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  1. Most embarrassing mistake you've ever made

    When i was a fairly new nurse, i had a patient who had some serious GI issues from eating meat in Mexico at a little street vendor. Well he was snowed on narcotic pain med and had wrapped himself up in his IV line. I was trying to get his IV line fro...
  2. Job you would NEVER do in nursing....

    I would NOT do management. I just don't like that sort of thing. After almost 19 years of nursing, i still like bedside nursing. However, if i had to choose a type of bedside nursing i don't want to do.. it would be cardiac or oncology.... ughhhh.......
  3. I took my NCLEX today and I think I failed :-(

    Well, I hope you passed. I took the NCLEX so long ago that it was still on paper and took 2 days to complete... 2 VERY LONG days. Plus you didn't get results till almost 2-3 months later. Try that on your nerves. Luckly I passed and I felt I had pass...
  4. Did I Miss Something?

    Sound like to me most things said here are no big deal. Just consider the source and realize they lived in a different time... not a big deal as long as your husband and family are fine with it, who cares what they say.... truly, this isn't a reason ...
  5. Disgusting Behavior of Nurses

    Sorry to hear some nurses are so awful to each other. I had a nurse director (years ago now) talk about my "skinny white legs and dizzy blond hair" and "i don't know why your patients love you but they do, must be that southern hospitality".... I was...
  6. I do not care anymore

    Sounds like to me there is more to it than nursing... thought about see a mental health doc???? Sounds like you need too, and it's ok, don't get me wrong, but explore this option.
  7. Things you'd LOVE to tell the doc and get away with it....

    How about: "when you ask me for a pen to use, even though there is one in the pen jar right in front of your face, don't just stick your hand out, stare at the order sheet and say 'pen!'. I'm NOT giving you my pen...... if you were to say 'do you ha...
  8. Racist Patients

    That is too bad some one was like that, however, I get the opposite. I have been called cracker and have had patients only want AA or native American nurses or would only talk to the tech b/c she was AA or Native American. Its stupid really. It's so ...
  9. Death bed visions

    Ok you two (golyte and heavens nurse), play nice in the sand box. I actually enjoy reading peoples stories of what they have seen regarding a person dying, but you two need to drop it.
  10. Funeral customs

    The native Alaskans will have a "pot Latch" celebration aprox 40 days after the funeral and it is a big time event. I'm not native Alaskan, but I lived there a little while and saw/heard about this. It was also a celebration of life.
  11. Woohoo!! I cleaned the shower today!!

    I understand completely. I spent 7 hours in my kids room cleaning up and trying to get ready for new carpet to be installed at the end of the week. My room on the other hand is worse. There just isn't enough time in the day to be a Mom and a Nurse, s...
  12. Working as a nurse at a correctional facility

    Has any female worked in a male prison? How/what did your husband think of that? What are the hours of prison nursing? Is it harder to be female in a male prison? Thanks
  13. ER- HELP: Dumbest reason people go to ER

    Oh my gosh, superglue to the "man" part. Too funny!!!! I'm still laughing
  14. ER- HELP: Dumbest reason people go to ER

    a 120 poung PUPPY!!!! Good grief. I had a lady come in er once, many moons ago when I worked there for about 4 months who had a false fingernail come off and wanted the doc to put it back on. No kidding
  15. Dumbest thing you've done in nursing??

    I have a new one, from yesterday. We were in a fetal distress situation and I'm trying to get an IV in the lady, and it went right in and all of a sudden I realized I had the IV started but forgot the fluids!!! So, i'm standing there smashed into a c...