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Hello everybody. I can not think of a better place to ask this questions other than a forum full of what I believe to be Gods angels in human form. In your experience taking care of the injured... Read More

  1. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from hypocaffeinemia
    This was the OP:

    Golytely's thoughts and experiences are just as valid as everybody else's even if it is the minority opinion. S/He wasn't trying to be argumentative at all.
    being a hospice nurse, i too have seen/shared experiences that i'll bring to my grave.
    otherwise, in this society, i'd be committed.
    so while there is no doubt in my mind re an afterlife, i strongly believe that golytely et al, have every right to believe what they do, and be able to express it w/o condemnation.

    (besides momma, i'll see you in the afterlife, and would love for us to be friends.
    you have a huge heart and you're only going upwards)

  2. by   blondeoverboard
    as a hospice nurse i've been with many, including my own father, who have deathbed visions. i have seen the peaceful and the terrified. i have listened to the confession of an elderly man who killed another as a young teen. the impetus of the confession came the morning the man awoke to find the victim sharing his bed. i've begun to have these visions myself. now and then the dying appear to me in my dreams to tell me they will be going soon. often that person will die just days later. my personal belief is that we forget that those things that we can see with our eyes and lay our hands upon are not the reality. having served both laboring woman and the dying i cannot but see the connection between the two events. at those moments we are open and vulnerable, raw and aware. passages that must be traveled alone.
  3. by   Cat_LPN
    I always know that someone will die soon if I see them reaching out to the ceiling to someone. Sometimes they talk to someone/something up there but no one has yet been able to tell me who or what is up there.

    Many call out the names of family members long since past. Few are cognizant of what is going on (at least to my knowledge). I really wish they could tell me more, what it's like to die and if there is an afterlife. I've told some to please 'give me a sign' that there is an afterlife, but so far no one's returned to do so!
  4. by   *4!#6
    I work in LTC. There is a lady who reaches out to the air and also talks to her dead sister, father, and her sons. Full on conversations. On some days she has terrifying visions, like once she was convinced that there were holes in the ground that were going to swallow her up. She went blind from her condition a while ago and the doctors say that when she lost her vision the brain often compensates with mental hallucinations.

    One severely demented lady thanked me and my coworkers and said she loved us and we were angels. She said this to everyone and then died the next shift, a few days before she had this moment of clarity where she was talking to me about her husband.

    My coworker walked into the room when another lady was dying unexpectedly on her shift. Very devout Catholic lady with a huge family. She had her eyes wide but all she said was a weak, "Help me." (she called this out all the time when I cared for her though). Then she took her last breath and passed uneventfully.

    I think that something weird does happen when you die but it's what you make of it. I personally don't believe in an afterlife but if I have hallucinations about hubby or my family that puts me at peace then bring on the chemicals or schizophrenia or whatever is going on. Whatever puts you at ease in the last stages of life
  5. by   th1onein
    It always astounds me when these "scientific" types denigrate anecdotal EVIDENCE. They seem to think that anecdotes are not evidence at all. But, as any scientist knows, anecdotal evidence is EVIDENCE, itself. Admittedly, it's not empirical evidence. It's not a double blinded controlled experiment, but it IS EVIDENCE.

    If all people who jump off a skyscraper die, one after the other, and their friends tell of their deaths after jumping off the skyscaper, this is also anecdotal evidence. Would you suggest that we stage a double blinded controlled experiment because we need more EVIDENCE that people jumping off of the skyscraper will result in their death?
  6. by   th1onein
    "No one wants to believe their loved one is burning for eternity, but let me tell you if no one else has.... really good people die and end up in Hell."

    Amazing statement for someone who is still alive and kicking. Have you ever been to Hell, my dear?
  7. by   elfinmuthcobbler
    Yes, I have had the honor to be with several individuals during the dying process and at the moment of death. Most of these patients have had profound experiences during this time involving angels, other friends/family members who have passed on and at the time of death, several have had expressions of awe and wonder on their faces....I have been so deeply blessed to witness these is breathtaking and beautiful.....
  8. by   HeavensNurse
    SPOT ON! I have been with THOUSANDS of people who are near death or have died in my presence. It is an honor and I have been blessed to be working with them for 23 plus years. I am one of the few have become a nurse FOR hospice purposes. Keep taking care of the dying and BLESSINGS to you!
  9. by   confu1
    Quote from Simplepleasures
    Yikes, that was pretty horrifying, especially for him, I'd bet. I have read about some people who have had near death experiences in which they recount hellish visions, I hope its the drugs in that case.
    I'm not sure if I'm replying correctly. .. and I'm not sure exactly what I'm hoping for in response. . But do you have any thoughts for someone who is genuinely terrified by these sorts of accounts? These absolutely haunt me. On one level, I have lost multiple loved ones, and the thought that they could possibly be suffering in another realm is so horrific. On another level, I am so frightened by these accounts myself. Overall I consider myself a gentle, humane person. I am a nanny who loves children. I can't fathom sending any human being to a realm of horror and suffering. Life is suffering enough as it is. I fear a god or a universe who would create or allow that. I sincerely hope that these disturbing experiences are only hallucinations, bc I can't imagine any moral reason to subject a human being to that level of agony. If real, then it saps all sweetness and joy from life and it makes it a terrible misfortune to exist at all. Do you have any way to help me make sense of this?
  10. by   Kyrshamarks
    a lot of nurses here will know what I mean when I say the curly haired little girl...
  11. by   Blue Roses
    Sorry to drop in so late in the thread. In reading the replies it seems like death-visions and out of body experiences are very, very common.

    Now, I haven't been a nurse for long, but I've seen and cared for a good number of dying patients, and I've never ever seen anything like this. People say death is peaceful and beautiful, but almost every single one I've seen the patient died alone, quietly, with no fanfare or sudden reaching out for angels or dead relatives.

    The only events that were notable was when the patients 'choose' to pass shortly after family members go to get some food or take a break.

    One gentleman died sitting up in bed with his eyes open and a distressed look on his face... I get chills down my back wondering if he had been awake when he died, and I feel guilty that I wasn't able to be sitting beside him when he went. He was all alone.

    All my patient death experiences have felt cold and lonely. It's left me jaded and I know that. When people talk about when their grandmother died and she looked so peaceful and it was a transcending experience, I'm like 'what??' I don't get it.
  12. by   Nola009
    Quote from Kyrshamarks
    a lot of nurses here will know what I mean when I say the curly haired little girl...
    I don't... what do you mean?
  13. by   Kyrshamarks
    A lot of people, esp women for some reason see a little curly haired girl sometimes with ribbons in her hair right before they die. The girl never says anything to them but will come in their room and look at them or sit in a chair. Occasionally I have heard of her being accompanied by a little boy also. So when ever someone calls me into their room to ask who that curly haired girl was, I know they are going to die soon. Almost every nurse I work with also has experienced this with people.