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MollyJ has 36 years experience.

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  1. MollyJ

    Do school nurses do any sex ed?

    I am getting ready to sex ed in my 4th and 5th grade classrooms--AIDS and "growth and development". The g & D is pretty much body changes and periods. By and far, kids are avidly interested and want to talk about the topic. We do AIDS with b...
  2. MollyJ


    Meth is notoriously hard to quit. Many people have said that the user is always chasing the first high, which is often seen as the best. That said, quitting anything from tobacco to alcohol to meth is often accomplished with more than one quit attem...
  3. MollyJ

    First Impressions Matter, B**ch!!!!

    Shay, I would suggest to you that you would, in the future, just tell the nurse that you hate weighing in public BUT that if it becomes necessary for the doctor to have a weight in order to make a clinical decision, you will gladly comply AT THAT TIM...
  4. MollyJ

    Need Help Pleaz

    I think that, if nurses are "specially prepared" it is because we spend real time in the trenches caring for real people. If you unquestioningly believe that life in itself is good and should be sustained at all costs, a few months, years, decades in...
  5. MollyJ

    Is nursing exercise?

    Clinical nursing is less sedentary than many jobs but probably doesn't replace the need for an exercise regimen of some sort. When I was doing clinical nursing, I had a exercise assessment and they respectfully told me I had "great upper body strengt...
  6. MollyJ

    cultural diversity

    The book, The Spirit Catches You..., showed me just how poorly people who are not fluent in the language comprehend things when they are moving very fast and you're needing to do procedures. All your worst fears are realized in this book, and docs ...
  7. MollyJ

    cultural diversity

    My BSN completion program had a strong emphasis in multi-cultural diversity but I think awareness does not necessarily equate to culturally sensitive care. It's not that easy. I would recommend ANY ONE read this book: The Spirit Catches you and you ...
  8. MollyJ

    CE credits

    Amy, As a new nurse, you should ALSO be asking yourself, "What are my learning needs?" A Continuing ed activity shouldn't be busy work, it should answer a knowledge deficit you perceive in yourself. I wouldn't spend the time on 3 hours of Free CEU's...
  9. MollyJ

    Feel like ----.

    Prioritize sleep; don't do or plan things during your best sleep time Darken your sleeping room as much as possible Take the phone off the hook or turn off the ringer in your bedroom Avoid caffeine during your shift so that you can have a more natura...
  10. MollyJ

    nursing school

    Nursing school was over 24 years ago for me and I still remember the feeling of being overwhelmed and terrified. There was so much to learn. Check out the Student nurse forum here. You will find kindred spirits. Also, talk to your class mates. The...
  11. MollyJ

    crossing the line

    In my practice, I've seen alot of what I would call "boundary violations". It's not always easy. A boundary is a line that is created by role, socialization, culture, personal preference etc. We create boundaries in the way that we allow others to ...
  12. MollyJ

    I need advice and help, PLEASE.....

    Hi Priya, I really have little to add to the excellent info that has been given here. I would also encourage you to look into attendant care programs but I would advise other posters that these programs typically have long waiting lists in this era o...
  13. MollyJ

    A question about nursing school

    Sarah, are you in high school or college? And are you thinking that physics=physiology? I'm not trying to be be insulting here, just asking. I took high school physics and loved it, though I was not an excellent student of physics. The best part of ...
  14. MollyJ

    Heinous or Forgivable???

    Okay, folks, she's nineteen. I think I've grown a little compassion since 19 BUT I probably had a few things to learn. (Though I don't think I would have done THAT!) The most important thing that happened here is the interaction you had with her. Y...
  15. MollyJ


    You don't say whether you are charge and she was staff or what. Some of this stuff you just put under your hat and stay watchful on. If it's a fluke, it won't repeat. If it's a pattern, you'll see it.