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HeavensNurse has 14 years experience and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. HeavensNurse

    The Patient I Failed

    Many nurses come to hospice after similar experiences. Don't forget that you can be an advocate for hospice from ANY environment. Even when I went to Telephonic Triage and Disease Management for a period of time I STILL shared hospice and told people to make sure they family knows their wishes. I also encourage people to PUT IT IN WRITING - I have seen it bypassed BUT at least you tried. Blessings to all who care for their patients from the heart...
  2. HeavensNurse

    Death bed visions

    SPOT ON! I have been with THOUSANDS of people who are near death or have died in my presence. It is an honor and I have been blessed to be working with them for 23 plus years. I am one of the few have become a nurse FOR hospice purposes. Keep taking care of the dying and BLESSINGS to you!
  3. HeavensNurse

    What does your username mean?

    HeavensNurse - I became a nurse for Hospice, and Hospice is my heart and soul... I take care of those who are Heaven bound. My alternate name was SmileIL - as I always have a smile on my face (and I used to live in IL!). I've been told both apply and I've had them for ages, and will continue to do so. Hospice actually put me through nursing school and I got my hands on experience in an inpatient hospice unit. I have truly been blessed! Hoping everyone has a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!:redbeathe
  4. HeavensNurse

    Be My Friend at the End

    You did a GREAT job listening to what your patient's NEEDS were. I have worked hospice for about 20 years and helping someone at the end of their life with closure is very important. It is sad when families turn a deaf ear to their loved one's needs. As a nurse we are advocates and at times become friends. This can happen very quickly. I truly believe what you did for her was one of the biggest gifts she had received in her life. You may want to consider Hospice as your calling. God Bless!
  5. HeavensNurse

    RV's anyone???

    It's an excellent IDEA! Do your homework. You have enough time. I hope you have a specialty they are looking for, ICU, ER, Surgery, Tele... As LTC/Hospice it has been hard, but I've been OK. Good Luck, and most of all, ENJOY!!!!
  6. HeavensNurse

    RV's anyone???

    Rod, trying to find work up in the NE, and pull out of FL by May 10, but that is subject to change. Keep us posted! :)
  7. HeavensNurse

    Are you a nurse from a dysfunctional family?

    BlueHeaven, give yourself a break. You are getting ahead, and I have to share with you the reason I gave when I went to therapy for the first time. "why are you here", my reply "I do not want to make the same mistakes my parents made". My therapist said "THAT IS THE BEST REASON I HAVE EVER HEARD for someone being in therapy"... Amen. I did not make those mistakes. I have made my own, thank you very much. Don't ever forget, we are human. Oh, if only my daughter would listen to me... lol Good luck! God Bless!
  8. HeavensNurse

    Are you a nurse from a dysfunctional family?

    Ariko, You have your finger on the pulse, my man. Have you married a nurse? If not, I am really REALLY surprized, no matter what your sexual orientation. I have known many many cross dressers, many many nurses who are from dysfunctional families and of those typically someone or more than one are in a caregiving role. I think you have found your niche. I wish you luck. Sometimes with therapy, we know we are more on top of the situation than the therapist. Trust me, I was there 15 years ago, and have never looked back. When you can point out the therapists flaws in giving you therapy, RUN. Good luck... Kim :)
  9. HeavensNurse

    RV's anyone???

    I'm still in. I will be in FL until May 10th. Congrats on the renewal! Hope all is well. Kim
  10. HeavensNurse

    RV's anyone???

    Rod, Keep us posted. :)
  11. HeavensNurse

    A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse

    A wonderful tribute to hospice and the wonderful nurses and what we do on a daily basis. Thank you for the care and comfort you bring patients and families. You are a blessing! May you continue indefinitely! Amen...:redpinkhe
  12. HeavensNurse

    The Patient I Failed

    Dear Lord, please let the doctor that did not stand up for this patient know what this patient went through, and EXPERIENCE IT HIMSELF SOMEDAY. AMEN....
  13. HeavensNurse

    death and dying

    Nancy, You are absolutely correct. Hearing is our first sense in the womb, and the last sense to leave us when we are dying. Thank you for letting your families know that their loved one can hear them, even if they cannot respond. As a hospice nurse I tell families to tell their loved one anything they want them to know. Many times it is for the loved ones benefit to let go of past hurts, regrets, etc. It can also help the patient to let go. Many times people need permission to die. I have seen too many "hang on" or linger, until their loved ones tell them it's OKAY to go. Thank you for spreading the word. God bless!
  14. HeavensNurse

    death and dying

    You truly have been through a ton for such a "young" nurse. I think the way you handle death is wonderful. I should know, I have been a hospice nurse for close to 20 years, and actually became a nurse for hospice. Almost all of my experience has been with death and dying. It has come naturally for me, but it has come by experience for you. I am sorry you have lost people so young in your life. May you live a long life, so that you can go on to comfort those around you. You are obviously doing a wonderful job. Please continue! You may wish to consider a career in hospice with your gift of comfort. God bless!
  15. HeavensNurse

    Care at the Time of Death

    Sheri I would like to say, for some reason, I became a RN for hospice. My first employer in healthcare put me through Nursing School. It has been my calling, and my heart. I highly recommend it to all nurses who are past SAVING and CURING.... Death is a natural part of life, a true continum. I tell people all the time that Hospice is the gift of time. We don't have time to wrap up our affairs and say goodbye if we have a heart attack or a tragic sudden death, BUT if someone is diagonsed as TERMINALLY ILL and offered HOSPICE then they have time to put their affairs in order, AND say goodbye. What a blessing Hospice can be. Good luck to you, and may God lead you to where you need to be. AMEN;)
  16. HeavensNurse

    Are nurses unsupportive spouse magnets??

    If you need to set boundaries, and that includes INCOME then you are not being hard on him. A partnership is just that, each helping and supporting their way. I hope you get your financial windfall you need and I'm sure hope for. God Bless!

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