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  1. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Quote from nurse_vida_the_grape
    Is there anywhere in the US that it is legal to use medicinally? I am from Ontario...I kind of remember them teaching us in school that we might come across an order for it..
    I cant remember, and its probably a good thing to know.
    The answer to your question is NO. There is NO PLACE in the United States where the use of medicinal MJ (except for the FDA approved Marinol - a THC extract pill) is legal.

    Some States have legalized the practice, however, it is a violation of FEDERAL Law, and, as I have posted links in this thread before, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Federal supremacy in this matter.

  2. by   Cardiolyte
    Yes Yes Yes!!!
  3. by   RN BSN 2009
    As a last resort medication, yes
  4. by   danissa
  5. by   idahogirl84
    I am just a new grad, But I have a close family friend that MJ is the only thing the helps with the n/v and pain. He died just this last christmas but it mad his last days better. He wasn't as sick and could interact with the family on Christmas. I'm pro medical marijuana.
  6. by   Batman24
    Yes, I do.
  7. by   shellek

    I have had several patient who were chronic pain patients on narcotics unbelievably their tolerance was mind bogling to me. Many have told me if they could have some medical marijuana it would relieve their overall anxiety, pain, and just bring back quality of life. It amazes me Dr.'s can prescribe narcotics which build exceptional tolerance, ruining renal and liver function when a joint-although may not be best for lungs can give them that extra "ok" feeling in life without feeling all drugged up. To me it is a pharmacutical issue. If you look in our past marijuana was boiled down into the THC and put in cough remedies, pain relievers, migraines, and to treat overall malaise. I don't think years and years of somethings that worked then should be dismissed because of new technology and everyone wanting to make money. I believe the most natural cures are from the earth, water--we don't drink enough, adequite sleep, vitamins, minerals, etc. If these things were corrected our bodies might not shout out HELP because they are depleted and the only things Dr's trend to treat are symptoms not the real root of the problem.
  8. by   Swissangel
    look, the statement of the community is clear as mentioned many times

    let me give you a little bit history to understand better:

    • in switzerland mj's been legal till 1970, the who pushed us against every democratic rule to put it on the list of illegal substances then
    • thc is surely not worse than alcohol, just alcohol has a more "western" tradition...even the us had a prohibition period as well
    • the netherlands legalized mj long time ago and they are still a effecient nation
    • swiss people will vote within the next 1.5 years about legalization, i'm looking forward to that event

    of cours:
    one shouldn't drive or try to make a surgery just after smoking some weed, but that's human sens and valide for lots of other drugs or "hobbies"

    by the way
    the best weed i smoked in the last 10 years was some "medical prescribed" unbelivable small piece @ sf some years agoe
  9. by   LCAlpn
    Quote from elkpark
    I think marijuana should be decriminalized, PERIOD.
    Absolutely agree with you there.
    Most folks don't seem to understand the difference. Making it "legal" is still going to be problematic.
  10. by   anononurse
    Personally, I think they should legalize it or at least decriminalize it. Then each person would have to act responsibly -- as they are expected to do now w/alcohol.
  11. by   dorie43rn
    I have first hand experience with this subject. Last year in Nov/Dec, my husband was suffering with Hep C with Cirrhosis. He was on the Interferon/Ribaviran for Hep C, which made him chronically sick all the time. He was in pain, nauseated, and just sick. He had asked his gastro quack if he could try Marinol, and the doctor wouldn't even hear of prescribing it because he didn't know much about it. Desperate, my hubby bought marijauna from some friends, and smoked it. You wouldn't believe how good he felt. It took away his pain and nausea with the first joint. After getting through the paranoia it caused him, he did great. Well, what happened is that it was found he had a primary liver tumor, and was put on the transplant list in January. He was upfront with the transplant surgeon, telling him about the weed. The surgeon understood, calling interferon poison, but told him he must never touch it again especially after the transplant. Turns out, weed is grown in a fungus dirt, and if my hubby smoked it with his immune system comprimised, it could kill him! Now, three months after the transplant, he is so wishing he was allowed to smoke, because again he is sick, but would never take the chance.
    So, I'm a big advocate for marijauna. Alcohol causes more damage and trouble then weed ever did. I don't smoke it myself, but don't look down on anybody who does.

  12. by   Hygeia79
    Absolutely, No
  13. by   teeituptom
    Quote from LCAlpn
    Absolutely agree with you there.
    Most folks don't seem to understand the difference. Making it "legal" is still going to be problematic.
    Problems involved maybe. But enjoyable ones.

    One toke over the line sweet Jesus.