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  1. mamasnurse

    VA experiences

    Hi exnavygirl, I had 6 yrs of Navy time and when I was still in nsg school I contacted the VA recruiter in Nashville, TN. I felt compelled to work there for my veteran sisters and brothers. Daytonite was right on for administrative info. The only thing I can add is: 1. You must as an RN work 80 hrs/2 wks--no 24, 32 or 36 hr option 2. On Med-Surg floors, team nsg is required which means each team of 1 RN, 1 LPN and 1 tech (in days--never any at nite when I worked) provides care for 1/3rd and often 1/2 of the ward of 36 pts. Now Math was not my strong point, but 1 RN to 12 and 18 pts was overkill, no pun intended. 3. Within these 12-18 pts, usually 2-3 transplant pts, 2-3 on tele and 2-3 on PCA pumps. 4. As a new RN we got 6-10 wks of orientation, but when that was over--the RN is THE RESPONSIBLE person for: admissions/discharges to the ward, assessments, treatments, vital signs (no tech) and ambulation assists or bed pans and brief changes. With no techs, the LPNs were usually the "teammate" to pass meds--since they cannot assess, IV push or call Dr for orders. Meds to 12-18 pts can be difficult and time-consuming so any help the RN received, would be greatly appreciated. But if they found a way to stay busy.... the RN is "the responsible party". 5. If an RN, esp a NEW RN were to try to call attention to any teammate not carrying their load, blackball city... and the heat is on. A write-up or complaint and the RN is guilty until proven innocent. Needless to say, before I could complete 6 months for the experience I had to resign. I am in a much better place, but it is horrible when I think of our veterans being neglected due to the shortage of caring staff. Most all of these nurses are NOT veterans or perhaps the "team nursing" could actually work. Good luck and the thing that helped me keep my sanity is the sweet smiles and warm hands that I held when the veterans needed me.
  2. I believe legislators are brown nosed and paid off to keep marjuana as illegal as they can. They can't seem to figure out how to get their share of the money from it And yet taxpayers pay way too much for the petty offenses and release pedifiles because the jails are too overcrowded. Duh...... what to do, what to do. How long will it take this country to wake up? It reduces nausea, anxiety and pain, increases appetite and recently been in the news to help ward off Alzheimer's. Can't remember which channel!!! ABC, CBS or NBC since that's all we get with no cable...
  3. mamasnurse

    VA hospital in Murfreesboro/or elsewhere

    I worked at the VA Nashville, yes they hire AD RNs but 40 hrs pwe wk is required. Great benefits but med-surg floor does attempt to EAT THEIR YOUNG, thus I moved on!
  4. mamasnurse

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Hi, I am Ruby in Nashville, graduating in May 2006--if I can get the 160 question HESI passed. Two attempts so far. I am the non-traditional student going for a new career--after hairdressing, Navy, travel agent and stay at home mom for over 9 years. On my 18th year of marriage with a 15 yo son and 12 yo dau--all terrrific. Love this website and looking for anything to help me pass the HESI! I love being around nurses and can't wait to be one! Caring is what it is all about.