pictured 2 portly older men with cardiac arrests. It turned out to be 2 little girls who'd been riding in the back of Daddy's truck when he had to make a sudden stop. Their little bodies looked OK but their heads were a mess. Couldn't get a line in the 2-year old. Thank God for Pediatric Transport. They lived, but were in
    children's Hospital, far from home for months. Check out the AAP's recomendation on trucks:

    The discomfort of a belt (and you'll get used to it) is nothing compared to the pain that not using one could be.

  7. by   fedupnurse
    The vast majority of fatal accidents occur within 20 or 25 miles from home...
  8. by   fergus51
    A girl I went to elementary school with was killed when riding in the back of a truck. It was a remote area and her father lost control of the truck causing her to be thrown out. She was killed when the truck rolled on her. Her dad was just fine, because he had his seatbelt on. I think he should have been charged with murder for killing his 12 year old.
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    I'm almost sorry I posted on this thread.
    I realize you all are passionate about this issue (or at least you appear to be) but I don't see me changing my evil ways anytime soon. I take precautions when the situation calls for it. My kids are too old for booster seats (the youngest is 9). I have tried numerous ways to make a shoulder belt comfortable and I have found none, yet I DO wear it when I think it's needed and so do the rest of the family. I think that a lot of this hoopla is due to fashionable, politically correct media induced ideas. I have been driving for over 30 years and have never been in an accident nor do I know anyone who has been killed or maimed due to non belt use. I realize that it DOES happen but so do hunting accidents and plane crashes. Does that stop us from shooting or flying?
    I would not put my family at needless risk!
    There is a time and place to be tied down and we are capable of deciding when that is. I don't ALWAYS not wear them.
    Can't anyone see that common sense should prevail and one shouldn't just do what the tv tells you to do?
  10. by   TracyB,RN
    I can't ever think of a time that I didn't wear one, even before it became the law here in IL.
    please, please, please don't take all of the advice that you're receiving from everyone as a personal attack on your driving habits...take it as a blessing that you've decided to post what your practices are so that maybe you'll get some information & reconsider.

    the folks here just want you to know that weird & freak accidents can & do often occur & that they (we) only wish that you'll reconsider your current seatbelt practices.

    rustyhammer, i understand that you all wear your seatbelts when you feel that's it's necessary....but again, it is necessary each & every time you & your family get into a moving vehicle that a seatbelt should & must be worn for safety purposes...nothing else. remember murphy's law...anything that can go wrong usually does (or something like that). you've may not been involved in an accident within your 30 year history of driving doesn't mean that some other driver (drunk or not) can't or won't hit matter how remote your living area is...people have mis, seizures, & cvas all of the time...someone else just might have an attack while behind the wheel of their vehicle & hit yours .

    as far as the kids riding inside the back of your pick-up is concern...that's definitely risky, even if they're wearing helmets. as one of the above posters pointed-out, your truck might jerk & they might get thrown out or worse yet; your truck might become involved in a sudden windstorm & over turns while the kids are in the back (again, freakier things have happened); or something as plausible & simple as failed breaks could occur & you loose control of the vehicle. again, no one is attacking you, nor are we wishing for something bad to happen, we just want to open your eyes to the worse possible scenarios in order for you to reconsider your practice (or lack there of) of utilizing your seatbelts...comfort should never even be an issue whenever it comes to your family's precious is definitely too short as it is...let's not help death-out anymore than what it needs. i think everyone here will agree with me when i say that we wouldn't ever want to read any future posts of yours where something did happen to any of your family members as a result of being injured or worse from not wearing their seatbelts...such a thing would be very tragic despite being totally preventable on your part. we would still, however, support you :blushkiss though in whatever grief that would come from this type of tragic event...should something like this ever happen in that respect, that is.

    ok, enough said...i'm jumping off my soap box now!
  12. by   Rustyhammer
    ok..I'm unsubscribing from this thread and reconsidering how I answer future threads.
  13. by   santhony44
    Seatbelts? Always, everybody in the car. I've been a nurse too long and seen too many maimed, mangled, or head injured not to insist. That includes two quadraplegic children, and more head injuries than I'd care to count. Adults too, but the children really get to you.

    I started wearing seatbelts in 1985, when I got a new car. Six months later I was pregnant, first trimester, and my husband and I were in an accident. I was bruised Concord Grape purple and we were both so sore the next day we had to help each other out of bed. I was deeply thankful it was not my head instead, and my son is now 16. He was in an accident with his dad when my son was 4. Totalled the car, both of them were fine (car seat and seatbelts).

    In the last 5 years or so, we've had 5 or 6 friends lose children in motor vehicle accidents, all teens and young adults. That includes a very close friend. The devastation left behind is unimaginable. That's why I insist anybody riding with me buckle up. I couldn't live with knowing I was responsible for anyone else being killed or injured.