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  1. Marijuana and type 2 Diabetic / school nursing

    Re: dogs in the building well, maybe I'm old but I've seen this. Problems: Drug sniffing dogs get nose fatigue just like you and I would if we went on a perfume sniffing mission. They are only good for so many minutes of work. Like maybe an hour....
  2. Thinking about quitting nursing school

    You are very young and when I see young people admitted to nursing school, I wonder at the wisdom. But you're there. Here's the news: You are going to have to take at least some of what she said "to heart". You are going to have to subsume being a...
  3. How do you shake off the horrible?

    I think you are reacting to the parent-child dynamic here. The pain of a mom who could not "make it better" (even before this time) for her child. You might try writing out your thoughts. _Pretend_ you are going to submit it for the writing contest...
  4. Share your wisdom

    My nursing programs all provided me with so many books and articles that extra-curricular reading was a guilty pleasure. Don't sweat it. Just work on your pre-reqs.
  5. Paper vs Computer

    Perhaps we can form a support group. I'm using ours under duress. No one would ever think that ours was put together in consultation with nurses but many nurses obviously think the computer is the future and they embrace it uncritically. That last...
  6. Marijuana and type 2 Diabetic / school nursing

    In the state I live in we use a drug recognition protocol that is based on field sobriety tests. I think the results are iffy at best. I also believe that in our community parents can request from the sheriff's office a drug screening kit for urine...
  7. I HATE Nurse Practitioners

    Jules, I would like your comment "twice" if I could.
  8. Does where you received your BSN matter?

    I think possibly what matters is what your goals are for getting the BSN and what you want it to do for you. The place I got my BSN from was a State University and I feel I can "take my degree anywhere" and it definitely added to my nursing practice...
  9. Denver II Screening Tool

    AbbyNurse, The test is done using a standardized kit and while you "could" cobble the kit together, I would say that surely in your community there is a kit you can borrow. The manual with the kit is invaluable. If you are a student, I would hope th...
  10. Can't get a hold of BRN

    You know, I think I would also consider calling my state rep or senator and telling them I cannot get the BRN to call me back. The more I think about it, the more outrageous I think it is that it is so hard for you to get them to talk to you.
  11. One Liners for FF

    I use "all bleeding eventually stops" but more often with teachers than kids. I'm in an elementary building. But how about those nose bleeds? You would think they needed T & C 2 units RBC's....
  12. seeing students in the last 15 minutes of the day

    NanaPoo, I had a kindergartener whose mom is a teacher in the building. And the kindergarten teacher was telling her that at the beginning of the school year, some kindergartener was crying after being dropped off at school. The teacher's daughter ...
  13. Is subbing better than being permanent staff?

    Subbing is a good way to get to know the building(s) and to try on the job. It also is a way for staff to decide if they like you. However, nothing beats the long term relationship with kids, staff and families. It may be what I like about school ...
  14. I HATE Nurse Practitioners

    Jules, the APRN's and PA's I refer to mostly work (but not exclusively) for community mental health center's. Their supervising MD is retired and lives 3 hours away by car. They do not for the most part have access to the bushel of child psychiatri...
  15. I HATE Nurse Practitioners

    BostonFNP, I am not talking about kids who are well managed and doing well on the prescribed regimen. I am talking about outliers, tough cases. But these are individuals whose less than optimal _situation_ exacts a price on the child, the family, t...